Big Blooms Bag

June 19, 2014 § 10 Comments


A few weeks ago I made this bag that I am planning to give to a friend.  I only had a fat quarter of the Big Blooms fabric by Kaffe Fassett.  So I added a dotty fabric to the sides.


I used the same dotty fabric on the inside with a splash of yellow gingham on the sides.


The inspiration came from this bag I picked up at the grocery store last Christmas.  The grocery store has been contracting with etsy artists to design reusable bags. I love the guy with the cat & his bicycle!  If only I could get my cats to ride on my bike with me.  Ha!  The artist is Matte Stephens and his illustrations are fabulous!


I love the size of this bag!  It  is a little bigger than my Square Bag yet smaller than a regular grocery bag.  The Square Bag is perfect for a sock knitting project.  This bag is good for a scarf or a shawl project or a small sewing project. It seems that one can never have enough bags.

Got the Kindle covered

May 17, 2014 § 9 Comments


I made a Kindle cover!  I had some mini charms lurking in my stash and this seemed like a good thing to make with them.  It feels a bit granny. But whatever.  I need to use up what I have.


A couple of weeks ago I stitched the squares together.  And today I decided that I needed to finish one thing. Just one thing!  I’m having such a hard time finishing anything these days.


All I did was trace around this Timbuk2 one that we have.  Blatant copycat, I am.  It works. Why re-invent the wheel?


What I used as the padding is this Soft & Stable that I have had sitting around for quite awhile. At the time, the shop only had it in black. Not the best to use with white fabric. But it’s what I had.  It’s got a little foam in the middle. It’s not as sturdy as the Timbuk2 one, but it’s quite a bit better than plain old batting.

I see that it’s not raining so I’d better go work on the mess in the garden.  The mess in the sewing room will have to wait.

I actually finished something

May 6, 2012 § 11 Comments

I started this bag back in January during I class that I taught at work.  But I got stumped when I got to the zipper. I couldn’t find the right zipper in the right color & the right right size.  All I could find was a separating zipper which I thought I could tweak to make it work. But between being tired all the time and fighting the mono I just couldn’t think. So I put it off to the side in a pile to finish at a later date.  Since I have another bag class coming up I figured I’d better get going on this one.

The zipper still isn’t right. I finally figured out a solution while I was laying in bed after I had already finished the bag. Oh well. Better luck next time.  I also used heavy weight interfacing on the outside instead of the fusible fleece that the pattern recommends.  But overall, I happy with it.  It’s going to be a great project bag. Most likely a knitting project bag. Lord knows I have enough knitting projects in mid-process  for every project bag I own.


Pattern – Amy Butler Sophia Carry-all Bag

Fabric – Hoffman’s Mercer Street Butterflies for the bag, the handles were a Joel Dewberry fabric, and the lining I really don’t remember

Pose – inspired by Dottie Angel

These Old Bags

January 7, 2012 § 12 Comments

I figured that a good way to start out the New Year would be to replace my old shopping bags. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time but kept putting off.  There always seems to be something more important that needs to be sewn.

Above are all of our old shopping bags that I’ve collected over the years from various grocery stores. None of them are very laundry friendly. But especially the purple one! It bleeds like crazy. And the recycled plastic non-woven one on the right can’t be washed either.  The bottoms on all of them look really stained and ratty. And at least one is developing a hole.

Tada. The new bags. I really want to be able to throw our grocery bags in the laundry with everything else and not have to worry about it. All the fabric was pre-washed before sewn.  And they needed to be be husband approved so that he wouldn’t be embarrassed to take them to the grocery store. Hence the neutral colors.

They all are essentially the same bag with various tweeks.  I love starting with Terry Atkinson’s Fat Sack tutorial and then making changes as desired.  The pleated bottom is so easy!  I’ve made these before as gifts.

The two on the left have shorter handles because I forgot that I like them longer. And the two on the right got longer handles, but I stitched them to the top rather than extend them all the way to the contrasting bottom piece.

There are so many grocery bag tutorials and patterns out there that you can make.  Go ahead and give one a try.  You can never have too many bags.

Last night in Sisters

July 9, 2011 § 3 Comments

Snap Happy! bag

We are making these Snap Happy! bags tonight, our last night in Sisters, OR. They use cut-to-size pieces of carpenter’s measuring tape in the top to snap the bag shut.  We are wondering if the quilt shop is still open so we can buy more fat quarters??


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