Travel across America with American Made Brand solids

June 16, 2014 § 193 Comments


Welcome to Washington and day 21 of the American Made Brand blog tour.  Fifty fabulous solids, all grown and made in American!  You can find the road trip itinerary HERE to visit all the other states.

Originally part of the Oregon Territory, Washington became the 42nd state on November 11, 1889. If I asked you what came to mind when I said Washington state, you may think of Mt. Rainier.


Or you may think of Seattle.


But there is so much more! There are outdoor quilt shows.


There are rolling prairies.


There’s really not enough room here to mention everything. There’s hiking, biking, beaches, wineries, shopping, historic buildings, native American art… and coffee!  The list can go on.  So much to do and so little time to explore it all. In case you were wondering, here are some trivia facts.

  • Nickname – the Evergreen state
  • Motto – Alki, an Indian word which means by and by
  • There are 39 counties, 2.1 million acres of state forest land, and over 1000 dams.

Oh yeah, here’s my block.  It was hard to narrow down all of my ideas to just one.  I really wanted to include the whole state!  So…  I decided to work off of our state nickname, the Evergreen state.  Because you will find them in every corner, nook, and cranny of the state.


Download the pattern here.

The pattern is on 8 1/2″ x 14″ legal size paper.
Or… choose the “poster” setting to print it on two 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets of paper and tape them together.

I used fusible web to machine applique the state abbreviation & the trees.   The trunks of the trees are stitched with a heavier brown thread.  And, I used the following colors:

Background – 32 Light Aqua
WA – 30 Dark Blue & 1 White
Small trees – 18 Lime
Large trees – 24 Olive

Leave a comment by Friday, June 20 at midnight to win an 8 fat-quarter bundle that Clothworks is giving away.


You can also win one of three different bundles of 15 fat-eighths of the colors that I didn’t use in my block.  There is a cool bundle, and a neutrals bundle and a warm bundle. Tell me which bundle you would like and then I’ll draw 3 additional names. I hope you enjoy working with these American Made Brand solids as much as I did!

The give-away is now closed.


§ 193 Responses to Travel across America with American Made Brand solids

  • Beth says:

    I like the “cool” bundle! I must admit, I think of coffee when I think of Washington state! And the TV show “The Killing.” It seemed like it was always raining in that show!

  • Julie B says:

    I like the cool bundle. I liked the snow capped letters on your block.

  • Kay Morris says:

    Great job on your license plate – very clean and neat! I love it. If I had to choose it would be the “warm” bundle…..but anything would be a blessing! Thanks so much for your post – have a great day!

  • Wendy says:

    Wonderful job Anita!! Wendy from Montana here and love your outdoor quilt show … Buggy Barn is a favorite spot of mine 🙂

  • Heidi says:

    Fun post and great block! I’ve been to the state several times as we have relatives near Spokane and Tacoma… always enjoy visiting! (warm bundle)

  • patty says:

    Your block is great! Love those trees! I like all the bundles, but if I had to make a choice it would be neutral, then warm, then cool.

  • Marj says:

    I like what you did for your plate. I would like to win any bundle, as it will be a good way to try out the fabric.

  • Carrie says:

    Your trees are cute. I like all the bundles but if I had to pick then it’d be cool.

  • Helen says:

    My 1st dream is to visit your beautiful state! And my second is to win this beautiful assortment of fabrics!! Both photos and fabrics are Gorgeous!

  • Lettyb says:

    I love it!!! You did such a great job telling about our beautiful state, and your design is so fun!!! Of course I will HAVE to make it immediately! 🙂

  • Carmen says:

    I like the warm bundle. Love your plate, good representation!

  • Alberta Sue Bennett says:

    I like the cool bundle. I aways think if the movie Sleepless in Seattle. Beautiful license plate.

  • Chris Matsche says:

    I like the warm bundle. Really need to get some of the American Made. I saw some at my LQS and need to stop in.

  • Allison Evrard says:

    I don’t have many blues and greens in my stash, so I’d choose the cool bundle. BTW great block!

  • Delaine says:

    Your licence plate is beautiful! You are talented. I would choose the cool bundle. Thanks!

