My dad loves tractors

January 9, 2018 § 18 Comments

My dad is a farmer. His father and grandfather were both farmers. Our ancestors in Europe were farmers.

The land is flat where my dad farms. They grow corn and soybeans for commercial use. In my head I see my dad putting on his seed corn cap and his work boots before heading outside to get to work. Farming then and farming now are quite different, but my dad says that what interests him most about farming is driving the tractors. He LOVES tractors!

While visiting my dad last summer he started up his antique crank-start tractor for us. There is a lever that is inserted in the front of the tractor. A couple of hard cranks and the engine starts. Immediately the choke needs to be adjusted to keep it running. He doesn’t start it very often so it took a few tries to get it to idle. My husband took a turn starting it and they both drove it around the yard for awhile. I knew then that I had to make him a tractor quilt for Christmas.

The quilt top is all made from stash fabrics. It sure felt good to use up what I had on hand.  The tractor block pattern is from Lori Holt’s Farm Girl Vintage book. The middle three blocks were assembled in mirror image. The blocks between the rows of tractors are the “crops” block in the book. Finished size of the quilt is approximately 72” x 72”.


§ 18 Responses to My dad loves tractors

  • Kathy Harris says:

    I’ll bet your dad loved it.

  • Judy says:

    Oh that is really cute!!!

  • TakeMeThereTotes says:

    I love your quilt. My husband loves old tractors and has quite a collection that he has restored or in the process of restoring. I bought Lori’s book just for the tractor pattern. You did a great job and I love how you separated each row with the “crop”.

  • Sandy Olson says:

    Love the Tractor Quilt and how you used colors that fit in with the tractor. My husband loves old tractors too , we have 11 (all Ford) he worked for Ford Tractor 22yrs. That was his best years with Ford, he retired after 4l yrs with Ford twenty yrs ago.
    We listened to President Trump’s speech yesterday in Nashville. He talked about the farmers and all they do and how they are so important to our country. So my husband sent an email out saying he need to buy another tractor to add to his collection. Not going to happen I said. He is always looking for an excuse.
    We always talk about how important the farmers are to us. Really appreciate all that your Dad and family do. It is hard work but like you said he loves driving the tractor.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story and your quilt you made for your dad. It is beautiful and know it made your dad very happy that you made it for him.

  • Marsha Smith says:

    Great quilt and I am sure your dad was very happy with it. I’m thinking about making one for a friend who goes to the Steam Up in Brooks Oregon every year. He loves all the old farm machines.

  • I love it! And I’ll bet your Dad did too!

  • So fun to read about your dad and his love of farming, and especially tractors :o) I bet you were so thrilled to make this quilt and get it sent to him. Here where I live apples and peaches are the big crops, both commercially and for the smaller farms. I alway marvel at the faith farmers really must have. It feels like every year we are on the edge of our seats in the spring over warm weather that arrives too early causing the trees to bud out, or late frosts that threaten the buds. I think it must be so stressful for our farmers knowing they have no control over things like this. Thanks for sharing your story!

  • This quilt is sew cute!

  • Lynn Howell says:

    OMG I LOVE THIS!!!!! You always make the best quilts.

  • Deb Gemberling says:

    Love this..since I grew up on a farm in midwest

  • Susan K says:

    The tractor is my favorite block from Lori Holt’s book. I love this quilt! I may just have to make a tractor quilt now.

  • Julie C. says:

    What a great tribute to your Dad! Those tractors are so charming and your fabric stash seems to be a great fit for this one.

  • Ellen F Thompson says:

    The green leaves are a bright touch.

  • LeeAnn says:

    Really fun quilt, AND it brings sweet memories. I’m sure he will cherish it, especially because it was so lovingly made by you.

  • Natalie says:

    I just love your tractor quilt. I grew up on my grandfather’s peach farm and was surrounded by old tractors. I love Lori’s Farm Girl Vintage book and have made 2 tractor pillow shams using the tractor block pattern. I think I may have to make a tractor quilt, too, now that I’ve seen your beautiful quilt.

  • Gwen says:

    I bought Farm Girl Vintage 2 for the tractor pattern. The pattern in the book is different from the one on your quilt, which I like better. Did you make changes or uses a pattern from another source?

  • Aggie says:

    How did you sew the mirror image tractors?

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