Four Friend Challenge

December 19, 2014 § 6 Comments


This fall, four friends got together and challenged each other to use this polka dot fabric below.  We also added that it needed to have an autumn theme.  We finally had the big reveal a couple of weeks ago.


I decided that I had to make something useful. I have enough things in my house that I don’t use and have been trying to get rid of.  So I made a table runner.  But I made it reversible.  Finished with big stitch quilting, the change in the color of thread makes a bright zig zag pattern on the back side.


Here are all of items together at breakfast when we had our big reveal.  A tea cozy, a pillow, my table runner and a coin purse.  It was fun.  I so proud of my friends!


Are you ready for Christmas? I’m just trying to finish knitting a pair of socks for a birthday the day after Christmas.  And even though my hubby & I decided to skip Christmas this year, I did order a little surprise online that I’m waiting for. It may or may not show up for Christmas. No big deal. We can enjoy it in the New Year.  So far, it’s been really good to lay low through the holidays this year.  I’m looking forward to our total disconnect next week.  Pure relaxation.  With the possibility of an Instagram post or two.

§ 6 Responses to Four Friend Challenge

  • Beth says:

    Haha, that’s such a fun challenge! I think the coin purse may have slipped through a loophole a bit by not using the fabríc on the outside…but hey, it was all for fun! And I honestly really love what you guys did with it. It looks pretty good 🙂 have a wonderful relaxcation with your hubby!

  • How fun! Love seeing such diverse projects. I recognize that little coin purse……. wish you all didn’t live so far away 😉

  • Your table runner is terrific.

    I want to say … really glad to see you this morning. I was thinking about you. Hope you’re well.

  • I love your runner and the other items are great too, especially the tea cosy. 😀

  • Viv says:

    What a fab idea, I will suggest we do that at our little sewing group next year! Your table runner is lovely.

  • susan says:

    such lovely things everyone made. that dot is cute. i just got my first die from accuquilt and its a flying geese. im going to be spending the next month cutting and sewing them up! and oddly enough my thought was to do them in “blocks” of 4-6 of the same fabrics, similar to yours. and there definitely will be chunky quilting involved

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