HST Scraps

September 21, 2012 § 32 Comments

I’m not sure what I want to say today or how to say it.

I finally finished this quilt.  It was the one that I started quilting on the rental mid-arm and then ripped it out because the thread kept breaking.  I ended up quilting it on my home machine. Not quite as fast, but now it is done. Yay!

Saying HST Scraps makes me think of the names of ships. Like HMS Pinafore or something.  His Majesty’s Ship the Pinafore.  I don’t know why that image is in my head. But it is.

A friend and I were talking about blogging.  I go through phases where I just don’t have any energy to blog at all. Then I get a new burst of enthusiasm. Blog a little. And then the whole cycle repeats itself again.  I’ve been blogging for a long time.  At the very beginning it wasn’t about quilting. It was just because blogging was a new thing. And we could.  So I often wonder if it hasn’t been long enough.  But every time I mention that I’m thinking about quitting blogging a friend says to me… “NO, you can’t stop blogging!”  So then I just keep on doing it.  But I wonder… what is the life expectancy of a blog?  (No, I’m not going to quit just yet. I just started another quilt-along!) When should someone quit blogging?  And why do you or why do I visit blogs?  Everyone will have a different answer, I’m sure.

A friend of this friend I was talking too said something like…  when a blogger keeps blogging without really saying anything she calls it “blog litter.”  I love it!  She’s so right.  It seems like our world is filled with a lot of litter these days. Political litter. Advertising litter.  Email litter.  Even blogging litter. So…  when is enough enough?

I like the aspects of my blog that are more of a “teaching” type focus. Even quilt-alongs can be teaching tools.  Not just a tutorial, but it also can be the whys of the method of choice. I like it when I can learn something or someone can learn something from me. I love to see folks learn more about quilting and appreciate the art of quilting, no  matter what style it is. Modern. Traditional. Contemporary. Historical. It’s all good.  But that type of blogging takes time and effort that isn’t always available. So I have to fill in the gaps with lighter stuff. Or else I think I might explode.

So…  where do you think blogland is going to go from here? Are you finding more blog litter? (If so, please be kind in your comments) What is it that you like about the blogs that you do read?  I’m just curious to know what you think.  I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer.  And everyone will see things a little differently.  But I often wonder how much longer I could or should be doing this blogging thing.  Ya know?

§ 32 Responses to HST Scraps

  • Cille says:

    I for one like your blog litter 🙂 you make som fantastic projects and they are a great inspiration. today is no exception – lovely, bright and happy quilt.

  • Juliann says:

    I don’t think your blog has any litter! I enjoy your posts and your work and understand that at times, one just has to take a break.
    BTW – I picked up a copy of the medallion book today and hope to do some sewing this weekend!

  • izzy says:

    Hey don’t be talking trash to me girl you are too kool to have litter.. jajaja Anyway , I like your Pinafore . There is a pattern in an old book of mine called Ships of Maine , it looks a lot like yours ..Very nice , your work.

  • DianeY says:

    I always like your blog and I don’t think you produce any litter. But as far as where blogland is going??? Many of the blogs that I read and enjoyed when I first started reading blogs have become ones I don’t read anymore because they now have seemed to focus on their latest book or pattern or something for sale. Or the wonderful phrase “I’m working hard right now but I can’t tell you about it because it’s for a super-secret project!”
    Just my thoughts-no bad intentions meant!

  • Debbie says:

    I love your blog. I get excited when you blog because I know you want to share with us. But I also love that you are honest with us. There are no rules for writers of blogs or for readers of blogs. Just enjoy the process. Teach us something new, show us what you have been up to, and share whatever you want. Remember how it feels when a friend you haven’t heard from in a long time calls and the conversation starts right where you left off the last time you talked. I think that is what a good blog does. But sometimes those breaks make the next talk all that more special.
    Love the HST quilt!

  • Tara says:

    She won’t let me quit blogging either. But I keep trying! I miss how it used to be. Now I open my reader and it’s giveaway, giveaway, giveaway winner, giveaway. Remember when those used to be fun? There are only a handful of bloggers that I read every single time.

    I think the life expectancy of a blog is personal, though your voice would be missed! I also think it’s ok to only blog when you want to. Otherwise it comes across as forced, or as blog litter. And I hate litterers!

  • Deborah says:

    I think it’s important to blog for ourselves with some hope that it may interest others. After all, isn’t it our own journey? I don’t mean for that to sound selfish but when we start blogging for others we are bound to become someone’s litter. I usually comment on blogs that I really like and maybe do a quick skim through those that have lost me. I NEVER skim through your posts as I’m always interested in seeing what you are doing! And I would love for you to keep on keepin’ on!

