Dreaming of Hot Cocoa & Snow

October 24, 2011 § 8 Comments

I know it’s a little early to be thinking about snow & winter…  but the mountains here have already gotten their first dusting of snow.  And I’m hearing that it is going to be another wet winter for us.

My sister-in-law is learning how to quilt. So we decided to make our own quilting retreat over Thanksgiving weekend. We are going to make this Crazy Flakes quilt from Buggy Barn’s  book Crazy Snow Days.  The front will be flat quilting cottons and the back will be flannel.  All except for two of the fabrics came from my stash.  It’s not like I need another project!  But my excuse is that my sister-in-law needs me to quilt along with her. Ha!  And I’m determined to use up some of my stash.

Can you believe that October is almost over??  I really can’t think about the holiday season just yet.  Why do I always feel like I’m behind in holiday preparations?  I still have a Christmas quilt or two to finish from past years. Yikes!

§ 8 Responses to Dreaming of Hot Cocoa & Snow

  • That is going to be so nice! I’m starting to think winter too. My thinking is knits too though. Gotta make a zillion cozy things. The cats (quilt testers and loungers) will thank me. 😛

  • Susan says:

    i love that she is learning to quilt. good for you using up stash…there always seems to be so much of it, doesnt there? this little snowflake quilt will be sweet with the fabrics you picked. cant wait to see it

  • izzy says:

    That is so special to be with your family who wishes to learn to quilt.I had a cousin who quilted with me but she lives in Austin Tx where the rest of my family is..We had one good quilting yr. together and even our grandmother joined us in finishing a quilt..I cant stress how wonderful it is to do this with your sister in law, awesome have a great time together ..:)
    Making quilting bonds !

  • Jan Smith says:

    I feel like we just got done with holidays, and here they are again! The snowflake quilt is very cool – clean and graphic. Excited to see your version!

  • I see fun ahead for you and your sister-in-law. It’s always great to have a quilting buddy. Ya’ll have fun. And don’t forget the pictures!

  • isabel says:

    It sounds to be a great Thanksgiving weekend. Is there anything better than quilt together?

  • Manda says:

    I don’t want any snow here so can I send it all to you?! Sounds like you have a great thanksgiving weekend planned! 🙂

  • Lynn says:

    It is NEVER too early when you are planning a quilt for the season! Start now and be glad to have it done by Spring!! Love the flannel backing. It’s my favorite. I did an all flannel quilt before I was told it was too hard. Who knew??

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