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May 28, 2014 § 9 Comments

table before
About a month ago, I found this old sewing machine table on Craig’s List.  The machine was long gone. But that’s okay.  It looks like it was used to hold a vintage industrial machine by the evidence of the belt holes in the upper right side.

So I brought it home and had it repainted at a place that does powder coating.  It’s almost ready for me to use!


A couple of years ago, I cleaned & repaired my grandmother’s old Singer 15-91.  I haven’t sewn on it much since then because I didn’t have a base or table for it.


I’d like to fill in the holes in the table.  And the bed of the sewing machine isn’t quite level. It needs a little lift in the front. And the power cord on the right is pretty tight against the machine. I think it needs some space carved out to give it a little more room.

But overall, I am SO excited to be able to set up my grandmother’s sewing machine and actually sew with it!


And… just because…  Here is the state of my room at the moment.  I started working on my scrappy log cabin blocks again. AND… I pin basted my low volume quilt.  It feels good to get back to these projects again.

§ 9 Responses to Before & After

  • Great find, Anita! I love seeing your grandmother’s machine and so happy you can use it. The table looks great now! I have my mom’s old Singer treadle, I think it just needs a new belt and a bit of sprucing up. I learned to sew on this machine and would love to teach my granddaughters how to use it. For now it’s a lovely piece of furniture.

  • That is more than cool!! Looks like something I would do. Great job all around!

  • Lettyb says:

    Sweet!!! You did such a nice job. Love how the black base looks. 🙂

  • jodi meenan says:

    how wonderful! Your grandmom would be so pleased, I imagine! love the looks of your low-volume and log cabin – two of my favorites!

  • What a wonderful find! And that table is big enough to make machine quilting so much easier! I’ve quilted several quilts on the 15-91 that was gifted to me–although right now it and its table are my bedside table.

  • Love the table. That was a lucky find. And good to see you, as always!

  • Joni says:

    What a great find!!! I am amazed at how well the machine fit!!!! And I love the well used yardstick on the front of it. Black legs was the right color choice for your Grandmas machine. How fun!!! I just love it.

  • Power cord solution: It looks like there are already some holds in the table top to the right rear of your machine. You can open the foot control, disconnect the cord from inside, run the cord down through the holes, and reconnect to the foot control. Much simpler and faster than a lot of other possibilities.

  • “holes”–not “holds”

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