  • Jean(ie) says:

    I’m with Deborah… Plus it’s cheaper than therapy. 😉

  • Mary Jo says:

    First of all I am not a blogger which I am sure you are aware of. I have been following your blog for a long time and am always glad to see a new post. I don’t blog because I am an old lady and not that great with a camera. Blogs without pictures usually don’t attract my attention. I think if blogging is a chore just don’t post until you feel like it. I really hope you don’t quit cause I love your blog posts and pictures.But I totally understand how it could be hard to fit it in. I have started the quilt along which is one of the favorite things I like about blogs. Recipes are a big thing too. I have learned so much from you great bloggers. I have talked to some bloggers who get down about the whole thing and take a break and come back somewhat refreshed. Your HST quilt is beautiful. Keep creating and I am very thankful for your generosity is sharing it all with us.

  • First of all, I just adore this quilt. And the whole HMS thing if really funny.

    As far blogs, I think about this constantly, and my husband hears about it a lot. And Deborah (Simply Miss Luella) is my best friend and this is a topic that comes up nearly every time we get together. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with blogging in general, writing AND reading. It takes so much time. And I really want to be sewing. And blogging takes massive amounts of time away from sewing. If you don’t sew, you don’t have anything to blog about. But if you spend all your time reading and writing blogs, you don’t have time to sew. It’s an endless merry-go-around and sometimes I just want to get off. That being said, when I ask myself honestly WHY I blog, it is mostly as a record for my grandchildren. I don’t scrapbook anymore, so this is in essence my scrapbook for them, a peek into my life that will hopefully be meaningful to them as they get older and give them more insight into who I was and what made me tick.

  • susan says:

    Love the quilt, but then i truly love everything you make.
    Blogging, hmm. To be honest i use to read blog after blog. Angry chicken, wee wonderful, allsorts, etc. Now i find i never do that. I read the ones that come to my email in full form. If i have to click thru to read, i dont bother. That said you are my main blog i read. I get a few others too. But.
    My preference nowadays, with so much other content vying for our time i like blog posts that have a pic and a few sentences. It can be multiples of each but when i have so much email to get thru each day….
    However, this doesnt count if its a post with a tute. Then you can get as wordy as you like ; 0)
    Love your blog!!

  • audrey says:

    I just barely found your blog so I’m pretty happy that you’re still hanging around blogland! I started out a couple years ago just lurking on everybody’s blogs then decided to join in on the fun. I agree that some of my favorite blogs from 2+ yrs. ago have gotten full of litter and top-secret projects that eventually cause me to take them off of my link list. Mostly I just try to find blogs of quilters that inspire me in different areas such as: color usage, similar quilting styles, production, and even humor towards the ups and downs of quilting. I’ve decided that for me the on-line diary about my quilting and being able to ‘talk’ & ‘read’ about quilting is enough for me. You know how many times I’m dying to talk about quilting with my friends and I know they’re just gonna yawn?:)

  • Meredith says:

    I started blogging in 12/2006. When “Professional Quilters” who make a living by quilting were not blogging. I started blogging for me and my quilt journey. Then I eneded up with followers and wasn’t happy. I clicked on the choice to have search engines not locate my blog.

    I am not a new quilter or a modern quilter. I don’t need a tutorial on things to do with quilting. I just liked seeing what other woman were creating.

    The materalistic aspect of quilters who blog and are sales people turns me off. This latest craze I am a blogger so let me write a quilting book. Confuses me. When did it become a requirement that everyone who designs fabric for MODA had to have a blog? I know you remeber when it was not that way. There are many talented quilters out there.

    Eventually I turned my blog to private. I read mostly European blogs. I check out a couple old favorites every now and again. Then I turned my blog back on but removed almost all my posts.

    The only thing I will post is if I make a commercial pattern. Anything I make/ create from my mind or inspired by an antique I am not posting. That is a decision made due to my experience. Theft is theft. Then it gets published and not by me. LOL

    Any blog that runs adds I don’t read. With Crackbook and Pintrest I am just not interested anymore. I’d rather spend time with a girlfriend face to face.

    I think quilt blogs for new quilters will be a great help. Lots of support and explanations on say batting. I just can’t believe how many binding tutorials are out there. LOL.

    I enjoyed your wild geese quilt along. It was fun. That is the stuff I enjoy about blogging. Creating together. Celebrating what you create. I did One Block Over for a year that was fun.

    As far as any thing to do with your blog. The lighter stuff you mentioned is fine with me. It’s your blog. I always enjoyed reading it. I stopped blogging/slowed down when it was not fun anymore.I am seriously ill and have been. Being this ill has changed my entire prespective on life and what I do with my time. Are you still having fun blogging?

