Two Sides of the Random Sampler

March 20, 2015 § 6 Comments


Hooray!  I finished the second side of my Random Sampler. This section consists of two original Sampler blocks, some leftover blocks and few new blocks.  I thought it might loosely follow a textile theme like the first side was loosely a garden theme.  But you would really have to stretch your imagination to link all the blocks to textiles.  No matter! This is what I ended up with.

  • a Squash Blossom block
  • a Spools block – arranged as an “X” instead of the traditional layout
  • some mini spools that sort of look like a variation of the attic window block
  • a couple of 4-patch blocks with leftover squares from another project
  • some more square-in-a-square blocks leftover from my Merry Merry Snowmen redo
  • a couple of leftover blocks from my Modern Chain quilt. They look a little bland so I might add some embroidery to these as well.
  • a leftover block from a baby quilt that was gifted last summer.


I’m going to use the leftover baby quilt block as the quilt label. I just haven’t put anything in the center of the block yet.  But I am envisioning a wee bit of embroidery to fill up all that white space.

It’s going to take a little more time than I had originally planned to finish up the 3rd and 4th sides . But I am please to see this coming together. Finally.  Hooray for all of you that are also making progress on your Random Samplers!


Side One Complete

March 10, 2015 § 8 Comments


Well… that took a little bit longer than I had anticipated. The first side section of my Random Sampler is now done.  Whew!  I decided to stick with the loosely imagined garden theme that was going on.  I had originally made three Basket blocks and one Wagon Wheel block.  So I made another Wagon Wheel and another Greek Cross block.  (The first Greek Cross block is going to live in another section of the quilt.) Then I filled in with some square-in-a-square blocks from my Merry Merry Snowman quilt that were discarded when I decided to change color themes.  I also made some Butterfly blocks from Lori Holt’s book Quilty Fun and a Pinwheel block that I drafted in Electric Quilt.  And finally, I found some leftover Half-Square Triangle blocks that are so old that I don’t even remember where they came from.  Maybe they were trimmed off of something?? Who knows.  But they worked nicely to fill in that space next to the Greek Cross block.


I’m thinking that finishing this thing may take a little longer than I had originally anticipated. But aside from that, I am happy with this minor finish.


Next week I’m moving on to side two. Which seems to be the sparsest side of the quilt. And it feels like it might taking on a textile theme. Or maybe a hobby theme? So who knows what I will come up with.

How are your Random Samplers shaping up this week?

The Finishing Plan

March 2, 2015 § 7 Comments


Welcome to March Madness, er, I mean…  the month in which we will FINALLY finish up our Random Sampler quilts.  I feel terribly guilty for letting this one slide.  But I’m now ready to get it done.  Maybe I was just missing the mental energy to work on it earlier?

Somehow, my quilt is becoming a medallion quilt. It wasn’t my intention to make it into a medallion when I started. But there it is.  To get my head around what I have left to do, I divided up the remainder of the quilt into sections. Theoretically I’m calling it a border and will then make enough blocks to fill up that section for that week. The section above is the side I am going to work on first.


Then each consecutive week I will complete another section as above.  Even if your quilt is not leaning towards growing into a medallion, you could still divide up the blocks into sections, determine how big you want to make each section and then work on making extra blocks for that section.


If you have seen Moda’s Modern Building Blocks, that is exactly how they are putting their quilt together.  This is the first two sections of the Modern Building Blocks BOM at my local quilt shop.

Here are some of the extra blocks I would like to incorporate into my quilt.  What extra blocks would you like to make for your quilt?

Basic cat block from Oh Fransson!
Butterfly block from Bee In My Bonnet
Mugs & Teacups from Sarah Rose Quilts

Let’s check back in again next week and see where we all are at. Ready. Set…. Go!

Resurrecting the Random Sampler

February 26, 2015 § 9 Comments


This was the last known whereabouts of my Random Sampler quilt.  I know that there are a few others out there in the world that have quilts in a similar state to mine.  So, let’s resurrect this thing and get ‘er done!  No more guilty feelings about letting these blocks languish away, hidden in a closet somewhere.  Let’s declare March the month for making those extra blocks and assembling them into a quilt top.  Are you with me? Cue the hired cheering section.

Random Sampler update

December 2, 2013 § 8 Comments


Over the weekend I made a few more flying geese blocks and stitched together the center of my Random Sampler quilt.

When I started this project I never intended for it to be a medallion quilt, even though Gwen Marstons’s lovely example is a medallion.  But when I started adding orphan blocks from other quilts this snowflake was begging to be a medallion center.  The snowflake needed a tiny little filler border to make it 24-inches and big enough for 8 flying geese blocks. Some of the flying geese blocks were left over from the Isabella quilt that I made for Clothworks and my Bloomin’ Pinwheels quilt.  And the cornerstones are the 16-patch blocks from Month 4 in the quilt-along.

Next, I plan to add a small border of that green Brandon Mably fabric. Then, fill in the Random Sampler blocks and others around the outside.  I’m crossing my fingers that it is going to all work nicely together!

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