  • Jean says:

    Loved my 2 visits to WA. Any of these bundles would tickle me pink.

  • Quilting Tangent says:

    Put me in the drawing for all 3. (warm, cool, neutral in that order) I like your plate. I wish I could attend one of the outdoor quilt shows.

  • carla bynum says:

    Hi!!! Very pretty block!!!! I would love the warm bundle!!! Thank You

  • Sue S says:

    l always think of coffee when I think of Washington — Seattle and all those baristas! But I also have friends in Olympia and my brother lives near Mount St. Helen. I’d take the neutral bundle if I won. Thanks!

  • Annmarie says:

    Thanks for the Washington state bio. Taking Amtrak to Seattle is on my bucket list so someday I’ll see all that beautiful scenery. I don’t use neutral much but I would love to win the warm or cool bundle. Your block is lovely.

  • DianeY says:

    I always think of the flying fish at Pikes Market when I think of WA. I’ve been to Seattle a couple of times, but haven’t seen too much else of the state. But I sure enjoyed what I saw!
    I love both the warm & cool bundles. It’s hard to choose between them

  • Deb says:

    Love the bright reds/oranges bundle. I’ve been to your state once and loved my trip.

  • Betsy says:

    I have enjoyed this blog hop and have had the opportunity to learn so much about the good old usa

  • Michele says:

    DH grew up in Everett, WA and I love visiting his family there. We are heading out that way in July and I hope the mountains are “out”.
    I like the cool purples/blues the best, but I’d be delighted to win any of the bundles. So nice of you to share.
    Great Plate, BTW!

  • Kim M says:

    Love the warm bundle! Feels so nice and summer-y! I’ve been to Seattle before but I don’t have a ton of experience with WA.

  • MarthaB says:

    I like the warm bundle. I like the snow on the top of WA and the clean / modern trees you used.

  • I would be thrilled with any bundle. I love how you snow capped the letters!

  • bee says:

    a simple yet great design for the block! i like how the letters are snow capped to counter the evergreens. i’m eying. up that warm bundle

  • Joyce says:

    Hi Anita, Great job on your WA plate. I love the trees and snow capped letters. I like the cool bundle then the neutral but would be thrilled with any one of them. Your blog is always an inspiration.

  • myzbarb says:

    I like the neutrals best, but I could find a use for any of them. Lots and lots of evergreens 🙂

  • Vicki Bartels says:

    I like the warm bundle. Your license plate is wonderful. Love the snowcapped WA.

  • carol n says:

    I like the cool bundle, that is my usual color choices. I have flown into Seattle, and loved it and looking at Mt Rainier

  • 2609o says:

    Your block is spectacular! I like the neutral and the warm bundles, thanks!

  • Penny J says:

    Pretty Design. I agree with everybody else about the snow capped letters. Thanks

  • Lynne says:

    Your block is great!! I bought a few fq’s at my LFS. Haven’t decided what to make with them yet, but the stack is sitting out so I can admire the colors. A few more wouldn’t hurt 🙂

  • Karen Thurn says:

    Sew stunning!! I’d appreciate winning any of the colors with the cool colors at the top of the list.

  • Cheri says:

    That view of the waterfront was amazing! Your block captures it all!
    quiltingnanny at yahoo dot com

  • Linda Erickson says:

    You have a beautiful state, and we’ve traveled around it some in our trailer. It’s hard to choose among the beautiful fabrics — they’re all luscious!

  • Christine says:

    You nailed the discription of Washington state!
    And your block is outstanding!
    Creativity just flows through your veins.

  • Diann Cornell says:

    I lived in Washington for 9th and 10th grade. It was a long time ago, and now I live on the east coast. I would choose the cool bundle, but actually, any of them would be great.

  • Stoney Monte says:

    My siblings all live near Mt Vernon, so I am familiar with Washington state, but I live in Wisconsin (another pine tree state). I just love the snow caps on the letter “W”. Great job!

  • Colette says:

    Great plate and you did a wonderful job. I am leaning toward the warm bundle. This has been such a fun hop and it is making me seriously homesick for the Great Pacific Northwest.