    My religion (which is not on my blog) focus on certain things one being simplicity. Political stuff on any blog is of no interest to me. I know my beliefs and I vote with them in mind. I do enjoy finding spiritual women (any kind) and I have enjoyed finding a few quilters in my state who blog.

    My latest idea was to put my blog to private and just create and write for me and who I allow to see it. I just realized how long this is. I apologize.

  • susan says:

    I realized i forgot to mention that i prefer blogs of friends, it doesnt matter how i know them. I am less and less interested in blogs of “famous” bloggers. There are a few “known” personalities that i follow but its only because i interact with them on twitter, instagram, flickr or pinterest. I think the online community is an ever evolving thing and we are on a new path….blogging is still important but just as an adjunct kind of thing….

  • beth lehman says:

    very interesting this conversation. i really can’t decide whether to keep blogging or not. i like writing just for me, but i started doing that on flickr and i really want to keep my life more simple, b/c there’s just not that much time in this world!! if i read and write blog posts, there’s not as much time to be creative. that long epistle meredith wrote is really interesting and it’s got me thinking about if or how i’d want to blog. i’ve always enjoyed your blog when you write. you’re in my google reader, so if you take a break, i’ll know when you come back!! either way, enjoy what you decide to do!

  • Deb says:

    I’ve thought this too. In the beginning 1995, I wrote I wanted to know what I was thinking or if I even could think. Along the way so much has changed but I’m back to blogging for myself to get the thoughts out of my head!

  • LeeAnn says:

    Love that quilt! Congratulations on your finish. Why blog? Just to share and to encourage others in our creative pursuits.

  • Linda says:

    I personally love your blog. It is like listening to a totally honest quilting friend sharing their trials and accomplishments. It is so inspiring to know we are not alone in these. Your HST Scraps quilt turned out lovely and makes one want to use up all the little scraps that accumulate. Hopefully you will continue, but only when you have the time, not because you feel you have to do it.

  • nicolette says:

    I love your blog though I don’t always leave a comment. I’m with you on the blogging doubts. As I still am inspired by other bloggers I hope I will inspire some that come to visit me too.
    Blogging is changing because of the new media like facebook, twitter, hyves. Some visitors only come by to pin photo’s and don’t even bother to leave a comment.
    But… I love to have some kind of journal of my quilting etc too. When I read back my blogposts from the first years I discovered my writing has changed and not for the better…

  • annchampion says:

    I love your scrappy quilt! So cheerful.

    I always enjoy your blog. It’s like a visit with a friend. I love the quilt alongs especially. I don’t know any quilters in real life, so it’s fun to make a connection with others working on the same project.
    Your tutes are always easy to understand, and even though I’m an experienced quilter i always enjoy reading tutes. There’s more than one way to skin a cat? 😉

    The commercial blogs turn me off. I like the more personal blogs with inspiring projects from just plain folks. I can relate to that.
    Giveaways turn me off. There will be one winner..and lots of losers.
    I know it takes an effort to blog and sometimes people need to take a break. I’ve seen several people recently say they need a break. Hopefully, they and you, get their blogging mojo back?

    I used to blog once a week, but an extreme illness put the brakes on my quilting. As I was able to do a bit of sewing I tried to post pics and found I couldn’t post pics on my blog due to some new settings. A quilting blog without pics? No good. I miss it. 😦

  • Michele says:

    What a wonderful quilt. I think I am guilty of blog litter.

  • SANDRA ROCCA says:

    I luv your blog and there is no trace of litter here! I luv your quilts and quilt alongs and all the stuff you share. Please keep blogging, even if its not daily. I so look forward to it!
    PS I luv that scrappy quilt!

  • pratima says:

    Your quilt is beautiful, Anita! Love the quilting pattern of loops! It is sweet.
    Your first quilt along has been a stepping stone for me to work with intricate piecing. You make even the most intimidating techniques to be so much fun and do-able even for a beginner.. It takes lot of time and effort to create very in-depth and thorough tutorials like yours and the process of spending hours planning it can be stressful too.
    I also enjoy seeing your lovely quilts and reading about what you’ve been working on. I feel what makes you happy is more important than anything else 🙂

  • Susan McGirr says:

    I don’t blog but I do read a lot of blogs. This list of blogs has changed over the years – generally because the blog has become too commercial with ads and trying to sell their stuff, etc. I prefer if a blog didn’t feel the need to post everyday. Most blogs I jettison are ones that start posting multiple times a day (lots of litter), or join too many blog hops and giveaways. I like most just to see what the blogger is doing and I don’t mind family stuff filling in – it is your life. It is perfectly fine if the blogger isn’t an everyday poster because I feel the quality of the post is better, if not forced. I like the quilt-alongs and tutorials. I enjoy seeing the variety of several people’s interpretation of a pattern, even if I won’t make it. I like seeing what people in other parts of the country or even world are doing. I like road trips because I’ll probably never get there. To me it’s all a learning process – about people, places and ways of doing things. It motivates me to do more.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for a long time and will continue to do so as long as you want to do it. I just about never comment on a blog (because Blogger doesn’t seem to like me and Firefox), but wanted to speak to this. Love the HMS Pinafore – it’s a happy quilt.

