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May 16, 2012 § 6 Comments

There has been some sewing going on around here. In fact. I’ve finished the Scrappy HST quilt top and just need to quilt it.  And I’ve been working on another HST quilt for a graduation gift.  In the mean time, I’ve also been working on a few small things that needed to get done.

We have a Small Project of the Month club at the quilt shop where I work.  Each month we choose a small project & create kits for the members of the club. It’s been great for those folks who want a little something to work on without having to work on an entire quilt.  And I’ve been enjoying trying out all of these patterns.

Next month (above) will be a Kindle cover. The pattern is from the book Everyday Handmade. This is by far the easiest pattern we have done so far!  And if you own a Nook, there are measurements for that in [parentheses].  The only thing I did differently was to use batting for a little extra padding rather than just interfacing as the pattern suggests.

This month’s project was the lunch bag in the pattern Wine & Dine from Atkinson Designs. The trickiest part about this was adding the binding strips around the outside seams. Otherwise, another fairly simple project. I made this one 2 different ways. I forgot to take pictures of the first one, but it was made with laminate fabric. Laminate is definitely a little tricky to sew on. And this one I added Insul-Bright to add more insulating power and left out the flatware & water bottle pockets. Terry Atkinson’s patterns always have really clear instructions. And her method for finishing off the zippers is just fabulous!

And my hubby has been quite the gardening fiend this year. He built these raised beds and we are attempting to grow a few cool weather plants like lettuce, peas & Brussels sprouts that can handle a little more shade and some cooler days.  He kept waffling between feeling like nothing was going to grow to excited about the possibilities of having a flourishing garden. The weather here makes it harder to grow warm weather veggies. And for some reason it feels like our little piece of property is always cooler than everywhere else. (The neighbors across the street have the perfect warm & sunny back yard!)  All his hard work seems to be paying off because the greens are coming up!  And for that we are thankful.


§ 6 Responses to This & That

  • Very cute cover and bag! I would love to have some raised beds, but things don’t grow that great for me either. Good luck to your hubby in his gardening!

  • Cute bag! That’s a lovely finish to the zipper! Jxo

  • Blue.Ridge.Girl says:

    I really like the Kindle cover. I have a tablet computer that I use (some) at work and I’d like to make a cover for it. Do you feel like they get good enough ventilation with a cover on? I’d hate to make it overheat. But, without a cover I keep accidently clicking on things when I carry it around.

    I *love* your raised beds! I have two that measure about 5’x5′. Mine are in full sun and I have to do a lot of watering in the summer…they dry out super fast. Maybe since it is cooler where you live you won’t have as much trouble with that. I hope your greens grow well…it is fun to have a successful garden.

  • highwaycottage says:

    Absolutely gorgeosu sewing Anita. The fabric you’ve used really makes the items stand out. I’d like to have a go at the Kindle cover.

    Best fo luck with the gardening!!

  • circetwo says:

    Fun!! All of it! Everything you make sends me into a tizzy of wondering when I’m going to get it together and act like an adult and finish one of my projects. Or start a new one. Maybe I’ll plant my garden tomorrow… ;^)

  • pratima says:

    Beautiful cover for the Kindle and a very cute bag! Small projects are very satisfying to make in between big quilt projects.
    Happy gardening!

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