Sharing quilts

May 9, 2014 § 9 Comments

Sometimes our heart & soul are stitched into the quilts we make.  It’s a little bit uncomfortable to share the story behind the quilt. What inspired it. Or what we were thinking about as we were making it.

I have a little mini quilt show hanging at our church at the moment.  My first ever art installation.  And probably my last!  I don’t feel like a quilt artist… more like a quilt maker.   It is kind of exciting, but intimidating at the same time.  I chose some of the more meaningful quilts that I’ve made and it feels weird to be sharing them with the (sort of) public. At least the public/people at my church.  The quilting world feels like a whole other planet sometimes.  It’s hard to explain my quilting to non-quilters.

I’ve been stitching away on my 4-Letter Words quilt but it’s still not done!  Just done enough to hang for a bit.  Then I’ll finish it properly when it comes home again.

How do you feel when you show your quilts to other people?

§ 9 Responses to Sharing quilts

  • There are some quilts that have long stories, either behind their development, my relationship with who they went to, or how I felt/thought as I made them. Some of that I would be glad to share. Some is much too private.

    Congrats on your show! Enjoy the memories of when and why you made them, and enjoy sharing the art.

  • audrey says:

    How wonderful for you! Love the quilt in the second pic. especially. But yeah, the emotions can be very mixed. I get anxious, excited, proud, scared to be criticized. worried that people won’t want to really ‘look’, etc. etc. Overall though, it’s an honor and it helps to remember that.:)

  • Nancy says:

    I really like your 4 Letter Words Quilt. I rarely show my quilts to other people except family or close friends.

  • Linh says:

    I like to show people my work but I feel intimidated when I show someone who quilts because I feel like they would see all the imperfections. When I show them to people that don’t quilt sometimes I feel like they understand the work that went into it so either way its always a weird feeling. Thanks for sharing!

  • It seems easier to show people traditional quilts . . . they ‘understand’ them better (symmetry, repetition, etc.). When I pull out some of liberated work, it gets a bit stickier. If the colors carry the day, people smile. Otherwise, they usually act polite but wander off more quickly. And it is easier to share my work now than it was when I was a newbie. I think because I’m more sure of why I do what I do and am less ‘worried’ about what others think.

  • When I show people my quilts I’m often compelled to show/tell them just why and how it could have been better. I’m not sure why so many of us are compelled to point out problems…maybe it makes us feel more humble?

  • Lotje says:

    Yes, showing is difficult. And I also like to show you can use them, or the way you use them, or encourage to put them on your bed. Hard to do when they are on display, to encourage and not to let it be destructed. Not yet solved that gap….

  • Christine says:

    Most artists are somewhat timid about showing their work.
    Not be a quilter, I don’t totally understand all the emotions involved.
    But I do understand that each quilt has a story and purpose. I also understand how therapeutic it must be, from start to finish. It’s also personal and intimate.
    No wonder it’s hard to share!
    Anita, I’m so happy that you decide to “expose” yourself to others with this show.

  • I love that you were able to “show” your quilts in your church. What a wonderful thing for everyone to see!

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