Jump into your scraps!

March 28, 2016 § 16 Comments


While I have loved going back to school, I miss playing with fabric. Last summer I slowly started ironing and sorting some of my scraps. I am * not * even * close * to being finished with that task.  (And this is not all of them!) Maybe I should move this up on my priority list? It sure would be fun to see how many scrap quilt tops I could make this summer!

Anyone else up for the challenge?  Let’s see what our scraps can do for us!  If you don’t have any scraps, let me know and I will share some with you. I have enough for at least a dozen quilts, I’m sure.  Let me just warn you that there are good, bad and ugly scraps in there along with the treasures and I am not into making discriminatory decisions. You get what you get. Feel free to throw away or share the ones that don’t work for you. When it comes to scraps I just throw them all together and usually the results are pretty acceptable.

By the way, last week was spring break and it went by way too fast!  Only six more weeks of the semester to go.

§ 16 Responses to Jump into your scraps!

  • sewkatiedid says:

    I just gave a ton to a friend and am still overwhelmed with scraps;)

  • Blue.Ridge.Girl @ Shadowsoftheblueridge says:

    My scrap storage is getting pretty full too. Once I get my Random Sampler finished I’ll use up some of them doing more work on my liberated wedding ring top – it’s been a work in precess for at least a couple years now. I’ll look forward to seeing what you do with your scraps 🙂

  • Donna Swain says:

    I’ll join you in your scrap challenge. Great timing since I’ve made progress on sorting my scraps by color and size. A huge undertaking! Maybe set a goal for quilt tops this summer? I could use the motivation!

  • Ok, I’ll start sorting my scraps…but it may take all summer before I finish 🙂 I’ve been wanting to make a string quilt, so it’ll be fun to start as I sort.

  • Megan Williams says:

    I’m in…I’ll start sorting although I’ve been pretty good at USING them…if you are serious about getting rid of some I’ll take them. Let me know whenever…I know you have school. Meanwhile, I’ll sort.

  • I love scrap fabric. My friends give me bags at a time. I need to tackle them again. Recently I sorted into zipper bags by color. I have a cutting system, but have started saving in bags for applique etc. Time to pick a Bonnie Hunter pattern……….and use them up.

  • Although I have a fair amount of scraps, I am in scrap accumulating mode because mine need an infusion! I’d happily relive you of some. 😉 And I’ll join your challenge too~ I love scrappy quilts!

  • Jill says:

    I’d love to have some of your scraps & join in the challenge!!

  • helena says:

    Great idea Anita! but my scraps disapeared into a quilt following Bonnie Hunter’s patern and my scrap bag is very small. However I am in.

  • aquilterstable says:

    There’s no way I’m sorting my scraps, but I would like to do another scrap quilt one of these days!! I’ll follow along and see if I can fit it in. 😉

  • Bethanie says:

    I could use some motivation to use my scraps!

  • Brenda says:

    I recently discovered colour washing using small square scraps…my first project was amazing; so…my scraps are sorted by colour, then type of project possibilities. Crazy organized! Similar shapes are also baggied separately, like triangles, squares and homemade jelly rolls. I’ve learned to put scraps away when I finish cutting a project as part of the clean up before piecing.

  • QuiltingCyclist says:

    Yes. I am in. My April is already spent with a Judy Niemeyer Bali Wedding Star quilt well underway and a guest room clean out for a special relative visiting the end of the month. This will be on my new tasks list for May and beyond. Great idea!

  • Paula Philpot says:

    I will join in on the scrap challenge. Paula in KY

  • Carlene Eagleman says:

    I’d love to receive some of your scraps. I have shown my 7yr old Granddaughter the joys of cutting shapes (diamonds and hexagons) so that we can sew together.

  • Paula Philpot says:

    You must be making alot of scrap quilts since you have not posted in awhile. Paula in KY

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