Summer Highlights

September 22, 2016 § 10 Comments


Well, summer has gone and autumn is in full swing.  Autumn is my favorite time of the year!

Here are some of the highlights from summer.  It looks like I did more knitting than sewing, mainly because it is very mobile. We visited the Grand Canyon, and many of Utah’s state parks along the way, in May. We visited my family in August as well as a camping weekend with friends. I seemed to accomplish more knitting than sewing. But I did finally finish my Merry Merry Snowman quilt and it is in the queue at my long arm quilter.

Above is the night sky at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It took our breath away!


We took a 3-hour mule ride into the Grand Canyon. We got rained on and were quite sore the next day. But it was fun and worth it!

We spent our anniversary on Lopez Island, biking around the island. It was heaven! My knitting matched the sea.
My second 3-Color Cowl matches the color of the grass on my dad’s farm as the sun was setting.  The first one that I knit was pink and was a great road project while driving to the Grand Canyon and back.
One of my brother’s farm cats and one of my dad’s farm cats. They are such characters! I never thought I would say this, but I miss the quiet of the farm. Maybe we will live on a small farm around here someday.

We had some good lightning shows while visiting my dad. I kind of miss these. We rarely get any sort of lightning out here.
A peaceful weekend camping at the Lewis & Clark State Park with some friends.

And really big trees!

Life has it’s ups and downs and I never know how much to say on a public forum. It seems better to just highlight the good stuff. School is giving me a challenge this semester as well as my thyroid. I’ve had Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid for the last 20 years and my doctor has been changing my medication. Ugh.

I sort of miss blogging, but don’t really have much time for that right now. Plus, It feels like everything has already been said in the plethora of blogs out there. What do you like to see in a blog?











Good-bye summer, hello autumn

August 25, 2015 § 9 Comments

For some, school has already started. But for some of us around here, school starts next week. I miss the change of seasons that comes with school starting (or ending).  I miss the anticipation and unrestrained excitement over a new box of crayons.  At our house we live that autumnal, back-to-school anticipation vicariously through others.

But, maybe, what replaces that back-to-school excitement, for me, is the start of a new project.  Yet I can’t seem to finish the old ones!  Argh!  I think I need deadlines, or grades, or something… or someone to keep tabs on me. I have not finished one thing yet this summer. Not one.

Above is my stack of Steam Punk parts all cut out and ready to sew should I ever get the motivation or time to work on them.  And below… are the really old paper pieced string blocks for a Liberated Wedding Ring quilt with some of my scraps. I thought I had lost them. But now they are found!

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a huge space to dump out all of our scraps and we could all get together and sew all day long with them?  Anybody have a barn or a warehouse that I could rent for cheap?  Joking… Not Joking. Seriously…  I would love to rent some studio space… cheap.  I can’t afford real warehouse space. But I keep dreaming of a way to make it happen.


So… I just felt the need to check in here even though I have very little to report.  I’m slowly quilting the Mini Heart quilt for Do.Good.Stitches.

I’m waiting for our new washer & dryer to arrive. It has been back-ordered for almost a month.  Our current machine can only handle 1 or 2 loads a day or it just decides to randomly stop.

We have also been eating a modified Whole30 diet for the month of August, which takes a lot of extra time to chop, prepare, and cook.  But most of my cravings have gone away. Now all that remains is the psychological aspect that popcorn & movies go together. I mean, what does one eat while watching a movie?  Carrot sticks & movies just don’t create the same mood. You know?

Ok. Enough rambling.  What does the end of summer look like at your end?

What if… ?

August 8, 2015 § 12 Comments


I am immensly delighted at all of your answers to my previous questions about blogging!  There were SO many good thoughts & ideas!  Many of you see blogging as a quiet respite from your busy day.  They are a part of your daily routine.  You likened bloggers to the local columnist in a newspaper who would write about local and current ideas or activities.  Blogs are a place where you can learn something new and be inspired.  Many of you limit the types of social media where you want to be involved. And they help you connect with the world when you are stuck at home.  I truly Thank You for all your marvelous feedback!  You are inspiring me to make my blog a better place.

