Messy Summer Bed

August 11, 2011 § 25 Comments

Messy Bed

I’m loving our messy Wild Geese summer bed at the moment.  I just wish I had made this quilt a smidge bigger. It doesn’t quite cover our semi-new extra deep mattress.  But it’s good for the summer months when a warm down comforter isn’t needed.

So on that Quilt-Along note…  I’ve been thinking about what to do next. It’s not likely that anything will be decided before September. But that will give us all winter to work on something, right?

I was browsing through some of my books with antique quilts. I’m not sure that I’ve found “the one” just yet.  There is also a book at work that has some interesting options.  I’ll have to bring my camera to work and take some more photos when I get a chance.

Sampler option

I’m really intrigued by these sampler quilts that seem to be made up of leftover blocks. It’s been in the back of my mind to do something like this sooner or later.

Giant Blocks option

And I am in love with giant blocks! (different border)  This block is pretty similar to the Swoon quilt that so many folks have been working on. Except it’s scrappy.  And I do  love scrappy! I really like the block within a block concept too.

Another Medallion

And then there are always more medallion quilts. But I feel like we’ve already been there and done that.  Hmmm. What do you think?  While you are pondering on that, I am working on a tutorial for the Composition Notebook Cover.  Since it’s back to school season and all…

§ 25 Responses to Messy Summer Bed

  • Lesly says:

    It looks so great on your bed! I wish I had quilted along with that one. So envious! I like the second photo – I love scrappy, too!

  • Cille says:

    It IS a stunning quilt… And the cat is not too bad either.

    I like the almost swoon quilt. Swoon is actually next on my list. I have to give it a try and as you say a big quilt is perfect for the summer time.

  • Jan Smith says:

    I so love that you are using the quilt that you made! It looks wonderful, as does the stack of book under your night table 🙂
    Random Samplers, as Gwen Marston calls them are very intriguing, but I love that star quilt, too!

  • Rachel says:

    Oh your quilt looks WONDERFUL on the bed, Anita! I love it!

    I agree with Cille above – the giant blocks option – almost Swoon – quilt is lovely.

  • Ann Champion says:

    Your Wild Geese quilt looks great “in action”. I love that quilt, but couldn’t join in for that one. I was tempted….; )
    I look forward to seeing what you decide on for the next quilt along. I love that you share what you’re doing so freely!

  • Mary Jo Larson says:

    I’m all for anything you plan. I need that notebook cover tutorial so get going. !!!

  • DebbyMc says:

    Beautiful bed and quilt =-) I LOVE the giant carpenter’s wheel quilt, the scrappiness of it and the large blocks.

  • Kristine says:

    Mmmm, some pretty options there. That giant blocks one reminds me of this quilt that I really love.

  • Sarah says:

    Your wild geese looks lovely! I love that quilt, but I have such a hard time piecing geese accurately.

    Great quilts, I’m excited to see what you go with this time around! Also, do you mind sharing the name of the book you found those quilts in?

  • deb says:

    Ok so my wild geese quilt is still in its infancy, ahem; but I’m liking where you are going. I’ve been looking at Erica’s Honesty and Jazz Hands in Material Obsession two for my next project… something along those lines would be awesome!!

  • Love your summer quilt! I wish I would’ve joined y’all on that one. I’m liking the idea of big scrappy blocks… and can’t wait for your comp book tutorial, I just bought a couple. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  • Lexi Lucas says:

    Oh My Goodness!!! I have just found your blog and you have sent my heart in a flutter with this quilt! I have a stash of Hope Valley and didn’t know what to use it for. This is it! Please excuse me, but could you mention how big this turns out? I couldn’t seem to find that in the posts, besides I am just going to duck out and get these rulers…see you in a minute. You’re a genius!

  • Pratima says:

    Anita, your flying geese quilt reminds me of warm summer breeze! Your kitty seems to like it as much as we do 🙂
    Thank you for thinking of doing another of your wonderful quilt-alongs! I love following through even though I don’t always get to join-in. I’ll be eagerly waiting to see which one you choose!

  • nicolette says:

    The flying Hope Valley Geese quilt is awesome! I firstly didn’t even notice the cat on the bed!

    I love the random sampler quilt, but any quilt-along you decide to do will be highly appreciated!

  • Messy Karen says:

    what a mess. i love it. i am thinking about Swoon. so i know i would love working on scrappy Giant Blocks.

  • Diane knott says:

    Your cat has the right idea, that quilt makes me want to curl up with it too! I vote for the big star blocks because I love scrappy, but then again, I just found your blog so I am just starting the medallion quilt! Thanks so much for the inspiration and great ideas!

  • Your messy bed looks really inviting! Great picture!

  • Blue.Ridge.Girl says:

    Your flying geese quilt has to be one of my all time favorites! I would love to make this quilt and have a fat quarter of the whole Hope Valley line, but I think I would go insane making that many flying geese :o) I am up to the flying geese border on my medallion so I’ll know for sure very soon!

    I absolutely LOVE the random sampler quilt top!! Just looking at it says variety and *f*u*n. Althought I do have to say that carpenter’s wheel is also on my list of quilts to try. So, in the end, I’ll be happy to do whatever you feel inclined to put together for us :o)

  • Kate says:

    The Geese look great! And any of the quilts would be fun to do however my vote is for the first one- the sampler. I have been making a few charity quilts using my stash and that would give an opportunity to play with it some more!

  • beautiful quilt and kitty. I love that top orphan sampler quilt – I love that kind of quilt too. Have you seen the book about the samplers of ohio’s Miami Valley? they’re all random and make-do.

  • Sheetal says:

    your flying geese quilt is so perfect. I really enjoyed the quilt along and gave mine to my mom … I’m so intrigued by the ‘giant block’ you show here. I’d love to quilt along if you made that one! It looks like it is made of diamonds, or is it just HSTs? I’d love to find out more!

  • Lynn says:

    That quilt is gorgeous!!!! And I think the cat agrees!!!

  • Mary Helmke says:

    Hi Anita ~
    I so enjoy your blog !
    Your flying geese quilt is lovely along with all your quilts. I just love your choice of material, color and designs. Thanks for sharing

  • amandajean says:

    i love that quilt. it looks super on your bed!!!

    oh, how i wish i liked making flying geese. 😉

  • Kathy says:

    I’m pretty late at catching up with things at the moment..but your quilt looks superb on the bed being decorated by your cat.

    The blocks you are musing over are all wonderful. The ‘crazy sampler’ is divine..and I’ve just realized I have the book…I can’t wait to see what you choose.

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