Make or Take?

November 28, 2012 § 8 Comments

I’m finishing up my final project for my photography class. I almost wish I could start over, but it’s too late.  These are the images I am submitting for the last class.  Good or bad, they are what they are…

Over the last couple of weeks we have been talking about our style or method of shooting photos. Do we take photos as the opportunity arises? Or do we make photos happen by setting up and controlling everything that goes into the photo?

My photos are rather random and all over the board. So I started thinking about the contrast between taking & making… in both photography & quilting.  This resulted in three diptychs (2 photos combined to make a single statement where the images together say more than what each one could say standing alone).

On the remodel front:  lots of plumbing and electrical work being done this week, which results in lots of work without much to visibly show for it.  I am amazed & thankful that people know how to do this stuff!!  And it gives me a glimpse into what non-quilters must think about people like me cutting up fabric and putting it back together again.

§ 8 Responses to Make or Take?

  • Lettyb says:

    Each one of these photos is amazing and beautiful. You’re making me want a great camera, years of practice and lessons – and your eye!

  • roccagal says:

    I soo luv yopur photos especially the bowl of threads and those great lavender steps! Really nice!!!

  • Lynne says:

    Your pictures look great! I would love to classes that help me produce some photos like these…..and get off the Auto setting on my camera.
    Love that quilt pic.

  • Jean(ie) says:

    I love the one of the spools and the sewing machine. The colors in the “steps” Photo are yummy!

    The fact that you want to redo all the photos tells me that you learned a lot with your photography. Now you can see your work through a more discerning eye. Yay for learning!

  • susan says:

    I really like your diptychs. Did you enjoy the class?
    What machine is that?

  • Blue.Ridge.Girl says:

    Gosh…I never really thought about that before…taking -vs-making pictures. I think I fall into the making category because I always want everthing to look just so. Thanks for sharing your photo journey with us. I agree with the comments above, I just love looking at the pictures you take.

  • Lotje says:

    They are beautiful, all colorful in the same sort of way – they make a great random (sampler) photo shoot!!

  • Ann Champion says:

    All of your photos are wonderful! I guess I fall into the category of “making” photos? I think some of the best ones are those that are “made” to look like they were just “taken” though. Yours fall into that category to me.

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