Carpenter’s Wheel QAL

October 3, 2011 § 17 Comments

It’s about time we made our way back to this block called the Carpenter’s Wheel.  Wanna have a quick Quilt-Along before the holiday busyness sets in? Then we can do a more proper lengthy quilt-along starting in January. How does that sound?

My original post on how to draft this block is over here.  I intend to make one giant block the size of a good throw quilt.  What I’m debating about is if I want to make the diamond shape one whole fabric or if I want to use up some of my long skinny scraps and make them scrappy like the Liberated Wedding Ring blocks I have been making. I haven’t completely decided what I want to do just yet.

Let’s take the next week or so to decide the size we want to make and how we want to make the block…AND… gather our fabric.  I’ll offer you 3 different sizes from which to choose. Or you can play around with any size in-between. It’s up to you.  I’ll show you how to rotary cut one diamond in the next post and then you can play from that point on.

Here’s a button for you.  Right click on the button above and save the image to your computer.

This is Option 1:

  • You will cut 7″ strips of fabric.  (I’ll show you how to strip cut this in the next post.)
  • The finished size of the quilt will be 63″ x 63″.
  • You will need approximately 2 1/2 yards of fabric in a variety of prints for the star portion.
  • You will need approximately 2 1/2 yards of background fabric.

This is Option 2:

  • You will cut 4″ strips of fabric for the diamonds
  • The finished size of 1 block will be 33.75″ x 33.75″.  You have the option of making 4 blocks to make a bigger quilt.
  • You will need approximately 1 yard of each a variety of prints for the star portion and the background fabric for ONE BLOCK.
  • Multiply 1 yard times the  number of blocks you want to make for the complete yardage needed.
  • Additional yardage will be needed for sashing if you choose to add that.

This is Option 3:

  • You can use 2 1/2″ strips of fabric for the diamonds.  Got some leftover strips from a Jelly Roll? Perfect! Or just use scraps.
  • The finished size of 1 block will be 19.5″ x 19.5″. You have the option of making as many blocks as you want for a bigger quilt. 1 block would be a great mini, 4 blocks would be a good baby quilt, or 9 blocks would be a nice throw. You decide.
  • You will need approximately 1/2 yard of each a variety of prints for the star portion and the background fabric for ONE BLOCK.
  • Multiply 1/2 yard times the number of blocks you want to make for the complete yardage needed. Maybe just a smidge less if you are making lots of blocks.  There may be a little bit of waste from each block that could be utilized.
  • Additional yardage will be needed for sashing if you choose to add that.

Ready to dive in?  Great! Come on over and post your fabric choices, progress, and finished quilts in the Bloomin’ Workshop Flickr group.

§ 17 Responses to Carpenter’s Wheel QAL

  • Viv says:

    Yay, a quilt a long that will be manageable for me to complete. I’m going to make the Option 1, the big one. I’ll go and choose my fabric now 🙂

  • Blue.Ridge.Girl says:

    Love Love Love this!! I’m going to mull over Option 1 & 2 and see which I end up with. Can’t wait to start!!

  • susan says:

    i think this is super yummy anita. i am planning on doing the big one~
    scooting off to put my button up~

  • pratima says:

    What a fun Quilt-along! I’ll be looking forward to your progress on this charming project 🙂

  • Izzy says:

    OH dear this sounds wonderful after my company leaves…..Wow looks lovely !!

  • Julie says:

    oh how fun.I have been wanting to do another quilt along. I am loving option 1
    thanks for doing this.

  • Susan says:

    Oh my gosh, the cool chick is at it again…..count me in, but, am I the only one that wants lots of wheels???? I love the idea of lots of them in great colors. Okay, please say that you the master of awesome quilt alongs have figured out how not to put a Y seam in this thing…..tons and tons of hugs…Susan

  • Alexandra says:

    Oh how awesome, you are so generous in offering this quilt along….love you doing the maths, my weak point. All options are calling, but being a big butt girl…..the bigger the better!!!!!!

  • Dorie says:

    Fun! I think I’m in. Thanks!

  • Lesly says:

    I’m with Susan about the Y-seams – from your pictures it looks like Y-seams galore, but it occurs to me that you might be going to choose the HST option for this quilt. Do tell. My feeble mind quakes at Y-seams.

  • Sheetal says:

    yay Anita!! I’m so totally in for this quilt along! I want to make a couple of lap quilts for holiday presents and this is just perfect! thanks so much for hosting.

  • Brenda says:

    This is inviting — I’ve just started doing a carpenters wheel using Jan Krentz Quick Star Quilt instructions. . . but I want the Kaleidoscope-effect. So it will not be scrappy, even though I love that idea. . . so pretty.

    My daughter told me about this sew-along — perfect, maybe it will keep me on target (I say this as I am quilting a quilt started 10 years ago, and another three waiting.)

    I’m anxious to learn more about the Y-seam, as that is the part that scares me. Thus far I have cut out all diamonds and some background. I’m loving these large quilt pieces. Oh, my quilt will be finished 85 x 85 (to cover a patio door) and I am using one very large star with different borders to get to size.

    Thanks for the opportunity to do this with encouragement.


  • Lexi Lucas says:

    Yes! I’m in too! Let me run to the fabric stash….

  • Jan Jennings says:

    ‘m trying to finish the carpenters wheel quilt my daughter started 25 years ago! By Hand!!! She has all the squares and diamonds cut out and the star centers all together. But I’m having trouble with the “Y” seams….AND I don’t even have a pattern!! Only a picture of 1/4 of a quilt!!! Help!!!! How do I put the diamonds to the squares?????

  • Ruth Parisi says:

    I’m looking for cutting instructions on the large 63″square option 1 . Can you send them? Please.

    Thank you

  • Jane Teague says:

    I am another person, who has just discovered this workshop and would very much like to receive the cutting instructions for the single large 63″ carpenter’s wheel, if you share it. If not, would you please also let me know? Sitting here stumped and love your idea. Thank you so much!

  • Julia Shaw says:

    2 1/2 yards in total for the prints or each?

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