In review of my laziness

December 29, 2012 § 15 Comments

After looking at what I finished this last year, I decided to make a visual list of what has been left UN-finished and sitting in the closet.  Some of these date back to 2005!  Too many starts & not enough finishes.

I don’t know if it is because another year has gone by or the fact that our house is a wreck with the kitchen construction going on, but I am especially feeling the need to clean & purge.  Here’s a brief run down. I’m too lazy to take the time to link back to relevant blog posts. But you can click on the above image & it will take you to Flickr where there are links to the original photos.  If and when I get around to finishing them I can give you more details.  I would really like to see a few red X’s through these photos by the end of 2013.

1. Signature quilt given to me by former coworkers.  What I want to do is take the blocks apart and add some cornerstones to brighten it up a bit.

2. The Low Volume quilt started during my sewing group’s quilt retreat last fall.  This is one that I really want to finish but just haven’t had the time to get back to it.

3 & 4. Bee blocks that I think I just want to assemble and donate to a good charity.

5. Amish-style 9-patches. Originally it was going to be a pattern idea. We shall see.

6. Red & white tree of life Christmas quilt that I stalled on while quilting.  I need to focus on resurrecting my quilting ability.  It has gone by the wayside the last couple of years.

7. Snowflake quilt made with my sister-in-law.  It’s actually hanging on my design wall now, but I just haven’t been in the mood to finish it even though I really want it to be finished.

8. A scrap-busting Liberated Wedding Ring that keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the pile because I have no need to finish it.

9. Wagon Wheel blocks from a Flickr quilt-along that I think will make a good gift now that I am looking at it. Or possibly a good quilt for the guest bedroom. But if I intend to keep it then there is never enough motivation to finish it.  So, maybe a gift??

10. Another scrap-busting project that resulted in only a couple of blocks made. This would be a good charity quilt as well.  Again, no deadline…  no desire to work on it.

11. Civil War Love Letters quilt that would make a good gift to one of my traditional-loving friends.

12. Red & white blocks from a Ravelry swap. These would be good for a charity quilt as well. Maybe I need to have a goal that 1 in every 3 or 4 quilt finishes needs to be for charity?

13. The 4-Letter Word quilt that I am hand quilting. Hand work is never a good motivator for me.  I’m trying to overcome that fear/flaw in my character.

14. The Jelly Roll Race quilt that I recently made with my sister-in-law. I really think this one needs to be made into a chair cover for the chair in my sewing room. The cat keeps sleeping on my chair and it is constantly covered in cat hair!

15.  Tree from a Sue Spargo class.  I’m not sure what it will take to motivate me to finish this one.  Again, the hand work intimidates me. It was fun to work on while in the class, but then there was a whole classroom of folks to push me along! Now, who’s going to keep me going???

16. The Recycled Men’s Shirt quilt.  It’s stalled because I’ve just plain lost interest.

17 & 20. The Medallion QAL quilt & United She Stands from a Kaye England class in my early years of quilting.  They would also make good gifts for my traditional quilt loving friends. I may ask them which ones they would like and then finish it for them.

18.  Bow Tie quilt from a Kaffe Fassett class.  Now, years later, I would like to take the blocks apart and rearrange them in a different layout like this.

19. Handkerchief Corners quilt from a Kaffe Fassett book.  This fall I was thinking about this quilt and bought a few more striped fabrics to make it bigger so that it could be used on our bed.  Maybe that will push me to finish it?

§ 15 Responses to In review of my laziness

  • Not that I don’t want you to donate to charity. But if you don’t want the bee ff blocks I’d gladly give them a good home. Or we could draw names among bee ff members.

  • Blue.Ridge.Girl says:

    Ha! I love the title on this post! You know, I think about this a lot with my own non-finished projects. I’m not sure if it’s really laziness or what I’ve read about called over-inspiration. In this digital age it is just too easy to constantly be bombarded with lovely projects being worked on by hundreds of people. And, for many of us buying fabric and various other supplies is not a hardship, so we have ready access to begin new projects with any whim that comes along.

  • Jean says:

    I understand losing the motivation in a project early. I had a project I abandoned earlier this year. No shame. The project was paid forward to a friend who could use it for charity quilts.

