Jump into your scraps!

March 28, 2016 § 16 Comments


While I have loved going back to school, I miss playing with fabric. Last summer I slowly started ironing and sorting some of my scraps. I am * not * even * close * to being finished with that task.  (And this is not all of them!) Maybe I should move this up on my priority list? It sure would be fun to see how many scrap quilt tops I could make this summer!

Anyone else up for the challenge?  Let’s see what our scraps can do for us!  If you don’t have any scraps, let me know and I will share some with you. I have enough for at least a dozen quilts, I’m sure.  Let me just warn you that there are good, bad and ugly scraps in there along with the treasures and I am not into making discriminatory decisions. You get what you get. Feel free to throw away or share the ones that don’t work for you. When it comes to scraps I just throw them all together and usually the results are pretty acceptable.

By the way, last week was spring break and it went by way too fast!  Only six more weeks of the semester to go.

Using the uglies

October 1, 2013 § 6 Comments


I’ve been wanting to try braiding a rug for quite some time.  And when we swapped rooms for my sewing room, I sorted through my fabric & pulled a bunch that I wasn’t that fond of any more thinking that maybe it could be made into rugs one day.

It’s been more than a month since I’d been to my sewing group. So today I took my bag of 3″ strips and started sewing them together.  Maybe this will be a good evening in front of the fireplace project?

Here are some of my rug inspirations:

Rainbow Rug from t-shirts
Braided t-shirt rug
Crocheted rug
How to braid a rug
Braided rugs on Flickr

Hot! potholders

April 12, 2013 § 9 Comments

As much as I didn’t feel like it, I forced myself to knuckle down and get a few things done yesterday. One of those things were these potholders for a friend of mine. They are having a chili cook-off at her church and she wanted to give something to the winner.  I agreed to make some potholders for her.  I dug into my red & white scrap bucket and now my sewing room is a complete mess.  (It wasn’t that clean to begin with!)

They look so awesome hanging next to our stove that I almost want to keep them for myself.  But I need full glove potholders.  I have been known to burn my arms.

Approximate size = 9 1/2″ square for man-sized hands & unisex.  Who knows who might win!


February 1, 2013 § 10 Comments

I have been fighting off some virus this week. It actually started at the beginning of January with an off & on scratchy throat, headache & dizziness.  This week I started feeling worse and went to the doctor. Some unidentified virus. She gave me an herbal anti-virus remedy & I’ve been taking it easy and not doing a whole lot. I finally started feeling better at the end of the week.

But I did finally get around to putting the zippers in these scrappy cat beds. I started quilting them back in December near the beginning of our kitchen remodel.  Before the kitchen remodel the cats would sleep all over the furniture. There was constant cat hair everywhere.  Now they are sleeping under the bed and inside my scrap basket to get away from the noise.  I’m hoping they will come back and sleep on these cat beds once the construction is done.  The pet beds inside have this thermal feature that is supposed to radiate their body heat & keep them warm.

Sorry this is such a boring post.  All of us, humans & animals, are anxious for the house to get back in order. (It shouldn’t be too much longer!)


  • Made from all scraps
  • Finished size approximately 18″ x 22″
  • Purchased pet beds inside from Amazon.com

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts Finish-it-up Friday. One more thing on my list can be checked off!

Turn down the volume!*

January 25, 2013 § 15 Comments

Don’t you just love it when there is a fabric that describes how you feel sometimes? Blah blah blah….

I finally pieced together the last five rows of my low volume quilt.  It feels good to have that part done!  I’m determined to chip away at my UFO list.  And this is one quilt that I am looking forward to using.

There are all kinds of fabric in this one. Some of it I just LOVE and this is the perfect quilt for it. Others… well, they just needed to be removed from the stash… somehow.  But as always in scrappy quilts, I think the uglies get lost between the lovelies.  And it all becomes lovely.

The only place inside the house big enough to take a quick photo on a rainy day is inside the construction zone.

This is the state of our kitchen.  It is coming along in the usual fashion, which feels like it is NOT fast enough. We are sick of the dust, the smells and the inability to cook healthy meals.  We have a very small rotation of meals that go between the crock pot and our camp stove.  It is getting old.  And why oh why are the construction workers not here yet today??  This is the part that I really struggle with. Perfectly good daylight and no one is working!  I know, they have to juggle the different tasks that need to get done.  But still….  I will try to be patient.

* Not only a good quilt name, but what I do to the Internet when web sites have sound. For some reason I have a very low tolerance for added sound (music, ads, etc) on web sites.  Off goes the volume.

Happy Weekend!

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