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January 12, 2015 § 6 Comments


Debbie at Shadows of the Blue Ridge invited me to join the Around the World blog hop.  Today you have landed in Redmond, Washington, the land of large tech companies, cult-like coffee drinkers & bigfoot.  And… home to my humble blog. (above, view of Mt. Si from Snoqualmie Valley Trail)

Nested Bear Paw

If I remember correctly, I met Debbie through a series of emails discussing my crochet mobius scarf.  She crochets all sorts of things, including socks, as well as being a fabulous quilter.  We kept exchanging emails and I have enjoyed getting to know her via our blogs and Flickr.  Recently her block, Nested Bear Paw (photo above), was published in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Volume 10.  Debbie is also a member with me in the Do.Good.Stitches charity Flickr group.


I’ve invited Melissa at We Shall Sew to continue hopping around the world next Monday. Melissa is the fearless leader of our circle in the  Do.Good.Stitches charity Flickr group.  Her fabulous Hope Takes Flight quilt (photo above) is a free pattern over on the Robert Kaufman web site.  She originally designed this quilt for our Do.Good.Stitches group and explains the meaningful process of how the quilt came to fruition on her blog.

Melissa, Debbie and I, along with 7 other women, help make quilts to send to Restore Innocence, an organization that rescues girls from human trafficking.  I have come to love this group more than I ever thought I would.  While I’m certain that the quilts we make are a blessing to the girls that receive them, I’d have to say that it does my heart a mountain of good to make them. It’s hard to think of all they have been through and we rejoice that they are being made free from that bondage as we make the blocks & quilts each month.  I’ve come to love & appreciate the ladies in our group who, each month, take time out of their busy lives to do a little sewing for someone in need.

How this blog hop works is that someone invites or tags you to play along, you answer a few questions and then they in turn tag 1 to 3 people to play along the following week.  If you follow all the links backwards, you should meet many interesting people in interesting parts of the world.  It’s just a fun way to find new blogs to follow and make new friends.

To add to the fun, I’ve been asked to answer a few questions. So here it goes…


1. What are you working on?
Well, you all know that I have WAY too many projects going on. But lately, I’ve been working on my Merry Mayhem mystery quilt gone awry (above). And, I’ve picked up my Merry Merry Snowman applique quilt again.  I will have it finished for Christmas next year! More on those two quilts later.


2. How does your work differ from others of it’s genre?
I’m not sure that it differs all that much. But I can say that the part of the process that I love the most is the selection of the fabrics.  I love the challenge of putting my own twist or flavor into whatever I am working on. It’s surprising to see how the same quilt pattern, whether old or new, can be transformed into something completely different just by choosing different fabrics.  One of my favorite transformations was the Asteria quilt (above). Which… I just realized was finally finished but never blogged! Oops!

old clothes quilt

3. Why do you create what you do?
My grandfather on my mother’s side would make these dioramas from astro turf, twigs and all sorts of other leftover items.  I loved them! And my mom taught herself how to sew.  As I got older we would try our hand at every new craft that came along.  Latch hook rugs. Needle punch. Sequined Christmas stockings. Cross stitch. You name it. We’ve probably tried it at least once. Fabric, sewing and just plain making things has been a part of my life since I was a wee little girl. I can’t imagine my life without some form of creativity.

I made this crazy clothing quilt (above) when I was in Junior High.  You can tell that I didn’t know a thing about quilting back then.  There was also an elephant quilt that I wish I had saved.  Now that one was really cool. At least in my head I remember it being cool.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve decided that I really only have time for quilting & knitting with occasional apparel sewing on the side.

handkerchief quilt

4. How does your creative process work?
The creative process varies.  But I have to say that a Kaffe Fassett class that I took years ago (maybe 2003?) really changed the way I approach the process of choosing fabrics for a quilt.  His class reinforced making quick decisions and going with your gut feeling.  Spending too much time analyzing what might be just the perfect fabric can be more detrimental to the process than advantageous.  And I’ve come to recognize that more often it’s the not so perfect fabric that makes the quilt more interesting in the long run.

Above is my second Kaffe Fassett quilt.  It still isn’t quilted. (oops!) Actually, I was thinking of adding a few more blocks to make it bigger.  It seems like everything needs to be a bed-sized quilt for me at the moment. The first Kaffe quilt that I started is still in a box and in pieces. (embarrassing confession) I had totally forgotten about that UFO.  I guess I’d better add that to my long list!

Well… I hope you didn’t find that trip down memory lane too boring.  And don’t forget to go visit Melissa next Monday, January 19th.

§ 6 Responses to Around the World blog hop

  • Jackie says:

    Your picture of Mt. Si is AMAZING! As is Asteria – what a gorgeous quilt!

  • Melissa says:

    You always make such beautiful, colorful, well-designed, and well-thought-out quilts. You are using your creative side well. 🙂

  • Your blog photographs are so pretty! I always enjoy seeing pictures of the beautiful west coast…I’m hoping one day I’ll make it over there :o) I love the clothing quilt you made! How fun and original!! Now you’ve got me wondering what the elephant quilt looked like :o)

  • Laraine Breeze says:

    hi Anita, I am just embarking on a Dear Jane quilt but I am confused about how much fabric I need. In Brenda’s book she states 8 – 10 yards but I don’t know if that is the full amount required, blocks, borders, backing etc. I see you are using some fabulous fabrics in your Dear Jane so I hope you don’t mind sharing your expertise with me on choices and how much. I am intending doing it quite scrappy to use some of my Kaffe Fasset and Brandon Mably fabrics but just wondered how you wee meeting the requirements.
    thanking you in anticipation
    Laraine Breeze

  • Laraine Breeze says:

    should say ‘will be’ meeting the requirements.

  • Laraine says:

    Hi Anita. Just to say thanks for your reply to my question regarding fabric for the Jane quilt. I am going ahead with it and hopefully write a bit of a diary. Just met up with someone else who is going to give it a go so I will be able to compare notes and block. Love your blog hop and will be following it. Thanks again. Laraine from Coventry England.

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