Whatever is lovely

June 30, 2016 § 6 Comments


How ironic that my current sock knitting matches the foxglove blooms up in the mountains.

~ ~ ~

I must admit that even the slightest interest in blogging has disappeared. The best place to find me is over on Instagram. It’s quick. It’s easy. And it doesn’t require many words or preparation.

§ 6 Responses to Whatever is lovely

  • Perfect match! I like it when you blog, but I agree about IG 🙂

  • Mary Carroll says:

    I’ve stopped blogging, too. But I still enjoy reading yours. Love the foxglove socks!

  • Pam says:

    Thank you for clarifying what’s been bugging me lately: it’s not my quilting I’m having trouble with, it’s the blogging. IG is becoming more appealing to me. I’ll look for you over there. Love your foxglove socks!

  • christine gowing says:

    For those of us (oldies but goodies) who don’t do Instagram, I love reading about and looking at your blog. You do such a great job of photographing and story telling.
    I miss you!

  • Lovely socks :o) It can be a hard thing to decide whether or not to blog. What I miss the most about the death of the blogging community is how sharing skills and learning from one another is slowly dying out. Truly, I learned how to quilt and sew through the generous tutorials of so many (a good bit of it came from you.) I don’t believe these same skills can be passed along through platforms like IG. Not trying to make you change your thoughts, just mulling things over.

  • Always good to see you.

    I agree with Debbie that blogs have been outstanding for sharing skills and sharing ourselves. But it’s clear there are fewer all the time. Whether that is good or bad is unclear. Each person must decide for themselves how — and how much — they wish to communicate.

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