The top is done!

November 5, 2011 § 9 Comments

I finished sewing the last Y-seam on the Carpenter’s Wheel.  Yay!  How are you doing?

A couple of extra tips in case you are having trouble:

~ If you feel like you are wrestling with the squares to get them to match up with the diamonds, try rotating the square and using the next corner.  The lengthwise grain of fabric has the least amount of stretch and sometimes matching a lengthwise grain edge to a bias edge feels impossible.  But the other direction is the crosswise grain of fabric and it does stretch a little. Not as much as the bias, but it might be enough to make the process a little easier.

~ Another thing you can do if it feels impossible to get the bias edge of the diamonds to match the squares…   sew the seam with the bias edge fabric on the bottom and the non-bias edge on top.  The sewing machine foot can sometimes push the fabric along and make the top layer stretch out more.  Also, reducing the pressure on the presser foot a wee bit may help.

Maybe next week I will get around to posting the  measurements for the non-Y-seam method.  Hope you are having a great weekend!

§ 9 Responses to The top is done!

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