  • Blue.Ridge.Girl says:

    Such a pretty HST quilt! Scrappy is always so fantastic 🙂

    You bring up blogging…personally, I don’t blog. My job has me on the computer all day, every day. My fingers get so tired of being on a keyboard. That being said, I love your blog, Anita. It is one of the very first quilt blogs I found and it is still the very first one I read each week. I don’t subscribe to anyone’s blog through a reader. I take about a half hour on Friday evenings and go search out the small group of blogs I follow…yours is always the first one I check. I love how you share bits and pieces of the Pacific Northwest with us (I’ve learned so much!) and how you share recipes, beautiful pictures, and just stuff about life in general. Your quilt tutorials have taught me so much and I am so grateful to you. Sometimes I even describe you to others as “my friend, Anita, who lives on the West Coast” I hope I’m not taking a liberty here.

    I would really miss your “voice” if you decide to stop blogging. I’ve never felt like your blog is one of the commercial blogs out there…it is like a visit with a friend and I enjoy it.

    Exciting to hear about your upcoming kitchen remodel. We had our’s redone about 10 years ago and I’ve loved it ever since. You know…it’s not really the oven/stove you go without because you can almost always plug it back in (unless it’s gas…mine’s electric.) I found the hardest thing to go without was the kitchen sink. I hope you’ll share pictures with us…so fun!

  • piecedgoods says:

    I love your blog. Keep it simple as you have. I especially love the integrity of your blog. It’s about ‘making things’…not about selling or marketing things, so when I feel in the mood to read and look at what other folks are making and doing, you’re on the A list!

    I don’t think I have been blogging as long as you have, and I certainly have not posted as many tutorials, nor done quilt a longs. I think you should give yourself permission to blog when you like! I for one will be grateful for your postings, and will understand when you don’t!

  • Anita, I’m so glad you posted about this. The comments were so interesting! I agree with so many others, visiting your blog very much feels like visiting with a friend. And I always leave so glad that I had a chance to visit.. You are inspiring to me in so many ways. You are good for me. 🙂

    Oh, and I LOVE your scrappy quilt. It is wonderful!!!

  • Your scrappy triangle quilt is gorgeous, isn’t it a great feeling to finally finish a project like this, one which gave you problems along the way? So glad you stuck with it….it’s often easier to set it aside.

    I only read a few blogs regularly, and those have something to offer about quilting/sewing and are not solely a personal journal. I love a good quilt along, am so inspired to see the same blocks done so many different ways. Plus, I enjoy the interaction and support in the group. I am forever amazed at the diversity of talents and styles, and aren’t we lucky to be able to link to quilters around the world!

    You posed an interesting question, with equally interesting responses.

  • beth says:

    Love your quilt! Wow! What a beauty! I enjoy reading other blogs for inspiration and sharing on MY blog about what I’m creating! There is a great community here in blogland. 😉

  • Kate says:

    I’ve only just started reading blogs since I discovered Lily Boot at Blockady.com. I have been reading hers from the beginning so I’m now in July 2008 when she gave you an award and mentioned other blogs she loved. So I went looking and lots of them have stopped – and, of course, I don’t know why. It’s like being bereaved of friends you never had the chance to get to know. I enjoy blog litter when there isn’t anything else to say. And nobody can say deep thoughts all the time – wouldn’t it be daunting if they could!

  • Gorgeous Quilt and interesting topic of conversation. I too have been thinking the same thing and I’ve really enjoyed reading all the comments.

    From the comments I get on my blog I think people love the visual inspiration a blog can give…as long as I still seem to do that then there is reason to write and post.

    I’ve also found your blog inspiring and like me you post when there is something to show. I don’t really enjoy blogs that have to post something every single day. Just post the cream of the cream and then one has a blog of content and inspiration.

  • cleo says:

    Just a line to tell you i COVET this quilt!! LOL

    My opinion about blogs are the following … it is not a daily news paper. I think that you should blog when you have something to say, whether it is daily or once a month. It is the quality of that post (even ifit is just a photo or 2) that keeps us comming back for more. So blog when the insperation to hits you and we will enjoy it.

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