The scrap bucket runneth over

July 2, 2012 § 4 Comments

Over the weekend I had the urge to dig around in my scrap buckets to make a couple of kitty beds.  The cats each have a felted kitty bed. But they are a PAIN to de-hair and wash.  So I bought these thermal cat beds on Amazon. I’m hoping that the self-warming material in the middle will entice them to sleep there more often than elsewhere on the furniture. The only drawback is that they are hideously ugly.  Plus they would be equally nasty to keep clean.  But… I could make them their own quilted duvet cover of sorts. Hence the digging through the scraps.

Then, a little later… look what I find.  Who needs a stinkin’ cat bed anyway when there is a mountain of scraps to nap in???

Today, I lost my ambition to dig through more scraps and returned to do a little more quilting on the Scrappy Tiles quilt.  It’s not one of my better jobs. But it will do. It can be a car/picnic quilt.  I’m hoping that once it is washed it won’t be that noticeable.  I’m just not up to ripping out more quilting after the last one.  I’m about half done. It shouldn’t take long to do the other half if I just set my mind to it.

What are you doing for the 4th of July holiday?  We are hoping to do some biking!

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