To tie or NOT to tie, that is the question

May 11, 2013 § 12 Comments

While my hubby worked ALL WEEK breaking his back to lay bamboo flooring in the living room I holed up in my sewing room and worked on putting these bee blocks from 2011 together.  I think I had the easier job this week.

He used glue (to continue how the contractor did the kitchen) to put down the floor and it was MESSY!  We used a different kind of glue that wasn’t so smelly, but it made up for the lack of smell by being a hundred times more messy.  We should have hired flooring professionals to finish the job.  He was a good sport and saw it through to the end in spite of all of the back breaking frustration.

I’m still debating about tying this quilt.  Part of me wants to see pink felted nubs all over the quilt.  But the more practical side of me thinks that it is going to need some machine quilting for better wear & tear on those seams.  I did do a little search on the internet for tied quilts and I almost think it would be better to make a quilt specifically to be tied.  Who knows which way I will go….  to be continued.

§ 12 Responses to To tie or NOT to tie, that is the question

  • It looks like stained glass! Tying is quick; but I think you get a lot longer life if you quilt it, even just stitching in the ditch or cross hatching. It can be simple stitching. (I like piecing much better than the layering and finishing, whether it is tied or quilted.)

  • jean says:

    Can you stitch in the ditch and then tie it?

  • Mary Jo says:

    Go for the pink felty nubs, I say. I have had several tied quilts that are very old and they hold up well I think. I also think the soft pink floral background is so soft looking and the tying will not take away from that like Machine quilting. And then there is hand quilting! The old tied quilts that I have had were tied about every 4 inches but this is with the chunky old cotton batting that had to be held together. What ever you choose it will be so pretty I know.

  • Fran says:

    What a beautiful quilt, really love it! Funny that we were exactly the same here yesterday – husband laying wood flooring and me keeping out of the way quilting…

  • Your photos are so beautiful! It’s a dilemma, I know. You know I’d love to see the pink felted nubs, seems so perfect for a picnic quilt. I hope you can come to a decision soon…either tied or stitched, it’s a beauty 🙂

  • Messy Karen says:

    i tie most of my quilts. but i know that when i am making them. can’t decide what you should do. except you seem tempted. so go for it.

  • kris kopsell says:

    I have a quilt my Great Grandma made me in or around 1951 I had it on my bed and used it through my teen years. The fabric is brittle I have it hanging on my bedroom wall but the ties are still there. She used 6 strands of green and yellow string of some sort. It isn’t yarn maybe embroidery thread.

  • Elisabeth says:

    Great pictures with you quilt backlit! I’m curious how it will end up.

  • Gwen says:

    I have tied quite a few quilts and they hold up fine. They are softer to the hand than quilted ones

  • Lynn says:

    Gorgeous quilt! I say stitch in ditch. If you feel the need for the little pink nubbies, add a few after it’s done.

  • hi! Looks great. I would quilt it in Big Stitch in Amish waves. My favourite way. I agree that you should make a quilt with tying in mind at the onset.
    Good luck, can’t wait to see what you decide.

  • Sandy Sorenson says:

    I love the sashing fabric in combination with your blocks. This really makes the quilt unique and beautiful. Very creative.
    Way too beautiful to tie, it’s begging to be quilted.
    Added note: I think my mother’s dishes are very similar, but not exactly like yours. The roses look the same, but the arrangement seems a little different on my mother’s. Maybe it’s because they are from almost the same area of the world. LOL

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