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October 14, 2013 § 14 Comments


Yesterday I dusted off another languishing project… One that was started about four years ago… and I had NO idea how to hand quilt.  I still don’t really know how to hand quilt, but at least I am now a little more aware of some of the tips & tricks than I was then.

I can’t seem to finish anything. Though I’m not really aiming to finishing anything.  At least I’m finding short bursts of energy to do something, right? That’s progress.

What I love so very much… if at all possible… is to make Sundays a cozy day of doing things that blot out the work of the past week and refresh & fortify for the coming week.  Yesterday it felt so good to throw a few logs in the fireplace insert, dig out some hand stitching and watch an old movie and an old episode of Downton Abbey.  (Don’t worry, the new season doesn’t start until January)

downton abbey proposal

One of my favorite scenes is right before Matthew proposes to Lady Mary.  The snow is swirling, Lady Mary’s dress is this rich, beautiful wine color, the warm glow of the lights from inside Downton Abbey are illuminating the two and a magic moment is in the process of being made.

It was a toasty 72 degrees F. in our living room yesterday.

I made more progress on the quilt yesterday than what I had previously done on the entire quilt, which wasn’t very much.

I think snow days in our city give me the same feeling as a cozy Sunday.

I’m itching to spend a little time learning about the quilts & quilt blocks that were popular in the 1920’s.

I am thankful for these little things.

§ 14 Responses to Random Musings

  • billiemick says:

    Those colors are gorgeous. Sometimes I finish a flimsy, but not often the quilting. I need to change directions this next year and go back and quilt somethingggg.

  • susan says:

    this quilts colors are so rich and saturated. love it! i also love that you chose to hand quilt it. i recently got a large quilt frame and cant wait to spend crisp evenings with a cuppa and my frame. now to create a quilt to work on! im thinking something similar to indian kantha quilts and this

  • Christine says:

    looks great…love the quilting…I have the problem of starting more quilts than I finish…the plan at the moment is to finish some…

  • Byrd says:

    You are doing a wonderful job! Funny – I found myself thinking Downton Abbey thoughts yesterday too. Can’t wait for January . . . Take care, Byrd

  • I totally agree with your philosophy for Sundays! Sitting and stitching and cooking for my family in my cozy house on a Sunday is my idea of heaven.

  • Marie says:

    Sounds like you have a good recipe to revitalize…think I need some of that too. I will be taking some of you advice…..nothing like hand quilting and a good movie!

  • nicolette says:

    Looks wonderful Anita! Love the rich red colours!
    The 4th season of Downton Abey starts in few weeks here. Can’t wait!

  • Kinda neat that this quilt will be the story of your hand quilting. I’m half done hand quilting a doll quilt….have given up my hope of ever doing a full sized one by hand. I’ll be lucky to finish this one 🙂

  • Love Downton Abbey so much. Can’t wait for the new season even if the season finale was such a bummer.

  • Jackie says:

    I work the same way – short bursts of energy then I pack it up and move on to the next thing. Eventually, things get finished!

    I remember that wine dress too – it looked really good with her dark hair and complexion.

  • Joyce says:

    Hi Anita, What a nice post and it may inspire me to try hand quilting again, I never feel my stitches are small enough Love Downton Abby and have all seasons taped. The rich colors on your quilt project are just beautiful. Keep telling myself it is too early to start the yard clean up so finishing up some bindings and labels. Enjoy the sunny days this week!

  • Linda says:

    That’s what quilting is all about isn’t it. Go with the flow,relax and enjoy the process. The busier we are the more we need this down time to refresh. Thank you for reminding us.

  • This is looking great!
    Liked what you had to say about the slow sewing type thing in a recent post. We definitely need to take the time to enjoy the process.

  • isabel says:

    Right! That’s my opinion about progress too!

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