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August 13, 2013 § 6 Comments






Rarely is it sunny when we fly somewhere. But today everything was in our favor. It was sunny AND we had a window seat.  We just got back from a quick trip visiting my side of the family.  And for some odd reason I’m feeling pretty optimistic about finishing projects and getting our house in order.  The construction, for the most part is DONE. We just have a little baseboard trim to finish in the living room.  Now I want to go room by room and make sure that it is clean, organized, decorated and get rid of all the things taking up space that we really don’t need. INCLUDING my sewing room.  Where have you been, dear motivation, for the last several months?  Maybe seeing the world from an airplane made a difference? Crossing my fingers that this feeling lasts for a good long while!

1.  The Space Needle
2. Downtown Seattle and the waterfront
3. The Port of Seattle and the West Seattle neighborhood
4. Mt. Baker
5. Cascade Mountain range

P.S.  I am no longer uploading photos to Flickr unless they are related to the groups that I am participating in.  Just thought you should know.  From this point in time, when you click on the photos you will be taken to a larger sized image that is hosted on my blog… for now.

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