80’s Flashback

May 28, 2011 § 12 Comments

80's Flashback

Alright, this is surely going to date me…  Yesterday I was skimming through Decor8 and came across this dress above and starting having serious flashbacks.  The photo below is of me in college in 1984 and I made that dress.  I kinda think it might have been a Jessica McKlintock pattern?  The 80’s are now vintage and that makes me feel *old*.  I just thought you might get a little laugh out of that old photo.

What do you remember or like about the 80’s?  I remember Flashdance and torn shirts, lots of ruffly, poufy, big hair kinds of things. I wish I had more photos but I’ve lost most of them.

Dear Jane G-1

And… what are you doing over the weekend?  I’m digging out my Dear Jane blocks… and fixing the leaky kitchen faucet… and mowing the lawn (if it doesn’t rain)… and dinner with friends.  Happy Long Weekend to my U.S. friends.  There was a 6 mile back-up on I-90 last night of folks trying to get out of town. That is exactly why we got out of town last weekend!

§ 12 Responses to 80’s Flashback

  • Melody says:

    The music! I still love 80s music 🙂

  • Mary Jo Larson says:

    Oh I remember that pattern. Its all coming back. I heard it only has to be 20 yrs old to be called vintage so you aren’t old at all. Dear Jane block is beautiful. I have 16 of them and haven’t looked at them for a long time.

  • Andrea says:

    oh I do remember those dresses well, they were all the rage in school! I’ve discovered them on Etsy…kind of fun to look at anyways!

  • Tess says:

    I’m a child of the 80s. But at first glance the 2011 dress reminds me of Edwardian fashion. probably due to the number of drama’s on British tv based in that era on telly recently.

  • Lynn says:

    Oh I saw a dress similar and it reminded me of the Gunny Sacks that were so popular!!! I had one of those too. And a shirt. The 80s are slowing working their way back into style. My dd got some star earrings and some lace gloves from an accessory store. When we got home I googled Madonna and showed her the exact look!!!! LOL Cracks me up. Then again Lady Gaga reminds me of Madonna as well…..

  • DebbyMcC says:

    Yes, I’d say Jessica McClintock…It looks very much like my wedding dress, which was a solid cream colored JMc…high neck, lace ruffle on the bodice, and lace inset above the ruffle, long full sleeves gathered to a cuff, trimmed with ribbon…The date was summer 1977… All I remember of the 80s was raising kids. Mine were born in 81 and 84, and I lost my dad in 84…the 80s were a very busy and blurry decade for me. I was too distracted to know much of anything else that was going on…I do remember Urban Cowboy though…loved that movie at the time… LOVE your Dear Jane block, the reds you are using in yours are really great =-)

  • janet says:

    Dear Jane block is adorable, I some how managed to avoid ever starting the Dear Jane.
    In your previous post you mentioned Buggy Barn, isn’t it amazing how much they have in that little shop.

  • Jean says:

    So funny, they look like they were made from the same pattern. It is funny how things come back in style again, isn’t it? I have noticed that all the kids are wearing gym shorts again! The ones that have the rounded bottoms and the white stripe up the sides and around the bottom edges. They were popular in the 80s too.

  • Lisle says:

    Don’t know about you, but I’m always kind of grateful that those 80’s photos of me are hard to find. That was an unkind decade in many ways…

    What fun you’re having this week!

  • simple druthers says:

    *big hair*.
    my goodness, i think we killed the ozone in that decade alone!
    the dress has a lot of features that my wedding dress had (married in ’88), and my oldest dd is all about the “new” style. pfft. been there and perfected that, i say! ;o)


  • In the 80’s after flashdance came out everyone thought I looked like Jennifer Beale. I even had a guy date me because of this. Of course it didn’t last. 🙂

    I was in college at the time and we didn’t think there was a distinctive feel, dress, or music of the 80’s. It’s funny how you can’t see it when you are in the midst of it.

  • Karen says:

    That is too funny, that could be the same dress! Gotta love those 80’s!!

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