A Dear Jane Weekend

May 30, 2011 § 31 Comments

Jan - May 2011 blocks

These are all of the Dear Jane blocks I have made since January of this year. I’m still not that speedy. But I have been having a Dear Jane Weekend. I’ve made 5 blocks so far and have 3 more prepped.  It’s been good to spend some time with Jane.  I’ve noticed a few things:  For one thing it’s becoming  more comfortable to sit down and hand sew.

My methods have changed

And my methods are changing… I’ve started tracing around each template in pencil to make the seam allowances more even.  And when I inadvertently picked up the snack size Ziplock bags instead of the sandwich size I discovered that the snack size is perfect for storing block parts. Jane in a bag…

New labeling

And I’ve changed the way I’m labeling each block. Now I’m writing the block number on freezer paper and ironing it on the back.  I think I ran across some blocks like this on Flickr and the “aha” moment took over.  What a good idea!

Glue Sticks

A marathon weekend of Jane blocks has also given me an opportunity to try out these glue sticks by Lapel Stick.  It’s a temporary glue and although it is meant for fashion emergencies but it works great for applique as well.  I’ve been fighting with pins sticking out everywhere when sewing down an applique piece. So this was the perfect opportunity to smear some glue on the back and try it out. I just held the piece down on the background for a minute or so and then stitched around the shape.  I love that I don’t have any more pin points sticking out and poking me!

The manufacturer gave me a couple of glue sticks to give away so that you could try it too.  Leave a comment and I’ll draw a couple of names later on this week.

All 41 blocks

So far I have a total of 41 blocks consisting of 543 pieces.  I still haven’t reached my first year goal, but it doesn’t really bother me. It may take me a lifetime to finish but that’s okay.

§ 31 Responses to A Dear Jane Weekend

  • nicolette says:

    Love your reddish DJ blocks!!!
    Anita, there’s no need to put my name in the draw. I use glue from Sewline and I bought special applique glue, which turned out to be a very expensive little bottle of ordinary textile glue…

  • Mary Jo Larson says:

    Now you are really inspiring me to get back to my Jane blocks. I think the glue sounds like a great idea.

  • Monika says:

    Your block look great so far!!
    And this glue seems to be a very good idea – I do not like these pins sticking out and all the fusible web makes the fabric stiffer …

  • Char says:

    I just bought the Dear Jane book and software and have started collecting Kaffe Fassett fabric. I’m a little daunted, but bound and determined to make this quilt. The glue sticks looks like a great tool. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck on your quilt. The red and white is great – did you see the 650+ red/white quilt exhibit in NYC recently? Oh – and your labels are a great idea!

  • pamina says:

    Love all these blocks in red

  • Tina says:

    What a great idea, I’d like to try that lapel stick. Unfortunately my baby jane hasn’t gotten a lot of attention lately. But it’s a journey right?!

  • marianne says:

    ooh, the glue sticks sound awesome!

  • jessica says:

    your dear jane blocks are lovely! i sorted through mine this weekend as well, having not touched them in months…so close to finishing though! would love to try the glue.

  • Jean says:

    I love your blocks. I love this quilt, but don’t think I could get it finished! I have been wanting to try these glue sticks, thanks for the chance to win!

  • Your blocks are beautiful! Some day I may try one.

  • Robin says:

    Gorgeous!!! I’m loving your palette of reds. This quilt is going to be amazing. And no stressin’ allowed– this quilt is definitely all about the journey, not the speed at which you make it (says she who has been working on hers since 2004 :P).

  • Marsha says:

    How inspiring. I admire your work and tenacity. This might make me give applique a try

  • This makes me want to dig out my Jane quilt. What a great way to label them! And that glue stick seems great too!

  • Lisle says:

    The blocks look great! And the labels and glue sticks are genius. Again, what fun you’re having!

  • Valentina says:

    Anita! These are sooooo beautiful! Congratulations! I haven’t even started mine, and wow, after seeing yours I promise I will make one TOMORROW!
    such an inspiration… and I love your attitude– Thanks!

  • susan says:

    how fun! im glad you had so much progress on your dear janes this weekend, because i am living vicariously thru you!! the glue sticks seem like a great idea. would love to win one as im working on an applique project too. my beef isnt so much the pins poking me (which i do hate) but the shifting of the fabrics in the beginning.

  • Lynn says:

    543 pieces…..WOW!!!! These are great!

  • DebbyMcC says:

    Beautiful! I used the snack size zip bags for mine, too. So convenient. I wrote the block number on the seam allowance in pigma pen. It worked great cuz there was no chance of the info getting lost, and it doesn’t show on the front. Gee, maybe I should get mine out and do a little more hand quilting…or maybe not…poor Jane…maybe in the Fall…

  • Julie says:

    More gorgeous Dear Jane blocks!!! Since I do a lot of applique I would love the chance to win one of those glue sticks to try out. One question–do you use a running stitch or a back stitch when sewing those blocks together?

  • Kathy says:

    Several good ideas here. Thanks for sharing. I’m loving your red and white palette too.

  • May Kristin says:

    Beautiful DJ blocks! Love them in red!

  • Donna says:

    I too would like to know what type of stitch you use to put your blocks together. I enjoy your Dear Jane blocks. I too would like to try the glue sticks also. I am just a beginner at applique and really like it.

  • Love these red & whites. Did you see the red & white quilt show in the armory in NY I think – just a month or so ago? Stunning!

  • Sheetal says:

    I should go find the glue stick! All the pin pricks always make me a little hesitant to try my hand at hand sewing blocks…your Dear Jane is so beautiful! I wish I had the perseverance to make one!

  • Jeannie says:

    I don’t need the glue stick, but I do need to comment on your Dear Jane blocks. They are gorgeous!!! I love the colors and fabrics you are using. It is going to be a beautiful quilt.

  • Renee says:

    the blogs are striking!!
    love the red and white

  • Kathy says:

    I love your blocks! Your fabric choices are really turning this into a spectacular piece of art.

  • Your blocks looks so beautiful. I have about siksty blocks left on my dear Jane. I would love to try that sticker. Hugs Jofrid

  • Kathleen says:

    Your blocks are beautiful. I can’t wait to see the finished product. And those glue sticks are a great idea! Blessings!

  • pratima says:

    Your red and white blocks are so beautiful! They are truly a labor of love!

  • isabel says:

    It has been a slow but consistent waywalk. This quilt is really chalenging!

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