Medallion Mania

March 11, 2013 § 12 Comments

My mom and I were able to sign up for a Gwen Marston workshop in June and we are SO excited!!  I have been dying to take a class from Gwen for ages!  The workshop will focus on her book Liberated Medallions Quilts.  Even though I am excited, I am STUMPED about which direction I should take.  We need to start thinking about the fabrics we want to bring to class.

Do I want to go scrappy?  Or pull from my stash?  A liberated ‘Parts Department’ (from the book Collaborative Quilting)? Or a study on a particular shape… ie. stars, flying geese, etc? Or maybe something abstract?  There are WAY too many choices & decisions to make!  At first I was thinking of cleaning up my red & white scrap basket.  There are a lot of strings. And then throwing in some stuff from my stash.  But the more I look around for inspiration the more undecided I am becoming.   AAAAArrrrrggggg!!!!  What’s a girl to do? I can’t take my whole sewing room.  How do I narrow down my options?   I’m hoping I will have clearer answers to those questions by the time June comes around.

Realistically, I really should do something out of my comfort zone and try to stretch myself.  If you remember these… I already have a few Medallions under my belt.

Medallion Quilt-along
Garden Medallion
Amish Medallion

Above photos pulled from my Pinterest patchwork boards.

§ 12 Responses to Medallion Mania

  • Diane says:

    Oh my gosh, lucky you! I am so jealous but so happy you will get to take a workshop with Gwen! What an amazing opportunity! Good for you!!

  • Jenny says:

    Oh my, I’m not usually a huge Kaffe fan but that Garden Medallion just leaped off the screen at me. What an incredible impression it makes.

  • LeeAnn says:

    Are you going to the workshop on Lopez? I’m going to that one. It’d be so fun to see you there! I’m sure you’ll make something wonderful. I have no idea what I’ll do either.

  • audrey says:

    Such an amazing opportunity for you! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.:)

  • nicolette says:

    Wow, lucky you! I love your Garden medaillon, all those happy colours and fabrics!

  • I am so jealous! I am sure you will gather your thoughts and find a direction to go….
    I will be watching 🙂

  • vivjm says:

    Wow – a workshop with Gwen will be amazing (not jealous at all!!!)
    Medallion quilts are my favourite style – I love the way they organically grow outwards. I am sure you will come up with something before June that will be just right.

  • Susan says:

    What a cool class….you will have a wonderful time. My vote is for something super scrappy and not think too much about it. You know that it will only be a start since you will not be completing the entire quilt, right? So, you can change direction if you don’t like scrappy as you go along….what a blast having to choose fabric to play with…hugs…Susan

  • jean says:

    Yay for you! That’s an opportunity of a lifetime! My view is not to think about it and be totally spontaneous… I can’t wait to see how this will influence your work! 🙂

  • Sandy Sorenson says:

    Lucky you. I’d take my favorite fabrics, the ones I like to pet or not cut.

  • Lotje says:

    Hope you have a really great time! Last month me and my mother had a week’s travel and it was great to be together – even more so in retrospect. Very special, because family, and never being just the two away from the rest of the family, attention, and both interested in making things and the creative process. So not only family, both also like colleagues a bit, or peers.
    It is since starting along with your random quilt that I really got interested in Gwen Marston – what a great place to be for a week! Hope you have a really special and really good time. Best wishes, Lotje

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