And since you gave such good feedback on that topic, I have another topic for you.  I often find myself wishing that I had more space for my quilting, among other things.  What if there was a place that you could go to that would meet those needs?  Would you be likely to use it?  Would you be willing to pay a small fee to use some studio space to meet those needs?

I’ve created a poll that lists some of the ideas that have been rolling around in my head. Feel free to leave additional comments as well as vote on the poll. You should be able to select all that are of interest to you.



May 30, 2015 § 5 Comments

Caramel Cardigan

#widrn is a hashtag that stands for “What I’m Doing Right Now”  that goes around on Instagram from time to time.  My dear friend, Letty, tagged me a couple of days ago and I haven’t posted anything yet.

What I am doing right now is taking it easy and recovering from a dislocated rib that was a result of my and my hubby’s bike crash a week and a half ago.  He fell off the edge of the bike trail where there is a 4-inch drop and toppled over on his bike. I was right behind him and ran into him flying over my handlebars. Apparently my ribs hit the bike and dislocated a rib. (It happened so fast that I don’t really remember the finer details) Everyone kept telling me that it was probably a hairline fracture and there wasn’t much to be done about it. So I never went to urgent care. But after a week it just didn’t feel right. And after searching the web for different rib symptoms I concluded that I needed to see a chiropractor.  Huzzah!  It was indeed dislocated.  It’s back in place now but I am really sore. A little more adjusting and therapeutic massage and I should be good to go in a couple of weeks. Whew!  What an experience!

Above:  It has been a perfect excuse to dig out an old knitting UFO, the Caramel Cardigan (Ravelry link), and binge watch Netflix.

My UFO’s are still UFO’s

February 12, 2015 § 10 Comments


I’m still plugging away on my unfinished projects. Why is it that I have a hard time finishing things?  And winter seems to have passed over us and moved right into spring.


In the meantime, I recently read Mollie Makes’ list of 50 things to do before you’re 50 in celebration of their 50th issue.  Well, since I’ve sort of missed that boat, maybe I could make a list of 50 things to do after you’re 50. Or maybe I could just make a list of things I’d really like to do?


From Mollie Makes’ list, these are the things I have already DONE.

11. Make a patchwork quilt (Ah, I’ve lost count on how many I’ve made)
13. Open an online shop (Bloomin’ Workshop patterns are now on Craftsy)
16. Make a motivational print (It’s still stuck inside my computer)
17. Take your camera out of manual mode (I thought we were supposed to learn how to put it into manual mode? Lately, I’ve been shooting in aperture priority)
24. Make a shrinky dink (What a fun thing that was to do as a kid!)
28. Craft in public (My knitting follows me everywhere!)
35. Write more letters (I’ve actually sent a couple of letters lately. Who gets mail besides bills & junk?)
42. Grow some house plants (Or kill them.  I have a couple in the house that are still alive)
46. Create a mini terrarium (I made one for a Christmas gift)
47. Start a blog (Hello friends!  🙂 )
49. Go on a digital detox & unplug (One of my favorite things about heading to the beach!)
50. Pass your creativity forward (Teach? or Share?  I enjoy both!)


And these are some things from their list that I would like TO DO.

4. Try your hand at making beauty products (A couple of friends do this and I would love to learn!)
5. Make something impractical (Suggestions?)
6. Yarn bombing (I’ve thought about yarn bombing the tree in our front yard)
14. Have a pattern clashing sort of day (I was so good at this as a kid!)
20. Get into daily doodling or make a zine (I’ve been admiring Lisa Congdon’s journal pages)
31. Refashion a charity shop find (Dotty Angel is so good at this!)
34. Host a craft & cocktails night (Hmm… I’m not sure cocktails & crafting is a good idea if sharp objects are involved)
44. Wear odd socks on Sunday (Now, that just sounds like fun!)


What would be on your list?

*Photos from top to bottom: 1) Reflections in the birdbath, 2) Kaleidoscope version II ready to quilt, 3) Jonquils are nearly ready to bloom, 4) Merry Mayhem ready to quilt, 5) Crocus are blooming! 6) Scrappy log cabin is ready to quilt

Clearly, I need quilting help!


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