Color management & your printer

November 15, 2011 § 6 Comments

One of the topics we recently covered in my photography class is color management & printing.  Probably everyone who has ever tried to print out a photo on your printer at home as struggled with this.  We learned a couple of tips that I thought might be of interest to many of you.  And an additional tip that I learned from printing test photos at my local office store.

In your camera menu…

~ Change the color mode to Adobe RGB. I have a Nikon and it is in the Optimize Image menu > Custom > Color Mode

In your printer properties…

~ Change the color management to Adobe RGB.  This covers the largest color range possible in your home printer.

~ Turn off the automatic photo fix feature.

~ Also, if your printer tends to print darker than what you think the original looks like, you can lighten the photo in your imaging software to adjust for this.

I also…

~ Print using “Best” quality.

~ Print on card stock.  Or try different photo papers. My printer does a horrible job on the cheap photo paper from the office supply store.

Following these guidelines my less than adequate printer is now doing a fairly acceptable job of printing. I think if I was wanting a good quality framed print I would still take it to a professional print shop. But for my every day use the printing has improved dramatically.

Above are my prints for our last assignment before the final assignment that needs to be presented next week.  In this assignment we had to shoot a self portrait where we were in the photo, a self-portrait where we were NOT in the photo, and something that conveyed the emotion “lonely”.

I hope you find these tips helpful!

§ 6 Responses to Color management & your printer

  • Lynn says:

    Looking good. I am eager to see your final assignment.

  • DebbyMc says:

    I am definitely going to take a photography class. I keep saying that…but I’m GONNA! =-) Thanks for the tips, I will check them out…I like your photos, am awaiting your final project ones =-)

  • Ann Champion says:

    Thank you for your post. It’s amazing how little I know about the techy things in my life!
    I love the self portrait photos..they give a lot of info about you besides just what your face looks like…more of a full image.
    When I saw the pic with the car on your photostream I thought the feeling it showed was lonely. You nailed that one too!

  • woohoo – process offset standards, knew this would come in handy on a sewing blog, great to see someone teaching fundamentals of colour management.

    I do this everyday in my job and assume that it is common knowledge.

    Bottom line is as follows.

    A known source (AdobeRGB) – > target source Adobe RGB is the process – so creates a process and predictable results.


  • pratima says:

    Thank you for the tips, Anita! I’m intrigued with your final project 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  • izzy says:

    awesome !!!!!

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