Speak softly and snuggle up in bed

August 29, 2014 § 20 Comments


Well, here it is.  My low volume quilt that was started on a quilt retreat in 2012 and finished just last week.  I’m quite happy that it is finally finished!  In all of it’s goodness and badness.  The goodness of all the different kinds of fabric that went into it.  Some scraps. Some swapped with other internet friends. And some from my stash or purchase specifically for this project. And the badness of my free-motion quilting. (read the last note under what I’ve learned) At the last minute I added that scrap of lemony green print to the top and bottom to make it a little bit bigger without having to create a whole other row to sew onto the quilt top.


I learned a few things with this quilt.

  • I need to make a habit of doing a little free-motion quilting regularly. It does get better the more one does it.
  • I’ve decided that ALL bed quilts must now have wool batting. It is the softest, most snuggly batting EVER to sleep under!
  • To become better at finishing things, I need to have only two or three projects at different stages to keep from getting overwhelmed or bored.
  • And there should always be one at the quilting stage so that I can do more of what I said at the beginning… quilt a little on a regular basis. The Lord knows I have plenty of UFO’s to keep this practice going.
  • It’s the texture of the quilting after it’s all washed up and ready to use that draws me in rather than the actual design that is quilted.  I need to remember this more often so that I don’t get so discouraged about my ability to do the quilting.  It’s the texture on this quilt that I love, by the way, in spite of my rocky start when I began the quilting.  SCORE!


The backing is a combination of two different fabrics that I found on sale.  The bonus is that it makes for a fun “second quilt” in case I ever want to flip it over.  And it fulfills a little bit of that imaginary “need” to have a cross or plus quilt.


As the summer is winding down, it feels strange to be wanting to throw such a thoroughly summer quilt onto our bed.  But that’s exactly what I am going to do. Put it on the bed and snuggle up underneath it.


When it came time to sew on the binding I was SURE that I had purchased some orange fabric specifically for this project.  I looked & looked & looked but couldn’t find it.  So my second choice was this older Denyse Schmidt print which I love.  When I had just 30-inches or so left to sew down I came across the orange polka dot that I intended to use. That was a very “doh!” moment.  I guess the orange dot was meant to be on a different quilt.

Project stats:

  • Approximate size – 90″ x 86″
  • Fabrics – scraps, stash, & swapped with friends
  • Batting – Quilter’s Dream wool

§ 20 Responses to Speak softly and snuggle up in bed

  • Beth says:

    This is a FABULOUS quilt! Well done!! I had to laugh when you described looking for that binding fabric…that’s my life!!! thanks for sharing what you learned — words of wisdom there, for sure.

  • Pam says:

    This quilt is gorgeous! What a treat it was to see this beauty and read your thoughts after a l-o-n-g day. You have inspired me to try wool batting, but let me wait until it’s a bit cooler. Thanks and take care, Pam

  • Stephanie says:

    Absolutely lovely, front and back! Glad to hear you like wool batting. I have one on standby because I want to try it too. Did you say what size your triangles are, if you don’t mind sharing that? Congratulations on a great finish!

    • Anita says:

      Thanks Stephanie! I cut the triangles from a 5″ strip with a 60-degree ruler. They end up being slightly bigger than a charm square. The ruler makes it so fast & easy.


  • Susie says:

    No ‘bad’ quilting! Some uneven-ness means you did it yourself and it’s more of YOU in the quilt, forever!

  • Not being a seasoned quilter, I have a question.
    Will the wool battling shrink when you wash your quilt?
    Congratulations on completing another quilt and a huge one!
    It’s really soft and delicate looking.

    • Anita says:

      Thanks Chris! The wool will shrink a tiny bit just like cotton batting. The only way for batting not to shrink is to use polyester. But the wool is more stable than what you would think. And the Quilter’s Dream brand is really good quality batting. I love it because it is lighter weight than cotton & warmer than cotton. Perfect for our cool nights around here.


  • Irena says:

    Lovely quilt front and back. Have not tried free motion quilting but you have inspired me so its not perfect according toyou but it is made with love and that counts for a lot

  • Joyce says:

    I love it Anita. I want to try free motion but so worried I will mess up so I haven’t tried. I had tried on scrap material but it is not the same. Thank you for the encouragement to start. Love your blog.

  • Suz says:

    I love this quilt! The top and bottom borders add something extra! And the softness of the colours would make it a perfect ‘anytime’ quilt!

  • Wanda Dotson says:

    Does the wool make it warmer or lighter? I’ve never used wool batting.

    • Anita says:

      Hi Wanda,

      I love the wool! It is a little warmer and lighter than cotton. If you want more weight, a friend of mine has been known to put both a layer of cotton & a layer of wool in a quilt. But that would be hard to quilt on a home machine. She has a longarm machine and it works fine there.


      • Wanda Dotson says:

        Thanks. I like the idea of lighter but not warmer. Let’s just say I get hot at night and not in a good way. By the way, I always use Quilters Dream batting — it’s a favorite of my local quilt shops, maybe because they’re located in Virginia Beach which is not too far from here.

  • Lynne says:

    Low volume quilts continue to amaze me, and yours is no exception. It turned out beautiful and I love the borders at top and bottom. I used wool bating when I made mine and I’ve never looked back. I buy it for most of my quilts now. The quilting looks great from here!

  • Lettyb says:

    I adore this quilt. It is just scrumptious – and the wool batting is just just icing on the cake. LOVE your pitch fork picture too 🙂

  • Honoré says:

    A great quilt and I love your lessons/takeaways from this. I too keep telling myself to practice FMQ everyday, any day. And do I?! perhaps one day…

  • erin says:

    gorgeous, anita! and i always feel like my free motion quilting could use improvement, but once the quilt is washed, i don’t care!

  • Dominique says:

    Catching up on the Bloglovin’ feed. Oh My! this quilt is gorgeous, I want to steal it and snuggle under it. I love everything about it.

  • Christine says:

    your quilt is wonderful…love the colours…and I like to use wool batting…I like my quilts to be warm and cosy!

  • Wow! Wow! I’m so glad to see pictures of this beauty all finished :o) One thing I love about this quilt is it looks like a quilt that is meant to be used…so often what we make looks so beautiful, but not like it is for everyday use. I think that’s one reason I’m so drawn to scrap quilts.

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