  • Stoney Monte says:

    Forgot to say that I would love the cool bundle.

  • Jamie B says:

    Can’t believe I live in WA and never heard of the outdoor quilt show! I feel a road trip coming. I would be happy with any bundle, thank you.
    And, yes, Beth it was alway raining in the shw The Killing. That’s our winter; summer here is amazing.

  • Janet T says:

    I’d like the cool or neutral bundle. Would like to visit Washington someday..

  • Lyn Kaufmann says:

    Love the cool bundle but could really use neutrals. Love living in WA state, I’m a WA girl. Love hiking our mountains and playing on the beach. Your block is a wonderful tribute to our state. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi, cute quilt block — I like the snow on the mountains! Any of the bundles would be great :). Thanks for the giveaway. info {at} cocoplumbeachhouse {dot} com.

  • maggielou says:

    What a very nice license plate that your created, I love all those bundles but since I am in need of neutrals I would love the second bundle.

  • Linda Middlemist says:

    enjoyed the pictures of your State. would love to visit someday. I like your license plate design

  • Debbi says:

    Thanks for your blog on WA. I lived there for about 7 years in a little town out on the plains. I enjoyed your interpretation of your state via your license plate. If I had a choice as to which group of colors that I prefer would be the warm colors but I could use any of them. Thanks for offering these giveaways.

  • Missy says:

    Great license plate! I love all of the bundles, but probably like the cool bundle the best. Thanks!

  • Julie in WA says:

    Hi fellow Washingtonian! Love the license plate…simple and yet so representative of our side of the state! I was scrolling through your previous post….I grew up in MN just 30 minutes from the Iowa border. I have driven back to MN on I-90 so many times, and it continues to be an unbelievably beautiful tour of the USA every time I travel. Love the pictures you shared on your last post! I like the warm bundle best, but all would be so welcome in my solids drawer!

  • joan says:

    Definately my favorite place to visit! I love these darn solids so much that I would be delighted with any of them! Thanks for a great plate to download and the wonderful photos of your state!

  • Whiskers says:

    To droooool for…. I’d be happy with any of those fabrics, and lust for the rest.

    Good choice of colors and subjects to represent “our” state of Washington. I know it would be hard to choose, and I’m sure if I thought about it, every color could be used to represent “us”.

  • Lisa Marie says:

    I like your license plate! We visited Washington several years ago and saw lots of gorgeous scenery. Thanks for the chance to win! Should I be lucky enough to have my name drawn, my first choice would be the cool bundle.

  • Linda Blum says:

    Hi Anita! Love the Buggy Barn Quilts. but I have to admit their patterns make my eyes cross! Love the bright warm colors.

  • Barb Johnson says:

    I’ve heard about the outdoor quilt show, and I’ve often wondered how they can have it outdoors if it rains so much there! All three bundles are so beautiful that it is hard to choose! The cools and neutrals would probably be more useful, but my favorite color is pink, so if I have to choose, I’d go with the warm one!

  • dhowardvt says:

    Cute block! I’d like any of the bundles – the colors are so beautiful, but if I had to pick, I guess I’d choose the neutrals – – I also seeming to be looking for neutrals.

  • teri c says:

    Love the way you incorporated the mountains into the letters. i lean toward the cool colors like the mountains.

  • Sue says:

    Great block, love your snow-topped letters! i like the cool bundle – lovely colors.

  • Claire Christiansen says:

    Love your block. It really does remind me of Washington. I love all the bundles but the cool colors really speak to me since I live in the Pacific Northwest and fir trees are a psychological necessity.

  • Very nice license plate. I like the neutral bundle.

  • Barbie Kanta says:

    I LUV WA! And will always claim it as my home state, currently living in my thirteenth state, NC. Luv your plate and thanx in advance for any of the above! B-)

  • Karen says:

    We’ve been to Seattle and loved going to Mt. St. Helens, but it’s a long way from Florida! Any of the bundles look great, but neutral or warm would be great. Your block looks wonderful.

