February 1, 2013 § 10 Comments

I have been fighting off some virus this week. It actually started at the beginning of January with an off & on scratchy throat, headache & dizziness.  This week I started feeling worse and went to the doctor. Some unidentified virus. She gave me an herbal anti-virus remedy & I’ve been taking it easy and not doing a whole lot. I finally started feeling better at the end of the week.

But I did finally get around to putting the zippers in these scrappy cat beds. I started quilting them back in December near the beginning of our kitchen remodel.  Before the kitchen remodel the cats would sleep all over the furniture. There was constant cat hair everywhere.  Now they are sleeping under the bed and inside my scrap basket to get away from the noise.  I’m hoping they will come back and sleep on these cat beds once the construction is done.  The pet beds inside have this thermal feature that is supposed to radiate their body heat & keep them warm.

Sorry this is such a boring post.  All of us, humans & animals, are anxious for the house to get back in order. (It shouldn’t be too much longer!)


  • Made from all scraps
  • Finished size approximately 18″ x 22″
  • Purchased pet beds inside from

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts Finish-it-up Friday. One more thing on my list can be checked off!

§ 10 Responses to Finished

  • Not boring, esp for those of us who love cats 🙂 These are really pretty, and why shouldn’t your furry little family members have their own quilted beds? Poor little critters, I’m sure the construction noise is driving them crazy. So sorry you were sick, Anita, but glad you’re on the mend!

  • what a great idea! and best of all, scrap friendly! question: the insides from Amazon, what is it? can it be washed?

  • Love seeing your cat beds! I am collecting all of my fabric clippings (except for selvages) and batting clippings to line 2 cat beds. But I haven’t come up with how to do the beds yet…..Get better!

  • Pam Cope says:

    Not boring to me! You have lucky cats. Also any blog post when you are not feeling well is pretty good. Take it easy, you will feel better if you get plenty of rest.

  • pratima says:

    Hope you feel better soon, Anita! Your cat beds are looking so comfy and cute, I am sure they will thoroughly enjoy it once they discover these warm beds. Have a nice weekend!

  • njquilter24 says:

    i love these cat beds, what a treat for them I bet.
    your going to laugh but I have been thinking of just sewing strips together and making a quilt , hmmm wonder if it would look like this 🙂
    hope your feeling better and just think pretty soon your going to be cooking in a brand new kitchen and all these weeks of “torture” will be worth it and forgotten!
    have a great weekend

  • mathea says:

    Lucky cats to have something so pretty made for them!

  • susan says:

    sorry you have been feeling icky. i love your pet beds and would like to make a couple for otis. what is inside? the link just goes to amazon for me. love the beds. what was your criteria for pulling, do you remember????

  • Kathy says:

    Hope you are feeling better Anita, , and I absolutely love your cat beds.x

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