A confession, a story and a challenge

September 7, 2012 § 5 Comments

Amanda of Crazy Mom Quilts challenged me to find something to donate to Margaret’s Hope Chest. We were talking about our UFO’s, how much fabric we have, scraps and how it all overwhelms our houses sometimes. We really don’t need EVERY. SINGLE. QUILT. that gets made…. or started & never finished… or even fabric bought and never even started.  She actually suggested that I look for some orphan blocks. But I really have more unfinished tops than orphan blocks.  And, I have a lot of fabric that I will probably never use. Margaret’s Hope Chest will take all of it.  ALL of it!!

I’m embarrassed by how many UFO’s I have so I refuse to count them.  And I have to confess that it was a little too easy to pull these 4 quilt tops out of  my closet. So… wanna hear the story behind each one starting with the oldest?  It’s confession time!

This one was made when I first started quilting. You can read a little bit about that story over here.  We had just moved into our house and I was excited to explore all of the quilt shops in the area. There weren’t as many as there are now. And In The Beginning was still a quilt shop and not a fabric manufacturer. I had seen a quilt hanging up in their shop that was similar to this one. And I had Marsha McCloskey’s book Quick Classic Quilts which contained the pattern for that flannel quilt in my story.

I had no plans for this one other than I think I had the blue fabric left over from my clothing sewing days.  Maybe I could try out this pattern and make a baby quilt. That’s a good size to have on hand for future use. Well, these colors are no longer my thing, it never seemed to suit anyone that ever had a baby, and it’s STILL sitting on my shelf.  I’m almost embarrassed so show it to you.

This one was made when I first started writing patterns. I had made a larger quilt that was inspired by our trip to France.  Friends at work encouraged me to write a pattern. Then they encouraged me to show it in a different color way. I really didn’t want to make another big quilt. So I made this thinking that it could be a table runner. The pattern is no longer available… which makes it very unmotivating to finish this sample.  I do have a scrappy back that goes along with this. Maybe it can be cut up and added to the front to make a decent sized baby or throw quilt?

This one was made from my Urban Fences pattern and hung at the shop where I work for a couple of years to show it in more traditional fabrics.  At the time, the more contemporary fabrics weren’t quite as popular as they are today.  And this one is not in my favorite colors either.  So I’m not very motivated to finish it.

This one is more recent. If you remember the Carpenter’s Wheel QAL, you will recognize this one.  It was made from scraps & fabrics from my stash. I do like this one. But I need another quilt in my house like I need a  hole in my head. And after my recently frustrating quilting experience with the rental mid-arm machine, I’m afraid to go back. And this one doesn’t inspire the free-motion-quilting-on-my-home-sewing-machine side of me. I’m sure someone else will be able to finish it beautifully!

So there it is. I found 4 unfinished quilt tops to donate. And my closet doesn’t even look like I’ve made a dent!  I think once a month I should dig in there and see what else I might be able to part with.  And I challenge you to do the same!  All quilts should be used and loved rather than sitting in a closet collecting dust, don’t you think?

§ 5 Responses to A confession, a story and a challenge

  • I’m so proud of you! And my, you are quick! I added a few more orphan blocks to my pile today…I’m apparently making slower progress than you are. But! I gave away two big zip bags away last night at my trunk show. It felt great! Slow and steady wins the race, right?

    I was a little sad to see the Carpenter’s quilt on the donation list, but I also agree with the fact that quilts should be used and loved.

    I loved reading the stories behind your quilts!!

  • Izzy says:

    Oh goodness Anita, I hereby absolve you of all of your quilt and fabric sins !!!(since you are confessing) LOL !! and your guilt trips too. Its no fun to feel guilty. You ought just do what you want to from your own heart ! Not pressed by others. When you sent me a box full of scraps in my time of need , you did it with out guilt or pressure at least thats what I felt , so I was so grateful. Im sure you will do the same again and choose only what’s in your heart to do, for that is true and real..Grateful Izzy for your kindness to me when I was in need.

  • Viv says:

    Great work donating some quilts. I try to give away a couple of finished quilts a year. I don’t have many unfinished tops waiting to be worked on at the moment.

    I finally finished my Carpenter Wheel from your QAL a couple of weeks ago. it’s halfway down this post: http://highwaycottage.wordpress.com/2012/08/26/same-old-same-old/

    I love how it turned out. I wanted to keep it for myself, but my big boy (21) asked for it for a gift for his girlfriend.

  • Blue.Ridge.Girl says:

    Hooray for you, sharing what you have created and are ready to pass along. Each quilt top is a learning experience-or an enjoyable investment of time. If it does not, or no longer, speaks to our heart, then it’s a blessing to pass it along to be used by someone else. I think God’s Word is pretty clear about hoarding, and when we store up things that have no meaning to us and just stock-pile them, I think that’s what we are doing. I pray someone will be blessed by what you have shared.

  • Linda says:

    Nice job sharing some of your beautiful creations! A couple years ago I dontated several tops and orphan blocks to a charity group – it felt wonderful to have them turned into quilts for folks in need rather than stuffed in a closet around here.

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