  • Jill says:

    What a fun time it has been learning a little more about the states. Thanks for sharing some great pictures and info about Washington. It is hard to pick a favorite from the three groups of fabrics….I would be happy with any of them…..that being said I guess I would go with cool, if I had to choose.

  • Debbie Myers says:

    Actually first thing I thought of was Oak Harbor, on Whidbey Island and the Deception Pass Bridge. I lived in Oak Harbor twice, dad was in the Navy and was stationed there in 66-71 and again from 75-78. I graduated from Oak Harbor High School. A very cute block with snow capped letters.

  • Debbie says:

    Love the design you made. I would love a cool bundle.

  • Susan says:

    I used to live in Seattle and Olympia. Beautiful!

  • audrey says:

    We live in a beautiful state don’t we? I’m very happy to be living on the dry side of Washington though.:) Great state block. Very nice design! I would LOVE to win the neutral or warm bundle. I just bought a very small piece of the yellow on Saturday. This fabric feels wonderful!

  • Regina D. says:

    Your license plate sums up Washington well, nice tour, great design and beautiful color choices. Love the bundles you created and would be happy to have any of them.

  • Sue says:

    I love washington state and had the privilege of visiting there for 9 days last summer. It is indeed green and beautiful! I made great use of my time by visiting as many quilt shops as my husband would permit! LOL! He and my son were both great sports so we had a fun time with it all.

  • Regina says:

    Iowa here – I love all the colors and if I won I would be happy with any color bundle

  • Teresa says:

    The colors are wonderful. Since it has really become summer here in Virginia, I’ll choose the warm colors

  • doubledee11 says:

    I love your block – so clean. I’ve been to Seattle several times and it’s really nice.

  • doubledee11 says:

    I especially like the purple/blue/green group but would be happy to have any of them!

  • Liz says:

    Have never been as far west as your state, but would like to see the outdoor quilt shows. I like the warm colors.

  • diane says:

    Hello Anita!
    Warm bundle for me, thank you so much.
    Also thank you for the Evergreen download. Your block really represents all that I knew before about WA—the evergreens. Thank you for enlightening me on the other niceties.

  • Dana Cargill says:

    The warm bundle for me. I love your block!

  • Jennifer Stutheit says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! I like how you put the snow on the top of your letters! I would pick the neutrals. When I look at my scraps that what I have the least of 🙂

  • Candice says:

    Anita, LOVE your block! Very fun and very much evocative of our lovely state. Exclude me from your giveaway…. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for participating in our blog tour!

  • Marjorie Nath says:

    As a former Washingtonian(50+ years), I love your block. I would pick the cools.

  • I like the warm bundle! I am definitely going to download and make your block – it is gorgeous! I would love to attend one of the outdoor quilt shows!


    oneoldgoat1962 at gmail dot com

  • Glenda Britten says:

    I like the cool bundle. I’d also like to shop in all the quilt stores in your state.

  • Linda says:

    I’m a neutral gal! Love your block. Thanks for the pattern.

  • Sandy K says:

    I would love to visit your state some time. I like the pic of the outdoor quilt show.

  • Vicki H says:

    I know several people who have visited Washington and had an enjoyable time. I hope to visit as well. warm bundle

  • Pat V. says:

    Love your evergreens! The warm colors are my favorite. I will be looking for these fabrics during the shop hop this week!

  • ruthq2013 says:

    HI Anita,
    i really like your license plate. I would like to have the warm bundle, please. Thanks for all the chances to win some solid fabrics.


  • Kat Scott says:

    Love the way you depicted the mountains on your letters…. I think of coffee and Chihuly Glass when I think of Washington. My first choice of the 3 bundles would be the neutral stack.


  • Kathy h says:

    I like the neutral bundle. Looks like very smooth fabric. I love how your plate represents your state. The snow on the letters makes me smile.

  • Viv says:

    What a great blog tour for AMB. I’m going to follow along just to find out a bit more about the USA. It’s on my places to visit list 🙂

    A warm bundle would be great, it’s cold and wintery here in the southern hemisphere.

