Palouse Falls

June 24, 2014 § 9 Comments





We went camping over the weekend with some friends.  One stop along the way was at Palouse Falls where we had the privilege of meeting up with a rattle snake. I didn’t see it but heard it.  My husband actually saw it.  We all got away safe and sound. Even the snake. But it sure makes me more aware of nature. And I’m glad we didn’t have a more intimate encounter!

My sewing is suffering.  I can’t seem to settle on one thing and finish it. Which doesn’t leave much to blog about.  Do any of you have questions or things you would like me to talk about?  Maybe that will help me get back on track. Ha. Or maybe not. The summer seems to be passing me by and I can’t catch up!


§ 9 Responses to Palouse Falls

  • Beautiful images, Anita, what a great place to camp. Your sewing issue sounds like what I’m experiencing….I’ll work on something and lose interest, then switch to something else. I feel surrounded by projects I want to finish but in a gridlock. And then I start something new! I’m trying to work on finishing small UFOs hoping if I can get on a roll I’ll feel I’m accomplishing something. I’m interested to hear what your readers suggest.

  • Whiskers says:

    I live not too far from Palouse Falls, and it is quite spectacular, one of the hidden gems of WA state. My first thought was “rattlesnakes”. There are big signs there warning visitors. I hope you read them before your “encounter”.

    My sewing has been in the doldrums for most of the last year, but it has finally gotten recharged. I’ve finished up two “aging” projects, and another small project, so I seem to have come back to life. Nothing like participating in a quilt show to get things going!

    Next up is the Hoffman Challenge project. I have the fabrics and an idea. Now to get them translated into a finished project and in Colorado by 7/18.

  • Mary Carroll says:

    Maybe it is something about THIS summer. I have started two baby quilts for babies to be born in August and can’t seem to go forward with them. I have had two nice short vacations, however!

  • Hi Anita. I’m glad to see photos of your travels. But maybe if you want to start *thinking* about sewing/quilting more, you can think about lists of simple tips. Maybe it’s stuff you think everyone knows and so there’s no need to mention. But there is never a list of tips I see that I don’t learn something from.

    Just a thought from the peanut gallery! Hope you’re having a good summer despite the drought in sewing.

  • Sounds like this is a disease amongst those who sew. Maybe we should put them on Ebay or whatever???? I belong to a quilt guild and they have a UFO program. At the beginning of the year you update your UFO list (someone keeps these lists). During the year as you finish a project (UFO) your name goes in a drawing. At the end of the year a name is drawn for a gift certificate and the one with the most finished projects also get a GC.

    Now for getting motivated right now I just do not know what to say. I go in cycles where I sew like a crazy person and then times when I cannot do a thing…..then I feel guilty for all that fabric I have not to mention the machines 🙂

  • Oh those falls are beautiful. We don’t have those in Louisiana.

  • Whiskers says:

    Regarding not making progress on anything. I sew in the basement, and now that it is sunny and nice, I don’t want to be in a cold dark hole in the ground. That is where I spent a lot of my winter. I need a project I can work on outside while I ignore the growing weeds and other projects that need to be done.

  • Ompompali says:

    I have read all your comments and there were lovely thoughts among them. In summer I too like to have something I can work outdoors with – usually I crochet. It’s so much fun to sit in the sun and work leisurely! Otherwise I am very keen on sewing and thinking about a medallion quilt – there are several popping up on the internet. And as another comment pointed out – you might think that you have said everything once already but I can read about sewing/ quilting/ crafting dozens of times. It’s just fun! Wishing you a wonderful summer here from Germany

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