Dear Jane, I have been distracted.

April 3, 2015 § 14 Comments


I wish I was a 1 or 2 project-at-a-time kind of gal. But I’m not. There is always another project that draws me away from my current one.  Lately, someone has been pinning lots of Dear Jane quilts on Pinterest which prompted me to take at look at what I’ve got. Only 61 out of 225. Sigh.


I started out pretty strong in the beginning, back in 2010.  It was my original goal to have it done by now. Five years later!  I think the last block I finished was in 2014. But that was the only block made in 2014. And I was using the book as a sort of diary, keeping track of when each block was finished and noting something that was going on in my life at the time.

When I posted the photo above on Instagram this week, we started talking about alternative layouts. So I played around in EQ this morning and drew up a few ideas.


This one uses a contemporary improv style layout and all 61 blocks that I have done. It is tempting to stop with what I have and finish them up!  But it doesn’t stay within my original plan of only a red & white themed quilt.


This one uses 77 blocks and wouldn’t be that big of a stretch to finish.  It’s definitely an option. And I have always loved the various versions of a plus or cross quilt.  Very tempting…


This one uses 116 blocks which makes me approximately 53% finished. This one is tempting because it would give me an opportunity to make a few more of the blocks that make the Dear Jane quilt so unique & interesting. But it also means that I am a LONG ways away from finishing.

I originally started making the Dear Jane quilt with the goal of hand piecing all the blocks to overcome my intimidation of hand work and to improve what little skill I had.  I feel like that original goal has been accomplished. But I also started with the most simplest of blocks. So some of the blocks that make Dear Jane so cool and intriguing have not yet been made. Which calls to me to make a few more blocks!  Oh the dilemma!

Whatever I decide to do (and I could be persuaded in any direction)… At least they look pretty on my wall at the moment.


§ 14 Responses to Dear Jane, I have been distracted.

  • mary jo says:

    They do look so pretty. My dear jane is not a dilema. I only have 15 done for many years and probably will use them in a baby quilt sometime. I also have the farmers wife to finish. Only 20 to go. I can’t stick to one thing. I worked on 3 different quilts yesterday, one of which was Random qa.

  • When my older sister says, “I don’t want to exercise.” Well, it influences me and I don’t exercise either. The previous commenter said, “I can’t stick to one thing.” Yikes… now I’m going to go ahead and start the 3 quilts that are calling me even though I’ve not completely finished the current one.

  • Nicky says:

    Thanks for letting me know about your post – have to say I do love no 2! Good luck in making your decision – whichever way you go it will be a beautiful quilt

  • Barbie K says:

    Way way ahead of me, 18 blocks in ten years. Good for you for pressing onward, eventually!

  • I *love* option two and like option three. I’d say make the next several and see if you feel like continuing 🙂

  • Robin says:

    Your blocks look beautiful! I think option 2 is a winner– love that plus/cross action.

    Seeing yours is making me want to dig mine out again. I am to the quilting part. I decided that if I could handpiece the top (which I did), I can certainly hand quilt it. LOL! I have managed to quilt about 5 blocks since I got it basted 3 years ago. 😛

    Slow but steady, right?

    Good luck on your Jane!

  • Joy says:

    If you don’t take the time to make enough of the blocks that “make it a dear Jane” you will always feel disappointed in it. I say start making those blocks that a dear Jane must have. Identify one day a week to work on it. At some point you will know when you are satisfied with what you have. It might even be at 225. Good luck.

  • Like the various layout options you’ve come up with Anita, look forward to seeing which one you choose. I’ve also fished out my old dear Jane blocks in an effort to make more this year & discovered Susan Gatewood’s site with free foundation patterns which are a big help for the intricate blocks with tiny pieces.

  • Jane A. Blakely Stickle would be proud!

  • Tricia says:

    Two quilts? One with the plus/cross design and the easier/finished blocks. Then, another long-term one with the fancier Jane blocks? This would at least get these Jane blocks off of your plate and use that cool plus/cross design, yet still allow you to explore the harder Jane blocks at your leisure.

  • I like both options 2 and 3…3 seems most traditional in staying w/ the theme, but both options would be lovely. I would just make the number you need to complete one of those and then who knows? Maybe you’ll decide to keep going. I started the Farmer’s Wife in January and I absolutely love this project. The blocks aren’t as small as Dear Jane, but there are a lot of them. I do work on multiple projects at once, it keeps life interesting 🙂

  • love the quilt layout that uses the 77 blocks, very nice!

  • What a great idea to change up the setting. I’m still muddling along with my JT2 red and white, it came up for breath in Feb and has been back in hibernation since then! I got the final border on my Gwen Medallion from Lopez yesterday, now to finish some appliqued circles on the piece. Hope you are well.

  • DebbyMc says:

    Don’t worry! I started mine in 1997 when the book came out…I have about half of the quilting done now. All hand pieced and quilted. My forever project =-) One day, one day…

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