  • marta says:

    like your block ! Lately I am in neutrals so…thank you for the giveaway…

  • LINDA says:

    Hello, your state of Oregon is so beautiful!
    Greetings from Montana! Love your post+license plate!
    Thanks for sharing in the AMB Tour+for your own special giveaway too>I’d love the reds+pinks!

  • Nancy Evans says:

    It is a cool plate so I think the cool bundle but I have lots of those colors in my stash and not very many neutrals so that is really the bundle for me.

  • Great plate! I actually used to live in Washington, in Poulsbo, a few years ago we moved to Oregon due to a job transfer. I really like the cool bundle but I really don’t have very many warm fabrics so I would have to choose the warm bundle.

  • Four dogs and one quilter says:

    My favorite license plate yet! Hello neighbor. Hope to drive up to see Mt. Saint Helens this summer. A warm bundle would be my choice.

  • sophie says:

    I think you conveyed a lot of Washing in your license plea design. I like it. I’d like the bundle of neutrals.

  • Des says:

    Adorable plate!!

  • Donna Steele says:

    I really like your block! I did order 3 of the fabrics but would love to have some of the cool colors. I like the feel of this fabric

  • Michele Timms says:

    Thanks for sharing your state and I love your license plate design!!! If I won my choice would be the cool colours (but seriously, all the colours are gorgeous!!!) Thanks!!!

  • I love your block, Anita, so creative! I’m in the mood for neutral colors right now, so that would be my bundle of choice.

  • […] further ado, I’d like to introduce you to the very talented Anita!  Check out her blog, Bloomin’ Workshop, to see what lovely license plate block she has […]

  • Lee says:

    Your block is great! Hello from MI and I would choose first neutral, but I love them all! thanks!

  • Joanna says:

    I like cool, then neutral, then warm. But only because you asked. Actually, I like all the colors. When I think of Washington I think of quilt shops, rain, Debbie Macomber and for some reason, Alaskan ship tours. It sounds like a beautiful state.

  • Carol McIntosh says:

    Such a simple but all inclusive design. Great block.

  • Marianne says:

    I love your block! So simple and really conveys the essence of the state. I’d go with the warm grouping.

  • Judy White says:

    Great block…applique seems to be the ‘thing’ these days! I do like all the colors…how to choose??? Oh cools…it’s a cool sort of day in Washington.

  • Joyce Mitchell says:

    Great block – thanks for sharing the pattern. The neutrals bundle is my choice – thanks.

  • I’ve never been to Washington state before and do plan to visit at some point hopefully. The outdoor quilt shows look like lots of fun. Thanks for sharing the pics and wonderful info on your state.

  • Sarah M says:

    Another state I would like very much to visit. I was delighted to see the snow on the Initals WA. How very clever of you. Good job!

  • Lori Morton says:

    Your block is cool!!! Am loving seein’ all the creative blocks this Tour is showing, & learning about each State…and ALL the AWESOME pictures!! Our USA is definitely Amazing!!!!

  • Karen B says:

    I took my honeymoon in Washington, on the Olympic peninsula. So beautiful and wild out there. I like all the bundles, but I would probably pick the natural one first.

  • Susan C says:

    Very clever block! I’ve only stopped by the Seattle airport on our way to Alaska. Definitely want to return and explore. The colors of these fabrics are beautiful, so hard to choose a favorite bundle but the cool bundle is especially nice.

  • Patty says:

    Very nice looking block. I particularly like the snow on the wa!

  • Carrie P. says:

    Love your plate and hope to visit your state one day. If I were a winner I would love the warm bundle.

  • Sandy Sorenson says:

    I love the block. I see it also has a wall hanging, a postcard, a bag, a placemat, a tablerunner, potholder, apron, pocket…really clever block.
    Great design! Blue and green bundle is my pick!

  • bjday68 says:

    My favorite is the neutral bundle but I like the cool and warm also. Your block is very pretty.

  • Sarah says:

    My favorite bundle is the warms! Thank you. I really like your block.

  • Amy L says:

    Our son moved to Seattle last year. It’s been fun to visit him. I’ve also traveled to Spokane and loved it there too. Thanks for the great block. I may have to make him a small quilt of his new home. As for the bundles, I like the warm palette.

