Carpenter’s Wheel QAL

The Inspiration

The original inspiration came from this antique quilt in the book Quilts: The Fabric of Friendship on page 16.  The block is known by many names and one is the Carpenter’s Wheel. Some of the other more common names include Star of Bethlehem, Carpenter’s Star or Double Star* (*according to Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns.

Join in at any time making one or as many as like of this block.  I’m going to make one giant block for a good size throw quilt. But I will explain how to make the block in 2 other sizes.  Experiment with block size, if you like, to make your own. Or follow along with the instructions I provide.

You may post your progress in the BW Flickr group.

This is a mock-up of one giant block in EQ.

Here’s a button for you to download to your computer and post on your blog.  Right click on the image and choose “save image as”.

– – – – – – – – – –

STEP 1How to draft a LeMoyne Star (the center portion) if you want to play around with different sizes.

STEP 23 Different size options – 1 giant 63″ block  ~  4 medium size 33 3/4″ blocks  ~  or 9 smallish 19 1/2″ blocks  ~ with yardage suggestions.  You decide.

STEP 3 – My fabric choices using my stash.

STEP 4Rotary cut the diamond shapes. You will need 32 diamonds.

STEP 5 – Cutting the background pieces.

STEP 6 – The secret to sewing Y-seams.  A couple of extra tips when sewing a bias edge to a non-bias edge.

§ 10 Responses to Carpenter’s Wheel QAL

  • Liz from Fall City (but now from Kauai) says:

    Just got back to internet land after moving, and I find out you have a new quilt along! Yay! My sewing machine should arrive (with the furniture and other less important items) in a couple of weeks and I will be ready to start!

  • Blue.Ridge.Girl says:

    I am considering using the large one block Carpenter’s Wheel for the back of my medallion quilt and just adding borders to make it big enough. That would help use up my rather large supply of Civil War fabrics….hmmmm

  • GAIL ACKER says:


  • Helena says:

    Never done a carpenter wheel. I’ll join you but using the medium size.

  • helena says:

    Hello Anita,
    Very proud to tell you I finished my carpenter’s wheel. It is the first time I piece all by machine. May be I made it too quickly, but when I began, following your instructions, I couldn’t stop. It was very funny to do.
    Thank you. Now the top must wait because I have several patchworks waiting to be quilted. I’m absolutely unable to quilt by machine, I do this by hand…and it is terribly long.
    Ready to join next time.

  • […] owe the pattern to Anita and her wonderful instructions as part of the Carpenter’s Wheel QAL. I didn’t keep up with the quilt-a-long, but I knew I wouldn’t when I started. I wanted […]

  • esther donohue says:

    So I’m new to this…what is a quilt along?

  • Orsola says:

    Where can I get this pattern? Thank you

  • Martha Jasper says:

    To be able to make the carpenter wheel big enough for my queen size bed, how can that be done? My pattern is the same as yours at the top of this page.

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