Messy Summer Bed

August 11, 2011 § 25 Comments

Messy Bed

I’m loving our messy Wild Geese summer bed at the moment.  I just wish I had made this quilt a smidge bigger. It doesn’t quite cover our semi-new extra deep mattress.  But it’s good for the summer months when a warm down comforter isn’t needed.

So on that Quilt-Along note…  I’ve been thinking about what to do next. It’s not likely that anything will be decided before September. But that will give us all winter to work on something, right?

I was browsing through some of my books with antique quilts. I’m not sure that I’ve found “the one” just yet.  There is also a book at work that has some interesting options.  I’ll have to bring my camera to work and take some more photos when I get a chance.

Sampler option

I’m really intrigued by these sampler quilts that seem to be made up of leftover blocks. It’s been in the back of my mind to do something like this sooner or later.

Giant Blocks option

And I am in love with giant blocks! (different border)  This block is pretty similar to the Swoon quilt that so many folks have been working on. Except it’s scrappy.  And I do  love scrappy! I really like the block within a block concept too.

Another Medallion

And then there are always more medallion quilts. But I feel like we’ve already been there and done that.  Hmmm. What do you think?  While you are pondering on that, I am working on a tutorial for the Composition Notebook Cover.  Since it’s back to school season and all…

The wild geese are flying south

September 13, 2010 § 30 Comments

The Wild Geese Quilt!

At long last!  The Wild Goose Chase quilt is done!  Finished! And ready to sleep under!  All 16 blocks and miles of sashing!  I’m pretty happy with how this quilt turned out.  I think we will be packing it along when we head to the beach later this month. No, I’m not going to use it in the sand, but crawl under it at night, snuggle with my hubby, and watch TV. We love to go to the beach off-season, rent a house and simply relax. No schedules. Eat, sleep, read, and play only when we feel like it. It’s brilliant! And so relaxing.

A corner of the Wild Geese quilt

It does look like a lot of flying geese. Some of you have been saying that along the way. But taken in small bites this summer, it really wasn’t all that bad. And I’m glad I did it without thinking about how many triangles that was going to be.

Close-up of the stitching

This ended up being a huge quilt ~ which I like. But when it comes to the quilting, I just had to get it done and stitched a simple loopy stipple all over.  I rented the HQ Avante at a local quilt shop and used a variegated King Tut thread. After it was all finished, I was a little worried that the slightly darker color over the muslin was distracting. But I didn’t want the thread to show up too much on the Hope Valley fabric.  After sewing the binding, I now think it is just fine.  I often like to quilt with a neutral thread so that it mostly blends in.

The back.

And… here’s the back.  The miser that I am, I couldn’t bring myself to buy a whole piece of fabric for the backing and used what I had in my stash. I kind of like the pieced back look anyway.

There. Now I can move on to my slow winter project.  And if you still want to quilt along on either of these projects, you can join us over in the Flickr group.

Happy Monday!

594 Geese Later…

August 25, 2010 § 17 Comments

The Last Geese

The last seam of the flying geese was sewn last night. 4 months, 21 fat quarters, and 594 geese later… it’s a quilt top!  I want to get it sandwiched and quilted right away before I show you the whole thing.

How are your geese doing?  Have they flown south yet?

(And, do geese in the southern hemisphere fly north for the winter?  Just wondering.)

On The Crafty Front

August 6, 2010 § 9 Comments

Crocheted Mobius Scarf

When I am working on projects for Clothworks time seems to evaporate into thin air and before I know it another week (or two) has flown by.  I just finished up 3 big projects and now I can focus my attention on things at home. (side note for those who may be new around here – I freelance quilt designs for those free patterns that come out with new fabric lines. The ones I’ve been working on aren’t posted on their web site yet.)

Linda and I went out for some retail therapy last week and came home with some pretty yarn and a pattern for a crocheted Mobius Scarf.  I have to say… quilting I totally get/understand, knitting makes sense most of the time, but crochet is like visiting another country where I just don’t know or understand the language. It makes no sense what-so-ever, most of the time.

To solve that, Linda and signed up for a crochet class at a new yarn shop that just opened up in our neck of the woods, Serial Knitters. If you live near me, you will want to check this one out. It’s a BeaUtiFuL shop!  And we even came home with some press-on tattoos today.  Giggle.  Their Grand Opening is this weekend.

Liberated Wedding Ring blocks

It’s high time I got started on my doll quilt for the Doll Quilt Swap, what, with less than a month to the shipping deadline.  This is one idea, which I think I am liking. But just in case it doesn’t work out. I have another idea. Stay tuned…  Seems like that hot pink/fuschia is big in my life right now.  Maybe because there has been a serious lack of summer in our part of the country?  I’m not complaining. It’s better than the recording breaking 104 that we had last year.  And I’m not envious of the hot temps across the country this year.  But we could count on one hand the number of hammock-worthy days this summer.  I miss my hammock.

Wild Geese blocks

So, after I cleaned up the sewing room a wee bit, I put my flying geese blocks on the design wall.  All the blocks are finished. Now I just need to work on the rest of the geese sashing.  I’m getting excited!!  Can’t wait to see this one finished!  It’s been my therapy sewing this summer.

Wild Geese Update

July 25, 2010 § 4 Comments

on the table...

We had the most pleasant weekend ever!  The weather was good, the time spent with each other and with friends was good, and we even made a dent in the chores and the gardening.  We are feeling quite content this fine Sunday afternoon.

Well, I know July is  not quite over, but this is probably as much as I will get done before the end of the week.  The flying geese are adding up!  And I’m almost on schedule. Not bad for a summer project.

~ Blocks – 13 done, 3 more to go ~ Sashing – 27 done, 13 more to go ~ Cornerstones – 11 done, 14 more to go ~


How are your Wild  Geese doing?

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