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January 31, 2014 § 6 Comments

I ran across this article at Sew Mama Sew with tips for enjoying your sewing and just had to pass it on to you.  I love all the tips but I especially like point number 5:

Don’t box yourself in with a label. Modern or traditional. Quilter or generalist. Seamstress or sewist. Team pachycephalosaurus or team ankylosaurus.  There aren’t any rules, so be who you want to be.

And is the big destash across Instagram a result of point number 7?

For some time now it has been my mission to reclaim the joy of making that has been a part of my life since I was a wee lass.

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And because no post should be without a photo… I decided to pull another photo from my Instagram feed.  These are blocks from the ladies of the Faith circle of Do.Good.Stitches that I am assembling. We donate quilts to Restore Innocence, an organization who rescues young girls from human trafficking.


EQ Summer Drawing Series

May 2, 2013 § 4 Comments


If anyone is interested, I  just wanted to take a moment to point out that Electric Quilt is posting a Summer Drawing Series over on their blog.  Their schedule includes one lesson each month (May, June, July & August) and then you can sew your block and share it in a link up post at the end of the month.  If you have this quilt design software and struggle to use it, I highly recommend taking a look at these drawing lessons.  This is what makes EQ so useful to me!

Some of you may know that I teach EQ classes at my local quilt shop and may even have taken a class from me.  Their first lesson is posted and it looks good!  It would be a great refresher if you haven’t used EQ in awhile.

I love Electric Quilt and use it all the time!  All of the blocks we are making in the Random Sampler QAL, I first draw in EQ to try & decide what size to make it and where I want seam placements.

Oh look! A Bunny!*

June 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

Goody Bag Swap received

While I have been away attending to family stuff, I wanted to share a few interesting links with you…

~What a cool story behind this wedding dress.

~Modify a generic free-motion quilting foot for better control. I SO want to try this!

~Are you on Pinterest?  While I’ve been on it for awhile, I just started adding more stuff.  Lots of cool links & stuff to get lost amongst.

~How to make ice cream cones on your panini press.

Above is the awesome grocery bag I received from Sheila of  Thought & Found for the Goody Bag Swap.  (I never seem to have enough grocery bags!) We recently used it to haul road snacks. There is something about needing snacks & junk food while on the road, ya know?  I don’t buy chips and stuff while at home so I guess we splurge a little while we are driving.

*We joke about the ADHD response of distraction, “Oh look, a bunny!”  I actually did this once while riding our bikes. We were chatting away and I saw a little brown bunny sitting on the side of the trail and said in mid-sentence, “Oh look! A bunny!” So these are links to distract you while I go about some family business.

Quilt Market Gang Members

May 15, 2011 § 42 Comments

The Sherbet Pips Gang

We made a mad dash to Quilt Market in Salt Lake City this week and were back home again by Saturday afternoon.  I really enjoyed Quilt Market this year. Maybe because it was beautiful & sunny in Salt Lake City?  Or maybe because the four of us had such a good time together?  Or maybe because we got to spend more time meeting and talking to people along the way?  Let’s see if I can remember all that we did during our whirlwind trip.

Photo Booth Fun

~ Aneela Hoey was in her booth giving away Sherbet Pips rub-on tattoos. I think we might be the new Sherbet Pips Gang.

~ I bumped into the fabulous finger-stache Katy while standing in a book signing line.  I hope didn’t scare you, Katy!!

~ We LOVED Amanda’s (The Quilted Fish) schoolhouse presentation and can’t wait for her bunting panel to be released. I can’t find any link reference to the fabric at the moment.  But it will be cool. Trust me.

~ Susan (of the famous Red Medallion Quilt) and I got a chance to talk for quite some time. I think she might be my new best friend at the moment. (No offense to all my other best friends!)

~ Sue Spargo encouraged me to not feel so overwhelmed about her class at Sister’s Oregon that I am taking this summer. Whew!  I’m still a little nervous, though.

~ Lila Tueller’s schoolhouse presentation covered tips on sewing with laminate.  I have a little in my stash and I’m more than a little excited to finally dig in an make something. Not that I wasn’t before… but some of her tips were great!  I’ll tell you more when when I get around to sewing with it.

~We heard on the news while in our hotel room that women our age should not be wearing leggings, but Anna Maria Horner’s adorable daughter who is a fashion design student assured us leggings are timeless and all ages should feel free to wear them!  I guess I won’t have to throw out my leggings just yet

I’m terrible at taking pictures at these things, so this is all you’re going to get from me. Our freshly applied tats and photo booth fun.  But I did bring back a few things to give away.

