On my wish list

February 8, 2014 § 12 Comments


Everybody has quilts that are on their wish list, right?  Lately I find that I’m drawn to quilts that are a little more than a basic weekend quilt. While there are times that I love the therapeutic aspect of chain piecing the same block over and over and finishing something quickly, right now I am longing to spend more time studying a process or an idea.  I feel like I need to make a relationship with my quilts.  As Carrie Strine said over on her blog about her medallion quilt, “Slowly savoring each stitch of this project brought me a unique intimacy with my materials.”  I think that is what I am craving.  Intimacy with my materials.  And maybe learning a few things along the way.  About myself as well as about quilting.

These two quilts are from two different issues of the magazine QuiltMania.  They often have photos of quilts from various exhibits at the very beginning of each issue. There is usually one or two that really draw me in.  I really want to explore adding more things (blocks or applique) to the empty space around a traditional quilt block like these two quilts. Some other quilts on my wish list are applique silhouettesdouble wedding ring, pineapple blocks, combining stitching with fabric, and so much more!

What’s on your wish list?


§ 12 Responses to On my wish list

  • Susan says:

    Feathered Star is definitely on my wish list!!! Bought the Marti Michell templates just haven’t taken the plunge…….both are gorgeous quilts, oh what to do!?!?!?!?! Hugs to you!!!!!!

  • I like to make quilts that are at least a little challenging. But I enjoy looking at quilts of all types, including simple double 4-patches, 9-patches, and others similarly suited to strip piecing. Still, the ones that make me linger are more complex like the amazing feathered star above.

    Some of my personal challenges, though, aren’t actually in complexity of pattern. They are in design. I have a natural inclination toward symmetry that locks me in a little. I would do well to spend many months deliberately working with asymmetry and irregularity. I think it would expand my tool box and make me a better quilter.

  • I bought a beautiful Edyta Sitar’feathered quilt pattern in 2013. Lots of piecing and matching, but not too challenging to achieve. I also bought a paper pieced mini feathered star pattern. Look fwd to making both, just need to be in the mood. I hope you soon will be immersed in your wish list quilts 🙂

  • Becky (central oregon) says:

    I understand what you are saying and sometimes find myself with the same passing thought.(LOL ON ME).
    When that happens I bring out my farmers wife quilt and get lots of up close and personal with my materials…

  • Lettyb says:

    That first feathered star is just mind-numbingly gorgeous. Looking at it makes me
    feel like a letch looking at a beautiful girl! My biggest fear around beginning a long term project is that I’ll lose heart and/or interest midway through. Hope you get to have that experience you’re seeking soon! -Letty

  • lynne says:

    Feathered star and double wedding ring are on my list. I need to dig deep for some stick-to-it-ness on big projects like these. The end result is so worth the time, but I just don’t want them to sit in the cupboard half done.

  • Jeanie says:

    I love the top quilt… the feathered star with the applique flowers. Love that! I hope you make it. I’d love to see your take on that pattern. I can definitely see a fun twist with that. More modern/contemporary prints.

  • Anita, you might be able to tempt me into some kind of feathered start quilt-along!

  • Ginabeth young says:

    I recently retired and have found instead of finishing all I have started I am adding more to my wish list and WIPs. But I also have taken three classes and scheduled two more to give me skills to grow in my projects. Classes taken: Judy Niemeyer, foundation string piecing & hand quilting
    Classes scheduled: feathered star and Pearl P. Pereira appliqué method
    An idea just popped in my head: a medallion style quilt that uses all the above methods.

    There seems to be a theme for a feathered star quilt along. Would would would you?

  • Izzy says:

    Anita those are gorgeous quilts..I have my eye out on a Baltimore style quilt myself. Sorry about so many blog changes by the way here is my latest blog. As you know I had trouble for a while from someone following me about removing the blogs i would start..So I stopped for a while..Hopefully this one will last a bit.

  • Lieve says:

    Hi Anita, Mrs. Billings’ coverlet is on my wish list. I just purshased the pattern from Karen Styles. But I promised myself to finish first some of my UFO’s before I can start with it.
    And maybe if I should stop pinning at Pinterest and quilt more!
    I’m looking forward to see your progress on what ever project you will start.

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