Family Time

March 27, 2015 § 6 Comments

Eastern Washington
tree limbs
hand knit socks
Making ice cream

We spent the week helping out my sister-in-law who had a partial thyroidectomy.  Her surgery went well and she is doing great!  The above photos are some of the highlights from the week.  It was good to spend the week with her and now it is good to be home.

  • Rolling hills and fluffy clouds of Eastern Washington
  • An old tree with giant limbs in her neighborhood
  • Sock knitting kept my hands busy
  • Cooper, my SIL’s dog is waiting for a walk
  • The Scoop makes all their ice cream in house with liquid nitrogen and it is SO good.

§ 6 Responses to Family Time

  • I wish your sister-in-law well. I had that op about 12 years ago. Not pleasant but it’s best to have it done and checked out. Nice socks. Lovely dog. Ooh, ice cream, love it! Hope you have a lovely weekend to settle back home. Barbara x.

  • Brenda Clark says:

    I have been wanting to share a piece you inspired me to make and is my favourite piece. Made from one men’s shirt and some scraps! Thank you! B. Clark

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  • Brenda says:

    Sent a separate pic of a piece you inspired me to make with one men’s shirt! Thank you!

  • I want blue sky and white clouds!
    I want to climb that tree!
    I want to wear those socks (on a Sunday haha)!
    I want to hug that Big Guy!
    I want to eat some of that ice cream!

  • Really lovely pictures in this post Anita – are they from your iPhone? I wonder if any place around me makes ice cream this way…fascinating! So glad to hear your SIL is doing well!

  • Beautiful photos! So glad your SIL is doing well. We have a homemade ice cream shop near us (I don’t know about the liquid nitrogen but it’s totally yummy), and they make their own big waffle cones, too. I love that you can buy bags of the cone scraps 🙂
    Great gnarly tree, green hills, socks and sleepy dog….thanks for sharing your pics. Re: being home, Dorothy said it best, didn’t she…..

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