Ooops! Where did September go?

September 23, 2014 § 9 Comments


Oops!  Somehow nearly a month has flown by and I haven’t posted anything new on my blog.

And now it is Autumn.  YaY!  Autumn is my favorite time of the year.  But I refuse to think about the fact that the beginning of the crazy “holiday” craze is just another month or so away. With the decorating, the shopping, the cooking.  I’m. Not. Ready.  It all starts to fall apart just after halloween.  No thank you.

But I do love crunchy leaves, fires in the fireplace, soups on the stove.  Sign me up for that!  I’m ready.


Based on the fact that I don’t really have anything to show for the month of September, this is the only news I could scrounge up for you.  I had a few of those mini charm packs, the 2 1/2″ square ones, sitting in my stash. Taking up space.  But I don’t NEED another project.  But I did need some mindless sewing. So I cut up some white & cream 2 1/2″ squares to sew them into 4-patches.

Then I got to thinking about what to do with the 4-patches once they are finished. They’re not finished yet.  But maybe they need to become something like this?  I was teaching a Liberated Sewing class yesterday and one of the students had a really cool cheddar colored fabric. You know, the Civil War cheddar color.  So I dug out a fat quarter just to see how they might look.


And then I quickly drew up a semi-plan in Electric Quilt.  Hmmm….  maybe.  We shall see.

And while we are talking about EQ, did you you know about the Random Recolor tool?  You have to go find it and add it to the tool bar.

Right click on that ziggy bar just below the arrow at the bottom of the quilt worktable tool bar on the right and select Add/Remove Buttons.  Click on the one that looks like a star on a magic wand. That’s the Random Recolor tool.  From there, you can select how you want to recolor your quilt in the pop up dialog box. And then click on the quilt to activate the recoloring.

I colored my quilt in solids and then chose the “Map to fabrics” option to recolor it.  You could do the opposite and go from fabrics to solid colors.  Or you could choose a shift in the hue, saturation or brightness to change the overall color theme. It’s quite fun to play around with recoloring your quilt and see what the program comes up with.


Well, that’s all I have for you today. But I realized that I never finished my summer Piecing 101 series. And now summer is over. I’d best work on finishing those psots!  Up next will be matching points. Just as soon as I can get a pointy block or two together to show you.

Happy Autumn!

§ 9 Responses to Ooops! Where did September go?

  • Ooh, looks like a great quilt brewing! Sometimes I just love sewing simple squares for a mindless project. In fact, my latest WIP is all nine patch blocks with plain alternating squares. It’s a nice break from some of the more tedious patterns. Have fun and please post progress pics …. Happy Autumn to you, too 🙂

  • Not that we have out internet back up and running, I can check out what is happening in your neck of the woods.
    It looks pretty good! I like the colors you choose.

    Ummmm… is that soup I’m smelling?

  • I find it so interesting how many of us say that Autumn is our favorite season…I like it for the same reasons as you, but I can only dream of a fireplace…someday I hope :o)

    The more I piece intricate fancy quilts (not all that much, but still just saying) the more I just love simple quilts like your current “mindless” project. They don’t have to be yelling, “Look at me.” Instead, they are just cozy and waiting to be used.

  • Mary Pat Van Schyndel says:

    I love the four/patch squares on the diagonal. Yours looks great.

  • mmm cheddar! Will look forward to seeing this in process.

  • njquilter24 says:

    I love the fall too, the colors, crisp cool air I would be happy with fall all year round! Cheddar is a great neutral for a quilt! have made a few and will make more! can’t wait to see more of this quilt, fun, mindless sewing is good for you sometimes

  • Donna Steele says:

    I love autumn also. I also so enjoy reading your blog! I am anxious to get started with the EQ7. Thanks Anita for your blog as you keep me inspired!

  • Great quilt design – it looks rather antiquey. 😀

  • lauragerth says:

    Yay for autumn! I’ve seen more and more of the cheddar used as a neutral (especially from Bonnie Hunter, for example), but I hadn’t realized it was a Civil War color.

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