  • Wendy says:

    Cute plate! I like the cool bundle. I hope someday to visit your state. I have heard it is beautiful and has lovely gardens.

  • nancy says:

    Nice job with your license plate! We have many friends and family that live there now…great place to live! i would love the cool bundle if I won.

  • Pat Evans says:

    Haven’t made it to Washington State yet (I’m in western NY), but it looks beautiful. I favor the cool colors, but it looks like everyone else does too, so I’d take any of them.

  • Cynthia Knapp says:

    Great job on your license plate. Washington looks like a beautiful and diverse state. I would like the neutral bundle if I were to win. Thanks for sharing. Cynthia

  • Teresa says:

    The cool bundle has some of my favorites! Although the warms are nice and the neutrals would be nice for blending! cool block!

  • Tabitha Keener says:

    I loved your block and from everything I’ve seen there is lots of pine trees! Thanks so much for the giveaway and I would love the warm fat eighth!

  • Your block design is very effective, and I love the snow-capped WA. I’d be glad to receive any bundle but guess I’d choose the neutral if I had to.

  • Linda says:

    Anita you sure captured Washington with your trees. Good choice. Thank you for opportunity to enter contest, I’d be happy to receive any of them.

  • I love the warm bundle, but I would be happy with any of them.

  • Debra Kay Neiman says:

    Greetings from Oklahoma, USA. I really liked the way you stitched the trees on your block. Washington is beautiful and I recently had a nice picture tour from a friend who was stationed there. I love the neutral bundle best, but would welcome any of the three. Follow you on bloglovin. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  • Maryellen says:

    I’m planning a quilt using colors from the cool or warm bundles. I’m not picky! Any bundle would be fun. Your block is great. I love how you incorporated the mountains into the letters. Fun! I hope to get to Washington one day. I live in PA.

  • Lisa E says:

    I have visited WA state once before and I loved it. Would love to go back again soon. I like the cool bundle.

  • Your block is so cute. I have never been to Washington, but would love to get up there soon.

  • Joni says:

    Being born and raised in Wa for 54 years, I must admit, it’s one of the prettiest states out of them all! My Father always called it “God’s Country!”
    North Idaho is very nice, but Wa will always be home to me.
    I love your license plate..and I love all the colors of the bundles, and would be overjoyed with any one of them! If I win, you decide!

  • Mary says:

    I visited WA two years ago. There was so much to see so I’ll be back. I’d like the warm bundle – maybe that would help Mother Nature to send us some warm weather. Thanks.

  • Mary Davis says:

    I have been to the beautiful city of Seattle and the sun was shining everyday with no rain in sight the week I was there.

    Your block is simple and clean. Great job.


  • Gayle says:

    I’m visiting Washington right now. It is my birth state. I lived here from 1960 until 1984. I am in the rolling prairie area on the mighty Columbia River in Kennewick. I went to WSU but I can’t really say I’m a big fan. After 30 years my husband still can’t remember if I was a husky or a cougar. I forgive him since he’s a Pitt Panther and I just really don’t care. My Washington doesn’t really fit the evergreen theme; think tumble weeds instead of pine trees, but I think it is incredibly beautiful state in all its forms.

  • brenda90159 says:

    I love the simplicity of your block it so makes me think of the big forest of trees and green. I would love to win the cool bundle I am a purple freak.

  • Michele says:

    Your block is great and it will look fabulous in the final quilt with all of our blocks.

  • Loving this blog tour and the AMB solids are gorgeous. Would love any of the bundles since I work with a big variety of colors.

  • Gloria B says:

    Your pictures summed up Washington State.
    I have only visited once (I live in the UK) but we went to Seattle and Spokane and Buggy Barn quiltshop and the NW Cascades route and so much more. I remember clearly the difference between the coastal region and the eastern part of the State. I would love to return.

    Favourite bundle – the neutral one.

  • Jocelyn says:

    Wonderful tour. Any of the bundles would be great but if I had to pick one, it would be the neutrals. Thanks!

  • emmy234 says:

    We have visited your state & my DD went to college in Seattle. All the bundles are so pretty; I love the cool one.

