At the Beach 2011


It all started when I was 8 years old and joined a local 4-H club. I learned to sew and never looked back. I’ve tried a variety of crafts over the years. But the ones that have stuck are quilting, knitting and sewing. I also like to bake – especially bread.

My sewing machines

I own several sewing machines. It’s hard not to!  The Brother PQ-1500s I use the most and is my main machine. I sew everything on it and I love it for piecing because of it’s awesome 1/4-inch foot and the ability to tweak the tension. The new Janome Horizon is my back-up machine. It is fabulous at straight line quilting.  I also have 3 vintage Singers…  a 1964 white Featherweight that I often take to my sewing group, my grandmother’s 1952 15-91 and a 1950’s 319w that was given to me.

Charlie – June 2013


I grew up on a farm in Iowa, graduated from Iowa State University and almost immediately moved out to Seattle, Washington where I met my husband.

Sadly, in March 2013 we lost our two cats Eli and Kiska.  After 3 months it was just too quiet around the house and my sister-in-law kept dragging inviting us to visit pet shelters to find a new cat.  Before we knew what was happening, Charlie was coming home with us. His mother was Persian but we think he must take after his father because he doesn’t have a flat nose like a Persian.  He LOVES to play with his spring.  Charlie came from a shelter where he got to play with a number of other cats and kittens and he was lonely.  So we brought home Stella, a 10 week old kitten who appears to be part Maine Coon. We love them both to death!

I like to hike up mountains in the summer and ski down them in the winter. But I also love the city and all that it has to offer – shopping, museums, people watching, good coffee and riding my bicycle. I often dream of owning 2 homes – an old country house and an urban loft condo. I actually live in a 1970’s suburban rambler. Not even close to my dream. But life is still good – as long as I can make stuff.

Stella – July 2013

Random Facts

Sitting at a desk is not one of my strong points. As a kid I was constantly fidgeting. Now, I often do 2 things at once – knit and watch TV, cook and wash laundry, sew and… well, I’m often sewing too many projects at the same time!

~I love rhubarb! That’s why my Flickr and Ravelry names are RhubarbPatch.

~I was extremely shy in my teens and early twenty’s. And I’m still quite self-conscious. I’ll take small intimate gatherings over big parties any day.

~I love to travel.

~I wish I knew how to speak another language.

~I like movies with happy endings.

the Hubby 2011

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