Does this make me a “Bag Artist?”

June 17, 2010 § 20 Comments


My sister-in-law is a fused glass artist and is opening her own gallery.  She invited me to make a few things.  All I’ve mustered up at this point is 6 small bag/pouches.  I don’t know how Etsy sellers do it!   It’s quite a bit of work to mass produce item after item.  I’m sure it will get easier as I find a rhythm… I hope.

All in a row

This is  why I have been looking for those pesky labels. No luck. I still don’t know where they are.  When I’m a little less busy, I’m going to have to clean up my piles and try to get a little more organized. I’m sure they are somewhere in that messy room!


These little bags gave me a chance to try out my new Rowan Designer thread that I picked up at Quilt Market last month.  I was pleasantly surprised at how nice this thread is. It’s compatible to Mettler 50 weight silk finish cotton thread. But it feels a little smoother and a little less linty. It’s still a little bit heavier than Aurifil 50 weight.  I used Mettler in the bobbin and the Rowan in the top to quilt these bags.

The colors are to die for!  I’m hoping that Rowan will eventually sell the colors individually. I can already see myself running out of my favorite color and no way to replace it!

Rowan thread

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