Ready for a movie set

October 31, 2012 § 13 Comments

We haven’t ever done anything like this before.  But we’ve talked about dressing up in something from the 18th century… a little bit earlier than this.  So, when we ran across a frontier fair while on vacation this summer with vendors selling period clothing Gary just had to buy a pair of pants and the suspenders.  They were kind of spendy so I offered to make his shirt to complete his look.  Of course, then I had to have a dress as well.

I finished the apron this morning and sewing the buttons on my dress this afternoon.  Nothing like cutting it down to the wire.  The dress itself wasn’t that bad to make. But I assumed that the sizing  would be a little more accurate.  After sewing the first few seams, it was obviously too big. Even after taking it in a little, it’s still a bit big.  And then the method that the pattern used to attach the ruffles on the skirt and sleeves was weird and resulted in ripping them out along with a couple of days to ponder a better way.  In the end, it came out alright but with a lot of last minute sewing.

Anybody need some extras for an old western movie?  We are ready to stand in!  We didn’t get very many trick or treaters, but it was worth it any way.  While it’s not raining at this very moment, it has been pouring down rain all week. I think it scared them off.

Gary’s shirt pattern – the Trailblazer Shirt from Buckaroo Bobbins.

My dress pattern –  the Homestead Dress by Past Patterns.

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