  • Mary says:

    I think I enjoy the rolling hills of Washington as much as the city and Pike’s Market. I love the warm colors.

  • Kathleen C says:

    Thank you for the tour of your state; I’ve never been to WA and I may never get there from here-which is CT. I enjoy reading your blog which I follow in Old Reader.
    I like the cool bundle (and also the neutrals–impossible to choose!). Thanks very much.

  • Evie H says:

    Very nice plate and a beautiful state, which I have visited several times. Thanks for the giveaways. I’m a “warm” kinda gal, so that’s what I want.

  • Karen Schultz says:

    Love the way you displayed your plate. I love evergreen trees and your plate is very cute
    I like the neutrals, thanks for the lovely post.

  • quiltncards says:

    You have a beautiful state. Love the WA letters that are mountain peaks! We are traveling to your state this week for our Granddaughter’s wedding – bringing in a D4P quilt for her.
    I use mostly warm – well some hot colors, too. Red’s my fav.
    Thanks for the chance.

  • sunny says:

    I’ve been to Seattle twice, and absolutely fell in love. We were fortunate to take a daytrip to Mt. Rainier, but still have much of the state to see on our next visit. I’d be happy to win any of the bundles. Thanks for a chance to win! Can’t wait to see all these license plates made into one quilt.

  • I grew up in the Skagit Valley. With family still in Washington, I get to visit often. Wonderful plate! Love that cool bundle!

  • Heidi says:

    Hi Anita! I am a homesick native of WA.
    I have looked forward to this ‘tour stop’, and you did not disappoint!
    I love to mix warm and cools together, and the AMB colors are gorgeous, however I really need to boost my neutral stash!

  • Chiska says:

    Washington is my “I’m almost home” state. I love your block. I’d love the cool bundle.

  • catskillquilter says:

    My favorite bundle is the warm bundle! I did not know that Washington is the “Evergreen state!”

  • I love the warm bundle. It screams “summer” to me!

  • Lori Smanski says:

    wow you did a lovely job representing your state. thanks for sharing. I love the warm and the cool bundles. thanks for a chance. i am making pillows with an ocean theme and these would be fantastic.

  • Linda Sugg says:

    Nice, neat, clean block. Any of the bundles would be fabulous! Normally, I tend to choose cool colors, so this time I’ll say Warm.
    Thanks! dragonfly9716 at yahoo dot com

  • Brenda Hulsey says:

    What a beautiful block and state. I’ve always wanted to go visit Washington. Maybe someday! If I were to win, I’d love the neutrals bundle. They are all very pretty colors.

  • Kathleen says:

    Love your block, especially the snow capped WA. Nice touch! On the fat eighths, I like the warm colors and the cool colors the best.

  • Kristi says:

    I live in Oregon and my daughter and SIL live near Seattle so I have visited your state many times. Love it! There is so much to do and beautiful scenery in which to do it! If I win a bundle of fat 8ths, I would love a cool bundle. I love your block and thanks for the giveaway.

  • Kathy L says:

    Love your block. Would like to visit Washington someday. I would love a neutral bundle should I be picked. Thanks for the chance.

  • Chris says:

    I love your state. The mountains are wonderful, the forests and the ocean. You can’t go wrong. Your plate is grand!

  • kathie L says:

    I’ve visited WA several times, and surprisingly, it,’s been sunny every time!

  • jean lickun says:

    I have lots of warms and cools, but my neutrals are low – so Neutrals, please!


  • Donna W says:

    Thanks for the great tour of Washington. So many great places to see. Would like to go there sometime. All the fabrics are wonderful, but I really like the “neutrals”.

  • Thanks for the great info on WA! Can never have too many blues- I love that cool bundle!

  • Allison D says:

    Love the letters! I think I like the warm bundle best.

  • Mary says:

    Oh my goodness! I love your block! How very pretty those snow-capped mountains are!

  • Greetings from WV, I love your state plate! I will be off the wall and go with the neutrals! I love solids maybe I have a better chance!