  • Amanda Jean says:

    beautiful WIPs, Anita! It’s fun for me to see them all in one place. I wish you were my neighbor…that way we could visit, sip coffee and hand stitch together. we’d plow through that wip pile in no time! 🙂 sending you a hug and a kind little push to keep plugging away at those wips. you can do it!

  • Lynne says:

    Holy cow that’s quite a list! You mentioned a Sue Spargo pattern and I winced because I have a block of the month quilt in the closet from 2 years ago that has only 4 months completed. Forgot about that one. May need to take an inventory like you just did.
    I agree with Blue Ridge Girl. I am completely guilty of starting too many projects just because something new and shiny catches my eye. Then everything else goes to the back burner.
    I find it especially hard to finish up those things which no longer interest me. I actually donated some quilt blocks and fabric to charity once, because I knew I would never finish it. Other unfinished quilts were turned into table runners, pillow covers or wall hangings, and the leftover fabric went into my stash. Not what I originally planned, but done is done.
    Good luck with all your pretties!

  • Diane says:

    Ha ha…maybe we are related!! It is exactly the same thing at my house…tons unfinished!

  • Kathleen says:

    If those wip’s are your laziness I might as well unplug my machine and pick up a book. Wait, I think that is my problem! All your pieces are gorgeous. Thanks for always inspiring and motivating others with your talent!

  • Char says:

    If you’re in the mood to purge, pass these on. Pick the one you love best, keep it, move it to the top of your list and finish it. Then do a giveaway, pass them on to friends to finish, donate to a quilting guild or put them on eBay. Life is short. You probably learned something with each project and now someone else can learn something too. They’ll be thrilled to get them and you’ll feel much lighter when these find a new home.

  • Only twenty WIPs? I can beat that! Thought that might make you feel better. Here’s something that will make you feel even better…last year my resolution was to work on my UFOs and post each as I went along. How many did I finish in 2012? Two! And one was a teeny tiny postcard quilt. I prefer Debbie’s term ‘over-inspiration’….I can never seem to pass up a good QAL. In fact, I’m already looking at new ones for 2013 🙂

  • Tricia says:

    Wow! What you consider to be lazy looks quite productive to me! There is so much quilty-goodness in these snapshots alone—finished or not! I have got 8 precious days until my next college term starts and I should be quilting up a storm but I am still re-charging my batteries, I guess. Taking time to become inspired by your gorgeous pictures/quilt blocks may just do the trick!

  • Juliann says:

    Oh my, I am afraid to start compiling such a list but I completely understand the drive. Wishing you well on your venture.

  • Sandy Sorenson says:

    I like your UFO’s better than mine although I do have one UFO that I love, I just don’t want to sew the other 3 borders. I find I lose interest at the point of borders and binding. I wonder if there is a job opportunity for someone to finish quilts???Do painters have this problem?

  • Stephanie Brokaw says:

    Your list sounds a little like mine; I make block after block from various BOM’s and never seem to finish anything. As others have said there are sooo many beautiful blogs and projects out there! This year I’m going to keep count of how many blocks I make so I can see that I am making progress. I’d love to reach the magic number of 365-wouldn’t that be cool?! Good luck with all your UFO’s-I hope you get to cross them all off 🙂

  • audrey says:

    You could always start one of those wip exchanges where everyone throws a wip into the pot, then takes someone else’s home to finish! Loved your pics of the great unfinished!

  • JulieAnn says:

    While it would be wonderful to be dedicated to the finish, the thrill of the start is just overwhelming. You have to do it. It is like having to have that pair of shoes or bag. if you don’t give in to it, it will just eat away at you. Go for the start I say. You can always finish it later or someone will luv to do it for you.

    Can you tell I have WIPs to rivel yours?? I must say that last year I tried to have a “F… it year” I would let myself say “finish” until it was. Only managed 5 but that was better than the alterative…… nil!

    I had one that for 7 years just wouldn’t get under the machine. The last 2 rows were even pinned and ready to go. See it won’t happen overnight but it will happen…….eventually.

    Good luck for 2013 as you are starting with a clean slate and can dream of achieving anything.

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