Wall of blocks

February 16, 2013 § 8 Comments

Just as my virus is being beaten into submission & I’m feeling better, I pull a muscle in my back.  I am useless!

Left = Random Sampler blocks  (New one coming soon.  I think it is going to be foundation paper pieced.)
Right = Do Good Stitches blocks (charity bee on Flickr)

§ 8 Responses to Wall of blocks

  • While I’m happy that you’re finally getting over that nasty virus, I am SO sorry about the pulled muscle! I’m sitting here with a heated rice bag on my shoulder/neck, having apparently slept in a funny position last night (not funny in the ha ha sense). I do hope you can get some relief…..try heat.
    I LOVE your wall of blocks! I thought maybe you were giving us two new ones for the Random Sampler. I know we can add whatever we want, and the Do Good Stitches one is very cool. I really like the snowflake too, that looks like a fun one to make, and I’m always in the mood for paper piecing.
    Take it easy, Anita, and I hope your muscle will mend qulickly.

  • Mary Jo says:

    Sorry about those nasty muscles. Get well and then send on those paper pieced blocks. Your wall looks great. Thanks for the qal.

  • Debbie Smith says:

    So sorry hope you feel better soon!

  • Susan says:

    You may be down and out, but your design wall is anything but….love what’s going on there, it just sings…..feel better….hugs…Susan

  • Jean says:

    HUGS… It’s usually one thing or another. Isn’t it? Back troubles are just plain yucky… Hope it’s better soon,

  • Oh dear! Get better! Having similar stuff over here… I like your wall though!

  • Izzy says:

    OH NOOOO!!! is it affecting your sewing ? Maybe a little Mineral Ice rub might help ? Izzy

  • Sandy Sorenson says:

    I love your design wall, so bright and cheery these gray days.
    Recommend Icy Hot Spray (target) and the gel mattress topper at Costco :), and heating pad. Always look forward to your blog posts!

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