Eli gave the kitchen a “cat scan”!

February 8, 2013 § 16 Comments

Just checking in to say that the kitchen is 99% done!  If I was over this nagging virus I would be doing the happy Snoopy Dance right now.  I think the virus has turned into an ear infection. It’s been the weirdest thing.  I’ve been knitting & watching Season 2 Downton Abbey DVD’s.  I love the Christmas at Downton episode!  And hopefully I will be back to my old self soon.

There is still some touch-up work to be done. And we are waiting for the stainless steel back splash that goes behind the stove. But we are free to start moving into the cupboards once we clean up all the dust.  Then probably later next week we can move into the family/dining area.

There is still the cabinet for the laundry/bath room that is going to be late.  But that’s ok. It will just be so nice to not have to cook in the living room any more.

I’ll post some proper photos once we are settled in.  But for now it feels good to be on the other side of the remodel. It is everything everyone says it is.  It tests your patience. It’s messy.  It’s exciting at the beginning and annoying near the end.  But worth it when it’s all said and done.

Happy Weekend!

§ 16 Responses to Eli gave the kitchen a “cat scan”!

  • Karen says:

    It’s gorgeous!! I know you will feel it’s all worth it. Such a pretty floor.k

  • Cathie says:

    I also have a similar colored cat and floors. She blends so well that she risks getting stepped on! Beware kitty!

  • Linda says:

    Wow! Looks to me like it sure was worth it. Beautiful!

  • LettybLetty says:

    It’s looking so lovely!

  • Rachel says:

    Your kitchen looks wonderful! So nice and bright! Eli coordinates very well >^..^<

    (I've been having trouble posting comments to your blog. I had a wordpress blog set up for a class and it kept trying to sign me in under that name and wouldn't let me change to my gmail/blogger info. I've deleted the account so…fingers crossed.)

  • Heidi says:

    Congrats ! In a few months you’ve forgot all the trouble and are just enjoying your kitchen 🙂 ( …I had to cook in the garage for a few weeks 😉 )

  • roccagal says:

    it was definitely worth the wait-very nice! hope you feel 100% soon!

  • It’s so beautiful! I’m sure you can hardly wait to get everything in place and start living in this wonderful new space. I’m so happy for you all. I do hope you start to feel better soon, it’s too bad you can’t fully enjoy the makeover just yet.

  • Jean says:

    I LOVE your kitchen!!!! Love it! That went faster than I thought it would. I know it didn’t seem like that to you, but I know how these projects get.

  • Adina says:

    Love it…so much of what I want to do to our kitchen!!! Our is galley style too.!! It looks very, very nice!

  • Blue.Ridge.Girl says:

    Anita it looks so great!! I know you are so excited to have the end in sight and be able to give everthing a good cleaning…I bet the dust could be slowing down your recovery. Praying you’ll feel 100% very soon and will have some wonderful pictures to share of you using your new kitchen/family/dining room 🙂

  • Elisabeth says:

    Be well soon, Anita. So you can enjoy your new, very good looking kitchen!

  • Alexandra says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I want your kitchen it is EXACTLY the type my husband and I have agreed on……wonders never cease. Love love love the floor to ceiling cupboard and porcelain sink!!!!
    Hope you feel better. Maybe your body is reacting to all the dust and emmisions from the new cupboards and floors (happened to a friend of mine). Some peace lily plants may help reduce this.
    take care

  • joygross says:

    Love it!! I just got my kitchen counters in and cooked for the first time like a normal person .. I know the feeling. What is your wall color I love it.

  • Sandy Sorenson says:

    Beautiful kitchen! Congratulations!

  • It’s lovely…it’s just how I’d picture my purrrfect kitchen :o)

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