Goodies for You!

~ 3 Times a Charm booklet by Me & My Sister Designs

~ Button & Ribbon packet by Riley Blake Designs

~ Composition Covers pattern (with fabric) by Indygo Junction

~ Three 2 1/2″ charm packs – Ruby by Bonnie and Camille, Northcote Range by Cabbages & Roses, and Hometown by Sweetwater for Moda

Add a comment about something market related and I will draw 4 names… one  for each item I have to give away.

Hello, Remember me?

February 3, 2011 § 11 Comments

Oops!  Sorry about my absence around here. My computer has been giving me fits and I finally decided to wipe the hard drive clean this morning and start all over. I hope this works.  Somehow my profile got corrupted and nothing seemed to make it better.

Computers. Can’t live with them and can’t live without them!

I promise, I’ll be back soon and try to be a good, normal blogger.  If I can remember what that is like.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a couple of things with you.  Above and below are two medallion quilts that Susan recently completed.  She sent me an email with photos of her finished quilts and they are amazing!  I love, love, love the red & white one.  Thank you Susan for sharing your wonderful quilts with us!!

It’s never too late to hop on the Medallion Quilt-Along bandwagon.

And below are links to my test sewers who have been so faithfully sewing away and giving me really good feedback. I don’t know how to thank them!!  They have been amazing.  Go check out their blocks.  Each are so different from one another and completely awesome!  Nicolette and Trisha, you are the bomb!  Susan (above) says that her daughter tells her that expression is so out.  Whatever.  You all are awesome and I don’t care if I sound out of date.  I’m just finishing up the details on the pattern and will be printing them soon.  If you want one, I’ll be adding a purchase link when they become available.

Nicolette at Dutch Comfort over here and here.

Trisha at TLC Stitches over here and here.

Hope all you folks with the record snow drifts are making out well!  I kinda wish you could send some of it our way.  The snow in the mountains here this winter has been wet and warm and terrible for skiing. I think our season is about over unless something changes in the weather soon. I’m about ready to give up on the skiing and dust off my bike!

Things I Love…

June 11, 2010 § 13 Comments

I love a good latte!

~ Vintage feed sack prints whether they are old or new.

~ The scent of fresh lavender.

~ Red & white sneakers.

~ When the sun FINALLY comes out after a long rain… and it does feel like it has been a long, long rain.

~ Baker’s twine in lots of fun colors!

~ Seeing my quilt on the cover of the July/August issue of Fons & Porter’s magazine.

~ Making progress on my piles of projects.

~ Everyone’s fantastic organizational tips!

~ Rare weekends away with my honey.

Summit Shopping

August 9, 2009 § 9 Comments

When Mom comes to visit, we always buy more than we should.  She almost always ships a box home and I… well, I look forward to paying off my credit card bill.

Yarn Stash Enhancement

Yarn Stash Enhancement

Sock Summit yarn acquisitions:

(clockwise from the top)
Yarn Hollow – superwash merino, color Anjou
Hazel Knits –  superwash merino & nylon, color Cami Chic
Colorscape Chunky by Kaffe Fassett for Rowan yarns, color Cherry
Enchanted Knoll Farm – superwash merino & nylon, color Treasure Chest
Yarn Hollow – superwash merino, bamboo & nylon, color Red Rocks & Spruce
Enchanted Knoll – superwash merino & nylon, color Tia Dalma
Teresa Ruch Designs – Blue Face Leicester, color unknown – it was a new dyeing experiment for her
Frog Creek Fibers – Ebullient (superwash  merino & nylon), color Chai

Fabric Stash Enhancement

Fabric Stash Enhancement

Fabric acquisitions on the way to Sock Summit:

(top to bottom)
1 & 4 – Paisley fat quarter from The Quilt Nest
2, 3 & 5 – New Kaffe Fassett fabrics from Sister’s Fabric
6-9 – Stash building fabrics
10-11 – Backing fabric for a wedding gift quilt
Pouch from  Split Yarn at Sock Summit
New thimble from Clover that combines a metal tip and flexible rubber body

To aid in the transportation of newly acquired stash

To aid in the transportation of newly acquired stash

We had a good time at the Sock Summit. It was a quick trip because we had to be back by Saturday for other commitments. So we didn’t take any classes or attend any events. But we did shop ’til our hearts content.  I LOVED being able to see and touch all the indy dyers’ yarn. It was totally worth the trip for that alone.  And I think I’m going to have to make myself a goal to knit at least one pair of socks a month so that I can justify going back again next year!

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