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May 24, 2012 § 34 Comments

There are 3 quilt tops sitting on my table ready to quilt. (Shhh… there are more in the closet)

Top = HST’s for a graduation gift
Middle = HST Tiles for a possible class
Bottom = UFO Christmas quilt

The question now at hand is… How should I quilt them?  The challenge is always trying to pair what I can imagine in my head with what my actual ability might be.  I haven’t free-motion quilted anything in a long time. I am rusty.

Following that question is another… What should I work on next?  I feel like I am in finishing mode. But I’m afraid that is a rather boring state to be in.  Let’s take a vote on what I should finish next, shall we?

A. Buggy Barn Snowflake quilt

B. Pinwheel bee blocks on the left
C. Basket bee blocks on the right

D. 9-Patch Amish blocks

E. Wagon Wheel blocks

Okay, that’s enough choices. I have many more UFO choices but I’m going to ignore them for the moment.

CAST YOUR VOTE!  I may or may not take your advice. Hehe.  And I may or may not have a give-away prize waiting for you if I do decide to take your advice. How’s that for being vague and undecided?

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