Piecing 101 for quilters

July 1, 2014 § 11 Comments


Recently a friend came over and helped me sort through all of my quilts.  I have made a lot of quilts!

So I thought I would run a Summer Series on tips that could improve your piecing.

Let me just say that even though I know these things… sometimes I am lazy and I don’t do them.  In the quilting world, rules are made to be broken.  And there are many, many methods to accomplish the same thing.  Try all of the methods and then choose the one that works for you.  Okay?  Good!



These are the topics I plan on covering.  Newbie or seasoned quilter, it’s always good to have more knowledge under your belt. Then, you can proceed with that knowledge to reach your quilting goals.

  1. Quarter-inch seams – scant vs. full, thread, & more
  2. Accurate cutting – squaring up fabric, rulers, & measuring
  3. Pressing vs. ironing – dry irons, finger pressing  & pressing direction of seams
  4. Matching intersecting points & point trimmers
  5. Maintaining your machine in good working order

BTW, those photos above are my test run at making a feathered star…  in preparation to making the Star of Chamblie quilt. It was a good exercise.  I’ll blog about that experience sometime this summer as well.  I think this block will make a great a pillow!

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