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What I’ve been doing in between work type stuff…

~ A couple of weeks ago Letty and I went down to the Tolt River to enjoy the sun & the blue skies.  What a gorgeous day it was!

~ Awhile ago I finished the Laredo vest (Ravelry link) for my hubs. He loves it! We picked up the yarn while visit Orcas Island a few years ago.  And the pattern can be found on Twist Collective.

~ I knit a pair of slippers for a friend. Her mom brought her the yarn. And I made it into slippers. Neither one of them knit but they know I do.  I had NO idea that the yarn would end up so fuzzy wuzzy after felting!  The pattern is the Mohair Ballet Slippers (Ravelry link) from the book Felted Knits.  My evil plan is to make another pair for my sister-in-law and for myself to wear during our summer vacation.

~ Speaking of which, we are planning our summer vacation. Yippee!  I am ready for a relaxing break.  But why do we seem to leave just when the weather is getting nice around here?

~ And I have been working a little bit on my Merry Merry Snowmen blocks. Why oh why does applique take so long???

What have you been up to?


§ 8 Responses to Here and there

  • Since you ask, I’ve been working on vintage blocks from the 30’s originally published in the KC Star newspaper. Some have been fun, most are challenging, and the current one is awful, trying to machine stitch 44 curved pieces! I give up, I’m going to appliqué this block instead……I’ve had enough curved piecing practice for one day.

    Great projects, Anita, and I love how fuzzy those slippers got!

    I don’t like vacations in summer either….I’d rather stick around when it’s nice 🙂

  • Jeanie says:

    I’m finishing up my version of your Emma pattern (need to redo a border and get it quilted). I started a new project. A civil war quilt from one of Martingale’s recent books. I’m doing two versions of the same quilt — one in civil war and the other in modern prints. I want to show how traditional blocks transform to modern with a mere change in fabric choices.

    Glad you had fun with Letty. She is such a sweetheart!

  • Lynn says:

    Great shots!! I think my favorite is the pic of the bridge and the mountain in the background! LOVE it!!!! and that vest is very nice. reminds me of a vest I made ds when he was 3!

  • I’m just getting to the end of the knitting of my first adult cardigan. I have so many projects in line that I just really can’t wait to sew this thing up and move on (and wear it, of course, but that may be awhile now that we are warming up a LOT)!

    I love the vest. And I love Orcas Island! We camped there for about a week when the kids were little. Very sweet memories of great trip. Ok, now I want to go back 🙂

    Happy Spring!

  • I always love when you show us pictures of the pretty places you go…I’d so love to make it to the West Coast…some day…

    Gary’s vest is wonderful! So fun to have yarn from the trips you’ve taken and then be able to remember those trips each you wear something.

    I have to say the slippers are a hoot! You definitely need to make a pair for you and your SIL!

  • Letty says:

    I love your photographs. And that vest is just wonderful I can’t wait to knit and as well as you. Wishful thinking huh? That’s what I’m working on, that and triangles 😀

  • Juliann says:

    Love your photos. I have been knitting a lot lately but hope to get back to so e sewing soon. And of course I am anxious to get my bike back on the trail.

  • Sharon says:

    I’m getting caught up on blogs and was surprised to see your post in January about your Mom. I am so sorry to hear this news, and yes, there is nothing like this. Big hugs to you. As for me, I’m in the process of putting together a full time job in the quilting world. Its finally the right time for me to take the plunge and give it my best shot!

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