Ready, set, where shall we go?

August 20, 2014 § 6 Comments


I made a bag!  The Departure Satchel by StudioCherie to be precise. It’s a downloadable pattern from Craftsy. I was inspired by my friend, Letty, over at Happy Dance Quilting and her travel bags that she recently made.  So we had a sewing day that gave me a good start on mine.

The front has a deep pleated pocket for all kinds of stuff.  And a small zip pocket in the middle of the big pleated pocket.

The back has a wide sleeve to slip over your rolling luggage handle. It works better on the handles that have two rods coming out of the luggage rather than just one like mine.  But it’s a clever pattern, none-the-less.  We tested it out on Letty’s luggage before I finished the whole bag.

The wide sleeve was supposed to have a pop-up zip pocket on it, but I was too scared to make it and it didn’t seem very useful to me. So I left it off.  There are so many layers to stitch through at that point that I was wary about how it was going to look.


Inside it has another small zip pocket and a large split pocket on the front side of the bag.  The smaller zip pocket was supposed to have a flap over it to hide it and make it secret. But it seemed to make it harder to reach into for me, so I left the flap off.


And there is a big zip pocket on the sleeve side in the back.  It’s called a laptop or tablet pocket in the pattern.  I made it just as it said but there is no extra padding for fragile technology so I’m not that comfortable using it as such. And my husband’s laptop doesn’t fit in there. My laptop is even bigger so I’m not going to worry about the lack of extra padding and just call it a nice deep pocket.

Overall, I love this bag!  It is a nice size and with diligent patience & study of the pattern beforehand, it went together well.  I had to really study the pattern before cutting to determine which pieces were used where so that I could figure out which fabric it needed to come from.  The pattern uses just one feature fabric for the bag and canvas as the inside lining.  What the pattern calls the lining is actually the inside pockets, I think.  I added an extra layer of fabric on the inside as the lining so that the canvas wasn’t exposed.  It worked out great!

The canvas as a base gives it good shape without being puffy like batting sometimes looks.  The assembly of the pieces is an efficient use of design but be sure to use a heavy jean’s needle when sewing because the many layers of fabric along with the canvas makes it quite thick!

My only real dislike of the pattern is that it is 42 pages long!! Forty-two!  Twenty of them are pattern pieces that need to be taped together. And the rest are sewing instructions and extra images of the bag.  I do love that it is downloadable. You can be ready to sew in minutes if you have all the fabrics & zippers on hand.  I ordered the long zipper for the bag opening and the zipper for the inside laptop pocket from StudioCherie and found the shorter zippers at my local fabric shop.  The instructions are fairly easy to follow.  If you have ever made an Amy Butler bag… this one is 100 times better in understanding what to do next!

I’m contemplating making another one because I may OR may not give this one away.  I haven’t decided.

§ 6 Responses to Ready, set, where shall we go?

  • Lettyb says:

    Well I love it of course! I am SO happy that you forged the way with this. If I ever make this bag I’ll have all your notes open in front of me. You’re such a precise and thoughtful sewist. Well done you!!!

  • Sylvia Y says:

    nice! i’ve been in the bag-making mood lately, but haven’t started yet. my son’s wedding took precedence. i have Cassie Barden’s first book, and you have given me inspiration to browse it and see what i’m in the mood to make. There are quite a few different bags, including a laptop bag if you need to make one. Thanks for sharing!

  • You’ve done it again! Unbelievable!
    You HAVE to open an ESTY shop.
    Creativity just oozes from your veins.

  • Viv says:

    Beautiful bag. I did make the Amy Butler one and it was a mission to make up, so I’ve added this to my Craftsy wishlist and will purchase it once I have some suitable fabric 🙂

  • bermudagirl says:

    Hi Anita, loved your post. The bag is adorable and it looks like a great travel bag to express your creativity on! Thanks for the details on the patterns as I’m pinning this one to make! Always appreciate a good review.

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