How It All Started

November 5, 2007 § 14 Comments

Once upon a time, a Christmas Tree Skirt was made. Red and white it had to be.

Make a pattern, a friend proclaimed! And so it was. Make more patterns they sang. And so, Bloomin’ Workshop was born.

Let’s have a drawing!

I need to update and print more of these Christmas Tree Skirt patterns. So, one free pattern to a random comment left on this post. And, tell me how you decorate for the holidays – favorite colors, live or fake Christmas tree, putting it all out on Thanksgiving or later on a special day. The deadline is Friday, November 16. Just in case you want to whip up a new tree skirt this year…

My husband proposed to me on December 13th while we were decorating my Charlie Brown Christmas tree. There used to be a hardware/surplus store called Chubby & Tubby’s that would sell scrawny little trees for $5. They would haul them down from the mountains with snow still clinging to the branches. That’s what I would get for my tiny little apartment. And so… we tend to start the holiday decorating around December 13th in remembrance of that special night.

§ 14 Responses to How It All Started

  • Emily says:

    Awwww. That is a great story! And the tree skirt is simply breathtaking.

    I like your header too!

  • Angie says:

    Gorgeous! Just gorgeous!! What a romantic proposal! 🙂 I would realy really really really like to have this pattern—pretty please ? 😀 I LOVE everything about Christmas and I’m very much a traditionalist. Red and green all the way for me. I always try to put my tree up on the 1st of Dec. I have a nephew and his wife and two little girls that come for Thanksgiving, so I try to actually reserve Thanksgiving for Thanksgiving. 🙂 Come Dec. 1, tho, and Katie bar the door, cuz I’m ready to start decking the halls!! 😀 And would you believe…I DO NOT have a tree skirt…so, see, I REALLY REALLY need a copy of this pattern!!! 😀

  • Tami says:

    Love the skirt! I too am in need of a new one…had a cat that sprayed. I’ve been looking for a couple years for a pattern I like. I am a homespun girl. Kind of the cabin in the woods thing going on. It’s just my style over all. I grew up in a home with 6 artificial trees (4 were the table top ones). At the age of 16 when I moved out I set out then and there that I would always have a real tree. I love going and picking one out. Before Jeff I would get a pre cut, after we were wed (and still lived in WA) I would go to Portland Ave Nursery in Tac. and get a live one. Now that I am here in TN with little space for a live tree we’ll go to a tree farm and pick one out. I typically wait until the second weekend of December to set up the tree although the house is completely decorated the day after Thanksgiving.

  • alison says:

    Lovely quilt patterns! I will definitely look for them on my next trip to the quilt shop. The tree skirt is beautiful.
    Each year I try to get our tree just a few days earlier than the year before. Hubbys family would always get their tree just a few days before Christmas. So far, I have managed to move tree buying up to early mid December (teens)! No matter what though, it has to be a real tree and we hang all the soft ornaments (including ones I made when I was a kid) on the bottom for the kids to play with.
    Wishing you a merry one!

  • Jane Weston says:

    Love you tree skirt…red and a candy cane. I’m a December 1st kinda girl. No singing, no decorations until the 1st. It probably stems back to my father’s ways…just like everything has to be put away by the 6th of January!

  • Jes says:

    Awww, that proposal story is so cute!
    We tend to get our tree really late. I try to put out the Christmas decor right after Thanksgiving. We host it and then I’m off the next day, so part of the clean up is the changeover. My husband hangs the lights when he’s in the mood – so that changes year to year!
    We do leave everything up until Jan 6th tho – because of the feast of the three kings (family tradition) and then everything comes down and goes away =)
    The skirt is really gorgeous! If I don’t win, I def want to buy one!

  • Jeannie says:

    Oh yes, the annual outing to Chubby & Tubby for our tree. We went to the one in White Center. Now it is an artifical tree that looks like the scrawny ones of years ago put up after the turkey feast is devoured. Red & white rule the roost and snowpeople abound. That way I can leave it all out until February. Actually it is the lights that I love and they are turned on Thanksgiving eve. Living in the desert on the east side of the state, anything bright and green that time of year is welcome. Cheers.

  • Marianne says:

    I love the proposal story and Dec 13 is my birthday! Pls enter me for the tree skirt. 🙂

  • How romantic….we are usually out of town for Thanksgiving but as soon as we return home, I start setting out the storage bins and start doing bit by bit until Dec. 1st when I put up the tree (artificial but hoping to go back to real now that the children are older). As for color scheme, our home becomes a winter wonderland of purple and silver and this year we are adding in turquoise, white, and possibly blue. The kids help with the tree and the decorating and usually hubby just shakes his head but he does that with all of my crafting. 😉

  • britt says:

    This is the first year that I am in my own house(with a hubby) for Christmas. We are going to put candles in each window, a wreath on the door. Inside we are going to have a christmas tree and a Nativity scene. We are going to frost the glass on either side of our front door w/ that fake snow spray stuff. I am excited.
    Your tree skirt is beyond beautiful!

  • […] of Bloomin Workshop held a contest for her tree skirt pattern. Being a generous heart she sent it to all commenters and not just the […]

  • Addie King says:

    My grandmother has bought a Campbell’s soup ornament for me every year for about 30 years. It is a special moment every year when I put them out and each one makes me think of her.

  • Christy Leonard says:

    This is beyond beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  • Mardyth Peterson says:

    This tree skirt fits the bill! Each year our quilt guild decorates and donates a tree for the annual Hospice auction. This year I volunteered to make the tree skirt and look and behold, the theme for the auction this year is Christmas at the cabin so a log cabin tree skirt would be perfect

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