You can’t always get what you want*.

May 19, 2011 § 17 Comments

NOTE: I’m sorry to say that this post is being pinned on Pinterest as a tutorial. It is NOT a tutorial. It is a documentation of my process in making this bag.  As noted in the bottom of this post, the pattern is in the book Patchwork Style by Suzuko Koseki.  There you will find exact measurements to make this bag.

a mini bag

It’s true in life. And I think it is often true in creating as well.  The best laid plans don’t always work out. And if you are of the kind that likes to fly by the seat of your pants… well… (*are you singing along with Mick Jagger yet?)

I had all these good intentions.  But since I wasn’t really planning too much but rather going along for the ride… this is what I ended up with. Not bad. Not bad at all. I’m quite happy about it actually. But I sometimes wonder what would happen with a  little more forethought. You know?

strippy scraps

I had intended to make the scrappy strips run vertically on the bag. But somehow they ended up running horizontally.  Which, I think, happened quite serendipitously because I think I like them better this way!

gingham handles

And then, I really, really wanted this scrap of gingham to be the handles. But there really wasn’t enough.  So I scrounged around in my stash and found this printed check. It’s almost as good. And without showing you my intentions I’m sure the printed check would be just fine.  But I really, really like that black & white gingham check better. I’m going to have to go hunting for some so that I can add a hunk of it to my stash. For some reason, I just like the woven effect better than the printed effect.

might as well make two, no?

Of course, if you’re making one, you might as well make two, no?  I think one of these might end up inside the bag I am making for my partner for the Goodie Bag Swap.  It’s the perfect size to hold a rotary cutter, a couple of marking pens, a small scissors and a tube of chapstick.  Okay, put whatever you want in it. But it’s not quite long enough for my knitting needle gauge so it’s going to have to be a sewing caddy of some sort.

The pattern is from the book Patchwork Style by Suzuko Koseki.  The construction is a more on the intermediate level. But it’s not too bad.  Most of the projects in the book are much easier.

§ 17 Responses to You can’t always get what you want*.

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