  • Juliet H says:

    I love your straight forward block. LOVE Washington state. Thanks for the opportunity, really like the cool bundle you curated

  • Rachell R says:

    hi nice to meet you!
    my parents have lived outside Seattle since 1998 and I have enjoyed visiting. there is so much to do and see, and loveliness everywhere. even though it’s much too dark during the winter for me.
    I may need to make your plate for my dad!

  • Rachell R says:

    oops. I like the cool bundle the best with the blues and purples.

  • Janet says:

    I like your block. Simple but effective. I would love the warm bundle. My brother lives in Seattle and I love that city.

  • Lorri Brager says:

    I’m born & raised in Washington….love your block. It would have been difficult to choose what to do. I like the orange/warm bundle, but would be thrilled with any of them.

  • Susan K says:

    I like the cool bundle the best. I got to visit your state last September. I definitely want to go back for a longer visit.

  • sellison18 says:

    Love your license plate — a great design!
    I’d choose the neutrals bundle.

  • Cathy Remus says:

    I love your license plate. I would be very happy to win any of the 3 bundles but I lean toward cool colors most often. Thank you!

  • Jennifer says:

    II was born and raised in Washington, I’m from the Tri-Cities. Washington has a very diverse landscape – deserts in the southeast, a temperate rain forest in the northwest, volcano’s, mountain ranges, etc. It’s also the place where Lewis and Clark first saw the Pacific Ocean at Cape Disappointment. As I believe Washingtonians are very warm people, I’d perfer the warmer colors. Thank you for making a great block to represent Washington!

  • Jeanine Waal says:

    I like your block; very creative on the abbreviation of your state with the peaks white like the mountains in your state. I have not been to your state. Born in MN and living in Iowa now (for over 46 yrs.).

  • dianna eickhorn says:

    Wow! I can’t decide which bundle I like best. Would love either one. Thanks.

  • gibbspeggy says:

    I like the cool bundle. Washington is a beautiful state-never been there but would love to visit.

  • Dorothy Schreyer says:

    Love your block! When I think of Washington I think of sound and how I would like to live on one of the islands there. Of course I only base that on books I have read…I couldn’t decide on which bundle I like best, but I think the cool set.

  • Allison C says:

    Washington is top on my list of places I want to visit. Hopefully we will travel there soon.

  • Shelby says:

    You shared such beautiful pictures of Washington! I like the neutral bundle.

  • Kelly Wilson says:

    Thanks for the tour! I’ve been to Seattle but we didn’t get to roam too far afield as we were at a conference and only had 5 days. What’s worse is that I wasn’t into quilting at the time (approx 2 yrs ago). Argh! The missed opportunities to visit the local quilt shops. Oh well, next time. I like the warm bundle but the others would be quite useful and appreciated as well. Thanks! Notwendy at gmail dot com

  • Emilyplays in WA says:

    The block is cute! I’m from Washington, so maybe I’m partial 🙂

  • I’m in Walla Walla, so hey neighbor 🙂 I love all 3 bundles, but I think I like the warms best, then the cools. Walla Walla has the Sweet Onion Festival this weekend, maybe you can swing thru!

  • minibea12 says:

    Live in WA state! Your plate is so nice. The snow caps are a clever addition.

  • Karen says:

    Love the snow detail on your letters that look like snow capped mountains. The cool colors are my favorite.

  • dlamastus says:

    As a Washingtonian, I think you did an amazing job on “our” license plate. I love the snow on the WA. It would have been hard to choose, do you showcase the water, the mountains, the rain forest, the desert, the wine country, or the rolling wheat fields. I think you captured it perfectly with the evergreens! you are right – no matter where you travel you will see them. I love all three colors, but if I had to choose one, it would be the cool bundle.

  • genipickens says:

    Good job on your block. Would love to visit WA sometime!!

  • Michelle Olsen Sasak says:

    I love how you made the WA into a snowcapped mountain range! I love the warm bundle! I’m from Washington too (Shelton, on the Olympic Peninsula) and I absolutely love it here.

  • Nancy Root says:

    Your license plate is very nice. I lived in Spokane, WA 2 years I really enjoyed the time we spent there. Beautiful state.

    nroot at lycos dot com

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